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So. I guess a new blog cant hurt?

I was wrong, right?
Well anyways. heres some content.
Some new design stuff:

I suppose I should mention I transitioned to PS?
so heres my last gimp stuff.

since im on design related stuff. In the union. The MDL. Ya know, the Mass Designers Lounge theres a tourny going. so be sure to check that out. its currently in round 2. I know this one didnt get much notice out there. But its just a quick inner union tourny for fun. another will possibly be around in november or december (possibly tag team) so look out for that. The unions also got the MDLW now which is worth a check when you can for resources, union events, ect so theres that.
Uh.. music stuff? sure why not. Im gettin new musics in a few weeks. so I so excite. but before that lets check what musics has my interest now. SO DRUMROLL. My top albums at the current time of this blog.
1:Grappling Hooks-NOA.
Sadly I cant find a vid for some blue hive. D: but whatever. this debut album is magic. Im in love.
I love brilliantly composed albums. And I love Oceansize. so. Frames is notably one of my favorite albums of all time. ALL TIME.
whats not to like? a great album with a bunch of interesting colloboration efforts.
4:137-The Pineapple Thief.
AND 5? hmm..
Ive just always liked this preformance.
I couldve easily said Oceansize' Self Preserved.. But I already listed them. Also been listening to abit of Zeppelin and Fleetwood mac. and some other older stuff again but not really anything particular enough to list an album for. So I hope you enjoyed. Other news?.. My hairs short for the first time in around 11 years again.
So random callouts? HI KIT,DAHUI, HELL, DUDER, JASON, OA, JENKINS, ANI, PURE, COLLIE, BENJI, RITCH, DANNEH, LURKERS, PD, OTHER GUY, SNOW, Spirt, CoolSkaGuy, HI GOD. oh and I has a last fm now. to anyone interested.

A look into the real Boba's world.

Figured I would give a glimpse at my everday enviroment. So enjoy. I expect many laughs.

Always have to show off my pride and joys.

above them is a nice Epiphone Casino poster with some music legends around it and some CD's.
May also notice the school crossing sign.

My CD's. all ten Porcupine Tree Studio albums on the top shelf in order. under some random CD's. TCV, NOA, SW, oceansize, ect.

Closer view. and just to show off again..


My Dresser with random stuffs. Led Zeppelin DVD, my ink supplies, random stuff. Zelda Poster.

My frankenstien accoustic. And lightsaber from the force unleashed And a crudely painted Tensa Zangetsu. =]


above my television are remenants of my childhood. Old custom build technic/bionicle things. All fully original. lol

The one that started it all. good ole throwbots.

Cloud above them. chillin'.

My other dresser. On it are my random collection of awesome stuffs. Mountain dew boat. Alarm clock/cd player, shark teeth, top hat from Gina. Brittish flag. ect,

Better view.

Pokewalker, ink, brushes, book from Gina.

Batman Shelf. One is a 100th edition batman. the batman beyound one is a 200th edition. so rareish. Funny story. I have around 400 batmans in my house. If I opened some of rooms drawers you would see some. some are hidden in my father's closet. some in the sparebedroom cloest. ALOT in the attic.=]

better look. cause I know you wanted it.

above my sleeping area Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.


Audio Technica headphones. should look familure if you played P3.

Lastly my yard. And my car. That I travel in.
I am an adult. lol but this is the room I grew up in for the last 12 years and I want it to remain as such even after I leave. anyway hope you enjoyed my tour.

So you can see the zelda poster.

FEB month.

Eh really slow month. Not much really goin on aside from getting older again. been in a designing slump (so dont expect stellar stuff this time :P ) and aside from that read all of beck. It was amazin. Picked my guitars up abit more trying to get back into practice. But eh. POKEMAN WHITE IN A WEEK. lol
Manga/anime of the month:BECK. it was an epic trip of goodness and soul.
Album of the been listening to alot of different stuff. A good friend sent me alot of new music. From all that. Brand New's "Deja Entendu" stands out. Its a terrific album with alot of feeling.
excuse the lame video for the first.
No real runner ups. But ive been getting into No Man abit more so..
Also looking forward to Blackfields new release "Welcome to my DNA" next month.
10 points for anyone who gets the connection.
Design of the month: ... eh..

expiraments coming

Back to normal sigs

Alot of Insurgentes listening


K so more than I thought. But not some of the best probably. ; )
Anyways thanks for the read and viewin.


Hi guys. It is I, THE Bobakuzero.
First and foremost, sup?
So.. I think I'll start a new thing for monthly blogs. Like a 'of the month' or some such deal.
So lets test this out ladies and gentleman.
Album of the Month:
137-The Pineapple Thief
With out a doubt this album is magic and awesome. Had it for ages just now got around to listening and cant stop.
Runners up include:
Variations of a Dream-The Pineapple Thief.
Design of the Month:



Runners up.. Or rather what I do almost every other blog :


^Collab with the awesome designer BrunoBRS^

^Intro for new ****^

^Psyren sig I gifted to the Amazing Snow^

^round 1 entry for MDL TOURNY^
Yep. thats all. I know I have to much free time.. But im workin on it.
Thanks for readin! and feel free to give tips for other 'of the months' =].
Oh yeah profile change up!

