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Many Big Companies and Media Outlets Still Don't 'Get' Gaming.

The conspicuous absence of hollywood

Games are big buisness, huge buisness. infactGames Have Overtaken Home Movie Sales which is quite a thing to do. Yet you don't see the marked improvement from the wider world that you would expect after such a stupendous feate. Most media companies have been slow to get into the gaming market and those that have treat it with almost total contept. Where is holywood? shouldn't they have thier mits all over gaming?

The Big Bucks

Take Disney (again) for example, one of the few 'old skool' media companies with an in house games division and it is frankly crap. Big compaines seem content to push out a substandard product with name recognition and let that alone sell the game, this is present in most franchise tie-ins, very rarely do they get given to a reputable gaming house with notable exeptions being the Marvel that was. There is money here for quality games.

Another example of this was the utter shock and seeming vaccume when the Wii suddenly outsold everything almost 2:1, there was no real new investment of capital im making games of high quality apart from speilbergs "Bloom Box" ana exeptional family phisics puzzler. More games of this type could, should have come to the Wii in droves. The problem is as follows;

Disney would't let a big film be poor but ti seems content to let the game stink, their mindset seems to be "Gaming is a joke".No one takes us seriosuly. Not as a descening audience,not as a mature adudiece capable of appriciating real originality, humour or narratives. This is left to the tradtitonal gaming scene to provinde and it's a squandered oppotunity, there is plenty other media and art forms have to offer the lucrative games industy. We are an audiecne of responceable adults and the content just does not refect the complexity and vaules of movies in most cases, mass effect, Uncharted, Half life 2 should be the rule not the exeption. i guess we can but dream...

Now onto;

The Media.

Attitudes to gaming have changed drastically, the stigma is gone and gaming has gone mainstream. indeed the shift began with the PS1 in a real way. Yet this is not refelcted by the way games are covered and commented upon, the paity with films could not be so far off.

Take for example news coverage of games like GTA, moral panic. Why? The media sticks with the 1980s assumption that games are for kids. Therefor poeple making mature movies are artists and people making mature games are peddling smut and dirt to children. The US makes billions from pornography every year and yet the 'sex scene' in mass effect (which as no real nudity explicit content) indeed the game was rated 12 by the BBFC.) cuases a live televison debate on fuax 'news'. Again the assumption the audience can't handel the content. It's patranising.

There is also widespread ignorance of non console gamaing, small time shocking art house movies get press attention, yet if faux news got wind of what was going on in "The Witcher" they would **** a moral brick. But they won't, they don't grasp that games have moved beyond mario and the NES and now CAN rival movies when handled correctly.

I honestly think the people at the helm of there big media giants are missing the boat either eintirely or in terms of quality. We will see the likes of Dreamworks scrambling for a peice of the gaming pie in a few years but now is the perfect time, especially on almost untapped systems like the Wii.

"We have been steadily moving in a vertically integrated direction" (D

Above is a quote from an interveiw this is currently on the GS front page, Something odd has happened; Disney has Eaten Marvel. Whilst this has re-precussions FAR beyond the gamin industry i would like to focus this little peice on just that; Gaming. Lets leave out for a second what disney did to Ponyo. (*Shudders*) and the abomination that is their recent live action attmepts.

Im not actually a comic book fan if im honest, i own a copy of watchmen and i occasionally read some of my freinds but even to me this news makes me cry on the inside.

Marvel has had the luxary of haing some great licening deals, Disney aknowledges this in the artile but there is a troubling undertone even at this early stage of acquisition. Marvel games also have had the luxary of not sucking all of the time, there have actualy been some pretty awesome games; Marvel Vs. Capcom, Spiderman 2, Marvel ultimate allience. These are games you can actually play without having a love for the source material which is a big point of praise.

"as some of these deals near expiration, we have the luxury of at that time considering what is best for the company both from a financial perspective, from a quality perspective, and an exposure perspective"

This where things begin to get hazey, the problem i see is a simple one. Good games cost money to make. Games can sell on their brand power alone. Disney sees these two facts and i think Profit and exposier will win over quality every time in Disney's eyes.We have some pretty poweful evidence of this; Disney Interactive studios. This is where the "Vertically intergrated" becomes so worrying.

Here is the probelm with disney interactive studios; They are the in house money tree and don't have the luxary of not sucking ass. Case in point.

Hannah Montana: The Movie;

Here is what IGN says; "Even if you're a young girl that adores Hannah Montana, or you're a parent looking for a good gift, do not purchase Hannah Montana: The Movie. It's a cheap, awkward, embarrassing attempt to cash in on the hype of the movie without adhering to any of the standards of modern rhythm/music games." 2.0/10

Infact there are few DI games that GS bothers reveiwing at all (most are low budget affiars and probably too depressing) but of those the highest scorer is 7.7, infact DI has only managed 8/300 games (accross all platforms) with a 7.0 or above rating. 8/300. This is why their "Range of options" seems so bleak to the gamer, their main option is to make shoddy games, nay abyismal games. This is a shocking result for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the World. When you total it up, not counting duplicate games you get 6 "Good" games in the companies lifespan.

We can but hope and pray Marvel's games does not end up a subsiduary of Disney Interactive.


STALKER; Clear Sky DX10 Fully Maxed [4xAA 4xA-tested AA Dx10] (Seems not to want to do DX10.1, need to rectify that)

A VERY good result considering my CPU is not yet anywhere near fully overclocked and DX10.1 is conspicously missing [wtf?]. As you can see God Rays are a real FPS sapper but it is playable maxed out on my set-up. Nice.

