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The new Gamespot interface...

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... It really sucks.

This site is making my eyes bleed, and it's bloody impossible to find anything on your own page.

I'm outta here until Gamespot adresses these concerns.

Why I think Id is bogus.

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So, last day Id announced their new engine and upcoming titles, such as Rage, required to be shipped on Multiple discs on the Xbox 360 and/or decrease visual quality. Sure, new engines and new content, much more data? Right? Not really, and this is why I think Id is bogus:

The new game-engine by Id, called Rage, is making its way to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and eventually also on the PC out of what I understand. They claim their new engine would consume too much data to fit into the Xbox 360 standard Dual-Layer DVDs at a data-count of around 9,5-12,5GB. They also mentioned it might not even fit into TWO discs. That's up to 25GB of data, around the average BluRay disc (in theory up to 400GB, but those ships for over $120 each, for the disc only). This is simply some either totally crapped out game-engine or some serious business going on with Sony. Have you ever witnessed a application consume even 10GB of data on the PC? Even how much of a terrible engine CryEngine 2 was it only consumed 7GB of data fully installed if we refer to Crysis. How can Id even get close to break that barrier?

Ofcourse they're insisting the textures are the heavy hit here, with their "Megatextures" which was also a great deal of the QuakeWars specificational weapon. But still the textures were horrifying, plain terrible while consuming alot of data. And when it comes to textures outside the boundaries of data-size alone Microsofts machine has always been the top-performer when it comes to texture filters.

And with that said Rage doesn't look all that amazing to justify the hype. Id has been a terrible performer in the past couple of years, they delayed Quake Wars with years and yet insisted to ship it broken from the backbone. For consoles I'd like to see Id minding their own business, they're known for making solid pieces of applications for the PC, that's where they're currently needed - an investor putting the PC on the roadmap again. But when it comes to consoles it required too much optimization and strategy to truly fit their business as it is. Id just appears like a bunch of homebrew programmers compared to Epic with their professionalism when it comes to applications and engines. I'm not saying that becuase I'm a Xbox owner and want to justify my investment, but becuase Epic truly stands for much of the progress on the gaming market overall, their Unreal 3 engine is established on both the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 standing proud with unquestionable optimization and overall quality and it's very few times in history they've launched a unfinished game,

Id should remain on the PC side, to do what they do best. Epic got the console market handeled with their technologies alone.

Halo Wars is shaping up!

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I was one of those extremely sceptic about Halo Wars when it was announced about a year ago, or whenever it was, and having Bungie loosing their otherwise solid focus reminded my much of how the Command & Conquer series lost all charm when money started to talk. Having a strategy game over a game like Halo felt really, really wierd right off the start as it didn't have much of a platform to build on in terms of units or characteristic materials for a strategy game these days without introducing gimmicky alternative units just appearing as cheap rip-offs of the originals. I suppose nobody was at all impressed by the UESC Anti-Air vehicle, in the first gameplay footage aired of the game, a simple modified warthog.

But after noticing the updates they showed off this E3 it's starting to feel more like a actual and playable game. They still have quite a bit to work in order to impress me personally, but the Co-Op missions and such were a huge deal and also promises to change certain things in the genre by executing the formula in a better way than previous strategy games managed to do this far as Co-Op today isn't new, yet very unestablished.

Still. There's no doubt Halo Wars is overshadowed by the extremely promising End War which looks both fresh, simple, innovative and relaxed while still appealing as a proffessional production with deph and feelings. But more and more it feels like those games are standing on the same level, but with different focus. While Halo Wars seems to target Co-Op and a more friendly approach next-to Command & Conquer style (the good bits of it) EndWar is focusing alot on challenges, feelings and rewards. By having the units upgradable and gaining rank individually as long as they survive through-out the history it will be a bit of feelings and history behind every veteran unit and the rewards could be as little as making these units survive, to win a battle or perhaps turn a event on the world-map into a success for your faction.

I'll be following Halo Wars more than ever and I hope they polish things up just like Bungie is known to do, though they're not behind the production it still represents them and the franschise they brought us. I'd like some international BETA to come up and I'll get on it, until then EndWar remains top of the list of priority.

Halo Wars

Tom Clancy's EndWar

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Am I the only one ridicilously hot on Tom Clancy's EndWar? While the voice-control mechanism might not be the primary thing I'm hyping about I believe the Online Skirmish or campaign will simply be fantastic, not to mention the experience- and credit system.

The first second the Demo comes to Xbox Live I'll be there. Hopefully I'll stick to it to get the full game on launch as well, where Gears of War 2 Collectors Edition later threatens my budget.


Sony this E3

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So - basicly... what did Sony did this year at E3?
They announced a new pricing for a (new) PlayStation 3 80GB-model, which is a significant drop probably stressing Microsoft just right to make them cut prices a little bit further. But what more did they do?

They announced God of War 3.

And... delays, delays, delays. Nothing concrete, just promises and "in-the-future" talk. Very little actual gameplay and more of pre-rendered trailers or simple cinematics. Nothing to get excited about.

This while Microsoft announced alot of things making the Xbox360 feel more fresh than ever. Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and Halo Wars - just three of the games being presented in various forms showing great potential. Not to mention Microsoft getting hands on the new Final Fantasy game simply putting the crowd shouting (as in a good way). And while Sony promises their HOME functions since the day PlayStation 3 was announced Microsoft just recently announced their new Dashboard with alot more features and services coming free in just a few months. They also announced a in-U.S. price-drop on the Premium Xbox360 bundle and a new Premium standard with a harddrive at 60GB instead of 20GB found on current systems and a price-drop on the 120GB-harddrive price.

While Microsoft might didn't make a price-drop worth talking about when comparing it to the price-drop Sony made I still believe Microsoft still had more for the actual costumers instead of promising stuff for the future costumers.

