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Getting older and love to game.

I'm 31 by now and no that's not old and I don't feel's like I'm 20. But some things change...find a job,meet a girl,married,divorced, you live alone with your dog,broke, matter what happens I think the way you game is changed like everything else in your life. Sure it's your escape,your hobby,your way out of it. But it changes not only what you game but also how you game. I loved long RPGs,playing hours and hours. In marathons with friends sometimes. Once I got older and did not have time cause of the job I tought maybe I should buy games that are shorter but nice to. I don't going to tell what games or what not but it changed how I evolved as a gamer. At my age I play everything. From shooters with the wife,puzzle games to L.A.Noire. Every kind of genre any kind of game on every system there is. Then came the girl you love so much...again gaming changed. I played games with her I would never buy or play. Most fps i know is thanks to her. Then come children,i do not have children of my own but my wife has a son And the children of my sisters. And again you play games you never would buy or play otherwise. You play with the kids on different systems,different controles and games. Sometimes I think I want to play this or that but with time to little i choose something else now a days. But once a gamer always a gamer. That's in a nutshell but I know a bit older gamers know what I mean. Thanks for reading and keep on gaming in any form.

Games for everyone

i want to get something of my chest. Now that the hype of halo 4 is on full speed everybody wants it,or almost. This generation games did not really satisfy me. I enjoyed gaming like always but was not sucked in to it,lost track of time or people. I just like uncharted,GTA 4,gears of war,halo 4,did not and will not set a new standard. Don't get me wrong they are good games but the hole process is moving to slow. Its like programmers and developers are waiting for eachother. To many of the same to many sequels and prequels. Demons soul and dark souls where great but not for there gameplay just because we where swept back in time,like we had no savepoints anymore. I liked it big time but there was no progress its been done before only different. that said i love games and people that make and play theme but its a different kind of entertainment is my opinion. Don't milk it like movies or music. Please let creative people do there thing and don't let money rule. Yeah i know C.R.E.A.M. Thanks for reading this.