Crysis [stock]. DX10 V.High 4xAA.

!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.
Play Time: 64.22s, Average FPS: 31.14
Min FPS: 18.48 at frame 138, Max FPS: 43.51 at frame 1008
Average Tri/Sec: -20126970, Tri/Frame: -646301
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.42
!TimeDemo Run 1 Finished.
Play Time: 59.25s, Average FPS: 33.75
Min FPS: 18.48 at frame 138, Max FPS: 45.09 at frame 81
Average Tri/Sec: -21369268, Tri/Frame: -633099
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.45
!TimeDemo Run 2 Finished.
Play Time: 59.48s, Average FPS: 33.62
Min FPS: 18.48 at frame 138, Max FPS: 45.25 at frame 984
Average Tri/Sec: -21229274, Tri/Frame: -631389
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.45
!TimeDemo Run 3 Finished.
Play Time: 59.47s, Average FPS: 33.63
Min FPS: 18.48 at frame 138, Max FPS: 45.28 at frame 987
Average Tri/Sec: -21275756, Tri/Frame: -632671
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -1.45
TimeDemo Play Ended, (4 Runs Performed)

1680 x 1050 (no AA) yeilded similar results overall giving arround the same result with a custom benchmark.

Cod 4.(maxed out 4x AA 16XAF)

Stable well above 60 FPS.

RE5.(DX10, no AA)

Benchmark barely dipped below 70 FPS, Screenshot messed up but i think lowest of all was 56FPS

STALKER; Shadow of Chernobly (Maxed and heavily modded)

Stable 60 FPS.

Progress Report.

Inintall testing looks great, can't get stupid Virgin Media internet to work but that's par for the course whith ANY PC.

Vista had to be installed a funny way (used another computer then migrated the HDD before it could do it's first startup) but about the only Soft issue i have had so far.

Tried benchmarking Crysis (with no updates to either Vista or Crysis so it will be faster in future) and got an adverage of 37 FPS and 1280x1024 All Ultra, 4XAA. Just a perlimenary test but WTH its freaking encouraging is what it is. Clear Sky also runs at a playable framerate (which seems a miracle without DX10.1 yet) but i'm having odd issues with GRID. :?

Screens to follow i guess but im off on a trip for 3 days.

It's the Motherboard Stupid!

Yeah, problem solved(ish). I actually got it to boot yesterday :D............. with my freinds MoBo (which is almost identical to mine). Turns out the blasted thing was borken all along and i had been banging my head against a brick wall. Well im off to SCAN to demand my replacement, either way i will get one (28 day addicental damage insurance, **** yeah!!)

Guess who's back with a brand new Rig?

All the parts where picked up at once so i have had a Crack at doing a one day bulid, nedless to say nothing ever goes to plan, i've got all the parts wired up corectly (i hope) but i just can't seem to get any output on my monitor :( Will have to save that for another day, mt kees are shot and i cut myself pretty bad on the fins of the CPU cooler (didn't feel it for like 5 mins, its now covering in blood, they're like freaking razor baldes). Will have to actually get it working tommorow (might call in my Brain Trust to ponder this one out).

Well for those of you who enjoy this kind of thing here is my newest build.

A good Spread.

XXX XFX 48570 1GB (£112, a steal if you ask me)

More fans, yep even my Ram needs it :?

MoBo Box.

Lets do this.

Man those are big mother ****ing fans.

My case is HUGE, it's definately Overpomentating for something ;)

You see that red spoldge just left of the CPU fan? That's my blood. Yeah im commited :P

100_0156.jpg picture by Scrumpmonkey

More build pics to follow.

Got this baby purring.

The Great Motion Control Bum Fight.

I thought i better give it some perspective.

Pic by me

(if you're wondering where the PC is it's in the background playing World in conflict )

Lests be honest, the 360/PS3 are on merely imitating the Wii hoping some casual motion magic will rub off on them, NATAL looks failer different but the idea is still grounded in this "controls for everyone" idea that the Wii really brought to the forefront With the Wiimote.

Everyone is going crazy saying this feature is better than that feature but i don't think it really matters. Implementation will be almost non existant for both systems. The Wii gives us the clue to that, have a good think about it. The wii has had a motion only control scheme for over 2 years now and even there support has been pactchy.

If NATAL ans Sony Motion are going to be anything but a casual amasument for a first party mini game fest they will have to get the Third parties to pick up the salck, this is only just starting to happen on the Wii,Motion control up until this point has on the whole been implemented very poorly outside of Nintendo, just look at most of the Wii's games and you will see an odessy of developer failier.

indeed we can still see that their third party support is nowhere near as pervasive as the 360/ps3 due mainly to the hurdal of motion (not Wiii bashing but just pointing out the brutaly obvious)

The Wii has full motion implemetation, this will only be an addon (at proabaly heafty cost) and so user penetration (lol, yes i am like 12 at heart) will be much less than the 360 or ps3's install base. The Wii has an install base of 50million and it STILL has the proplem of not that many games doing the motion controls right, many still feel wired for dual analog or have tacked on waggle (with many execption i know, but it is still a trend in software)

We are really just witnessing what i have dubbed "the great motion control bumfight", that's waht it is. Niontendo has taken the reigns of the industy and sony and MS are clawing at eachother trying to get them bac