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Les Grognards

This game looks to be the Combat Mission of Napoleonic battles. Up to 500,000 men on the field at once, battlefields up to 660 sq km, a great battle editor, the ability to create custom uniforms and an awesome system that models messengers delivering orders who can get lost, killed or captured. The graphics aren't bleeding edge, but they look pretty good and include the option to switch to a traditional 2D view. Really looking forward to it.

Coincidentally, the publishers of this game are also putting out a strategic level addition to Barbarossa to Berlin which packs a mind boggling amount of more awesome into on of my favourite turn based games to date. They are also updating lots of Russian wargames, giving them an English release as well as lots of gameplay improvements. Check out their site if you don't know it already.

Glittering Gems of Hatred: Eleven Angry Guys on a Website

I am a Grognard. I gripe, I snarl, I growl and I grumble. I am a member of the Old Guard. I have been one my entire life. Not just in gaming, but in everything I do. My life has been a shining example of stoic grouchiness struggling against the overwhelming odds of mediocrity. In my eyes, its not as good as it used to be even though it was a hundred times worse back then. Those were the days, right? Right.

Back in the day (Were you there then?) there was this game called Wasteland. To this day it stands as one of my favourite games of any type. I had rarely played such a rock solid CRPG and it absorbed many many hours of my precious life. It brought to life a world of terrifying post apocalyptic beauty, a world I have always been attracted to. Blame it on the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, Wonderful Stalin Childhoods and a near miss with Armageddon at a place called Chernobyl where my best friends father died a heroes death supressing radioactive smoke if you like.

Whatever the reason, it scratched a very specific, life long itch and I was forever greatful. Fast forward a few (Or maybe more then a few) years and we are introduced to... well, "It".

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game. Heralded as the "Spiritual Successor" to Wasteland, I knew I had to get my grubby peasant hands on it. I won't attempt to explain the obviously divinely inspired masterpiece that is Fallout. It speaks for itself. The enjoyment I ripped from this game, my radiation blistered hands, my wasteland parched throat demanding more, makes a standard Crack addict look like a reasonable and intelligent human being.

So it comes as no surprise that I eventually fell in with the armageddon mongering fiends of No Mutants Allowed. These Battling Bastards of the Post Apocalypse, over the years, have earned a... well, a very harsh reputation. Its not a reputation I have minded sharing in and it is this reputation I bring to your attention right now.

Glittering Gems of Hatred: Eleven Angry Guys on a Website

Is the first of a three part series on the history of Fallout fans. It presents the view of the battered and war weary veterans of a community that has known little other then hardship. It is a story I think needs to be told. Whether you are one of the dwindling faithful or one of the countless who feels scorned by the hard bitten frontoviks, I urge you to check it out. You may find we have more in common then you think.

Victory for the Empire, but at what cost?

Well the MWU War of Tempest campaign has come to a close, with the forces of the Empire winning a rather lopsided victory (I am told thanks to my own efforts). Also, for some reason I seem to have earned MVP of the campaign. Looking at the stats, I see I appear to be the only Union member who was really consistantly playing during the campaign. Kudos to me! Fun was had by all though, and our guys did a great job setting everything up. I really look forward to the next campaign.

Anyways, a couple of people have asked me how I managed to get so many games in, and I'll tell you all my secret. Small games.

I'm lucky to have a couple other Warhammer players in my unit, and since we don't have a lot to do during most days anyway, we almost always could get in a couple of Skirmish or Border Patrol games. This is generally the only way we CAN play (Although we got a couple larger games in too), considering even a relatively small 1000 point game can last a couple of hours if you're not careful. Now I admit, we wern't exactly gaming on hobby centre quality tables, but a table cloth over some books and laptops worked fine. So during an average 10 hour work day we could get in 2 or sometimes more 40 minute games.

Thats it. Thats my secret weapon. Now I know thats probably not going to be an option for most of you poor people trapped in offices most of the day, but then again, most people do get an hour meal break, and its not too hard to multitask eating and gaming if you can find a few like minded comrades.

As for me, it was great fun to get some serious gaming time in, even if it was in short bursts. In fact, it will probably be something we try to keep up even though the Union campaign has ended. As a matter of fact, I've been itching to try out a Warbands campaign...

Lyumpen-proletariat strikes back!

Well, I seem to have earned a bad taste badge despite the fact I have 3 times as many games with a GameSpot rating of 9+ as I do with a rating of 6 or less.

At least I can content myself with the knowledge I have better taste then most current Gamespot editors.