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My Name is Boult Upright

My name is Boult Upright. People call me Boult Upright. They also call me many other things, but that's they way it goes. I am a shadow. Here for the purpose of showing off achievements. They were on another account, but due to a system error that it appeared no one really cared about, Boult Upright was created. I am here to show off acheivements. And to quote the odd bit of poetry. 'I had read in books that art is not easy But no one warned that the mind repeats In its ignorance the vision of others. I am still the black swan of trespass on alien waters.' - Ern Malley.

Boult to Marina

'Only a part of me shall triumph in this (I am not Pericles) Though I have your silken eyes to kiss And maiden-knees Part of me remains, wench, Boult-upright The rest of me drops off into the night. What would you have me do? Go to the wars? There's damned deceit In these wounds, thrusts, shell-holes, of the cause And I'm no cheat. So blowing this lily as trumpet with my lips I assert my original glory in the dark eclipse. Sainted and schismatic would you be? Four frowning bedposts Will be the cliffs of your wind-thrummelled sea Lady of these coasts, Blown lily, surplice and stole of Mytilene, You shall rest snug to-night and know what I mean.' Ern Malley