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Im talking mainly scores/ original music not really music asociated with the film (sometimes those just have tracks on never used in the film :? )

Mine would be Princess Mononoke, American beauty, Fight Club and LotR; The Return of the King.

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Still the best audio quality you can get 99% of the time. So YES!
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Shadow of Chernobly was one of my favorite games ever but Clear Sky (especially the swamps) was just too (and still is) buggy and unpolished even compared to the first one.

Sure it looked nice but i felt i missed the point a little, we don't want more A-Life if anything it could do with being more scripted in places, we don't just want wide open space we want underground too in SoC my favorite parts were actually underground (strelocks hideout being the first real highlight, that stil scares the **** outa me)

CoP is shaping up to be more like Clear Sky that SoC, the game does not need to evolve that much they just need to put the time in improving the character models/ epression and wrap it arround a great story with some memorable set pieces.

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Basically any great game for the Amigia/ Most early PC platform games. They tend not to get remebered as well, it's kind of sad really. I grew up with an archimedes acorn and an amigia.
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I own a copy of battletoads but i've had two Megadrives go dead on me in the space of a year :(
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I think this just about sums it up

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So all I do is unplug it, wait 3 minutes, then plug it back in again and everything will be like before I unplugged it?zeppelin_64
It' not a life support machine, it's just like any electronics. If you unplugged your PC right now (which is infinitely more complex than your router) it would re-start up just fine. If in doubt unplug it and wait 60 seconds, it's actually a motto I swear by. Or as the line goes in the IT crowd "Have you tried turning if off and on?"
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[QUOTE="Einhanderkiller"]DirectX 11 is out. Open up dxdiag in Windows 7 and it'll say DX11. The DX11 SDK has also been in the hands of developers for some time now. Tech demos have been shown that were run on DX11 native hardware. Expect DX11 cards to launch in Q4 2009 from AMD. NVIDIA's offering might be delayed into early 2010.

Really? :| Wow as has been previously stated Dx10 is not utilized at all in most games, the only game to use its full feature set is Clear Sky.
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Why would you even care about DX11? DX10 is only used in very few games and the difference between it and 9 isn't noticeable other than the FPS hit you take. If you're able to even notice the difference you've got an hawks eye for sure.zaku101
There is a big difference in features, the best example i can think of is STALKER;CS. With DX10 the lighting just looks insane, it also has volumetric smoke, dynamic wet surfaces and soft water.