I finally hit 10K posts.

Only took 5 years. lol
I'll save the normal picture time for my next blog.
With this one I just want to wish everyone happy holidays and a great new year.

News and stuff.

The MDL will be hosting another grand tournament of epic porportions. Am hoping this will be another multiunion cross GS affair and draw in our best designers. If your interested sign up today! hint hint Collie and Kaito. =]
Onto sigs.

Drawings for Drawing fundamentals 1 most unfinished:

vector work:
So yeah thats all. How you guys been?

New layout. Latest work. And life.

Well after 4 weeks of work and school. Im worn tired. Muh back aches and im sleep deprived. But come next week I get another solid paycheck.. So im pleased. I got me a car a few weeks back an 010 Dodge avenger in black. And im flying down to vist my girly friend his friday to start planning when she is moving up here with me. So all and all im starting to quickly move forward in life all at once.
I also got some audio technica headphones (same main wears in P3) =]
Music wise.. I got the latest Pineapple Thief Album Someone here is missing. Its fantasmic. Give it a listen.
Oceansize has a new album out but it somewhat dissapoints me. And Pure Reason Revolution has a new album coming out on the 25th hammer and Anvil thats soundin good so far.
But all that jazz aside. My profile looks all new so far. so tell me what ya think.
And my latest stuff..
New sig:

Mid term project for typo 1:

Collabs with the great members over at the MDL:
 -with Pokemondude2012 again. lol
 -With Link334
Yeah thats all for now.

My Top 100. 1-10

So im bored. And thus new ambitious blog project.
So My Top 100 project begins. In each blog I will list 10 bands I like. I will write abit about each band and why they placed in my list and provide a link to musics. Each blog will have a follow up abit after with designs based around 1-5 of the bands I favored the most in the list. But first a catogory in its own.
Musical mastermind speaks only truths.
And now 1-10
1-Big surprise, Its Porcupine Tree.
They get two. (To be fair the latter is back when it was a Steven Wilson solo project).
Imo everything a band should be. Each member is more then professional at what they do and contribute equally to almost every track in full compliment to each other. Each album has its own feel and level of greatness. And the rare and EP tracks are amazing in their own right. Basically its win. Ive written in depth papers alone on them.
2-Pure Reason Revolution
I just loves some prog, no lie. To me what sets this band the most apart is simple the excellent harmonies.
Catchy riffs,break downs, mazing vocals. The Dark third is just a great album.
From The Frame to Everyone Into Position you can see this band has some spark. Albiet they dont stand out as much as other bands in their genre they nonetheless know how to build a good album.
Has more of a retro prog feel to it. But has an energy all its own. Anekdoten is epic.
5-The Pineapple Thief
Im just getting into this band abit more. There is still alot ive got to listen to and break down before I can really talk about them. But Tightly Unwound gives me good vibes for this band.
6-Opeth. -click this one if you dont like metal and loudness.
The metal side of post prog. This was actually my first taste of metal. And I liked it. =] Dig the versatility.
Oh Europe why must you horde allthe riches of music. The secound link is Lunatic Soul, A side solo project from duda. Polish bandz. =]
8-Blackfield and Noman
I grouped these so to save space. Sue me. Side projects of Steven Wilson. The first a collaboration with Aviv Geffen. The secound with Tim Bowness. This is the kinda music that doesnt need to be spoken for.
9-Steven Wilson-Yes gets his own.
This couldve been #1 but I didnt wanna seem biased. brilliant composer and artist. That is all.
10-north atlantic oscillation
New band. But from their debut I see alot of potential. More poppy then the above but whatever.
I hope you have enjoyed. Next be ready for some grunge.


My bandwith is back. So lets try this again.

Epic concert was intense. Here is muh signed album. Richard and Colin only for now.
Here is muh guitars:

My Epi Les Paul. My first guitar.

PRS SE 24 Custom.

Cresent Moon inlays.

Full view sadly doesnt photograph well. But if you cant tell is clearly my favorite.
And the glory that is me for all to see if curious.
Now lets just hope my bandwith lasts awhile again.
Oh and changin up my profile again. Thoughts? Thinking I will change up my blog header with whatever sig I like most every other week.

-BOBA MIA- again.

Last two weeks of this sem of courses. Yep two more weeks of boring HS classes I have to redo in college for whatever bull reason. So try not to miss me till im back to bug you all. But I got a concert on the 28th. 100 points to ever guesses who it is. Ritch tell Dan I wont be on AIM as much.
And now my epic Shout Outs.