Nintendo WFC

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It's been some good time since Nintendo introduced their first Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection enabled application, which is a fantastic iniative. But the problem is, since this first game (Mario Kart: DS) was introduced for WFC, there's been no real improvement for the service. We just see a basic matchmaking system and even how fast and easy it can be (especially talking Advance Wars DoR/DC) it is still feeling a bit crippled not to have a friendmaking system with a small question after a game that asks you either you'd wish to add the player as a friend or not to establish some more in-deph session with the user you think play in a way that makes you feel like you're getting the most out of the game. Just like in good old Red Alert 2. I think it's time for Nintendo to drop their all-online-players-are-potential-rapists/phedophiles scenario just do maintain a inrelevant ass-licking stance to the parents of young kids with mobile devices, or perhaps even a Wii.

Now, seriously - who would possibly go look for young prey on a game like Pokémon or Advance Wars? Or even PictoChat? Even the thinking of it is absurd and truly limits the potential of the system(s) using the Nintendo WFC. If Nintendo would atleast take it less serious if a developer choosed to skip this part of Nintendo:s history it would be fine - but having something next to a law saying the only way to maintain a COMMUNICATION between two players is and will always be exclusive through excessivly long friend-codes? Even on the stationary system, the Wii? That is truly wicked. I am also aware of the fact that the service is free, but Sony also got a handful of functions on their multiplayer component both on the PS3 and even the PSP that is significantly more deep than the Nintendo WFC and still remaining free for the user.

Having the ability to play online and chat or perhaps even talk using the Mic in a Nintendo DS game with random guys, or girls, online would just be great and add such a more wider social aspect of the games. Games like Animal Crossing right now being crippled might actually get a real kick-off if introduced to a new stand-point like this, and it opens alot more deph to future games of all genres. Even if I guess that will never happen', but I dream about a world free from Friend-Codes, all the evil in the world i caused by those.

Battlefield: Bad Company

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I think there's no way anybody could have missed out the footage and announcements of the Console-exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company by Dice which is beeing published by EA Games. For the most part the hype over the game isn't relying on the game, but the visuals yet again, just as with Crysis. But how good can a game look on a console without being punished with bad frame-rates? Unreal 3 Engine overall gives the Xbox360 a tough time, though performance is well playable, no doubt 'bout it. But as the well-optimized UT3 engine is pushing the system, then there's no doubt the Frostbite engine Dice got in store for Bad Company, according to the screenshots, will not run on Xbox360 and not uphold same quality on the PS3 as of the latter beeing excessively expensive to optimize products for.

Frostbite engine according to todays screenshots...

As this looks superior to the CryEngine 2, then there's no doubt it'll looked trashed on consoles as the CryEngine 2 will not be around for consoles for that very reason they are too weak. That also covers Most PC Platforms beeing too weak, which limits the possibility of sold copies of the product itself. But having such a heavy engine as Frostbite intends to be, and not launching for PC, will make up for the biggest screw-up on a long time making the pre-rendered Killzone 2 trailer put as something natural in comparison of its great success at trashing the reliability from the publishers. In my eyes Bad Company will fail to deliver any of the promised visuals simply becuase the consoles are too weak and there's no PC Port for such a stupid reason as the big guy at Dice and his opinions on Ported games. Crysis failed and didn't sell, this game will perhaps sell, but will probably end up with even a bigger F*** Off-effect from the hyped consumers than those who actually bought Crysis.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict

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I guess nobody could have missed the announcement, previews and footage of the new installment in the AW franschise. Me, beeing a Dual Strike fanatic, haven't been able to sleep as I was too much into just thinking of the game. But then, when I was reading the IGN review saw there was about no CO Powers to be found... well... that settled it, no Dark Conflict for me. The CO Powers was a bit too strong in Tag in Dual Strike, but removing the Tag ability would be enough, with some tweaks, to make the Dark Conflict perfect in CO mechanism. They seem to love to ruin the game, instead of getting a new Nintendo DS Lite and the game I'll just skip it and see if I can get it emulated instead as there is no point spending money on something that isn't doing what the franschise did best.

AMD HD3870x2

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I is about time to let this Sapphire HD2900XT pass to another owner. Approx next month AMD will be launching their HD3870X2, based on the R680 GPU-solution, which by the product name is quite easy to recordnize as a Dual-HD3870 solution on a single board. Two R670 cores on a single board with a 1-2GB of GDDR4 (GDDR3 has of some reason been rumored, though it is more expensive), which is going to be fantastic and will result in a perhaps cheaper performance than two HD3870 with slightly reduced effect and will only consume one PCIE-slot (but the cooler is still Dual-Slot ofcourse).

As soon as it's out there I'll be there and get it- as long the price ain't kicking too high ofcourse. I will have a basic review out as soon as I can at

Review judges

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A review around here seems to only be a score, the content does not matter, the score is the thing that is it all. People tend to check out the game they like and see a bad score and go "Hey, I don't agree with that score without reading this guys motivations, lets say this review was not helpful". That's a pain in the ass, though many of these reviewers usually tend to be quite bad as well saying only "This game is bad, becuase I think so" which isn't helpful for anybody but as for my own reviews getting negative feedback though I tend to motivate my score and my opinons the best I can I must really say this community is based entirely on 12-year old fanatics.

And as a second part... Crysis wasn't a good game, it was bad, end of discussion. Read my reviews for further notice but I can tell you, for all those who PLAYED THE ENTIRE GAME and is more than 10-years old will notice the game was rubbish and the second game will be launched within a few months. Crysis Multiplayer was the worst thing ever - uninspired, badly programmed, never updated, wierd communications and just lacking testing, as ever in a EA Games publishment.

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