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I hate this game.

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Every Thursday night, I play in a no-limit hold 'em tournament at a friend's place in Oakland. It's a fun game, with just friends or friends of friends, and I've managed to win outright twice in the last six tournaments. I didn't play so well last night though.

Early in the game, with the blinds at 25-50, I was dealt T-T in middle position. I raised it up to 150 chips. Steve Palley (yes THAT Steve) called the bet, and it was just the two of us heads up. The flop came out garbage: 8 5 3. I bet out 300 to roughly match the pot and make Steve pay to chase. Now unfortunately, I seem to forget that players with less experience don't seem to take things like pot odds into account. Or they just don't care and really really want to draw. I knew Steve didn't have a pocket pair and couldn't have possibly made a set. I was ahead at this point, with Steve holding one or possibly 2 overcards. If he wants to try and suck out with 13% or 25% odds, then fine.

So of course, he makes the loose call on the 300 and sure enough, an Ace drops on the turn. Great. I check it over to Steve, who gamely bets 500 at the pot, trying to represent the Ace. I stubbornly refused to give him credit for it, even though he was acting like he had it, so I raised back at him to make it 1000. He called, and a blank fell on the river. At this point, I'm pot committed. I have about 600 left in chips and immediately push in on the river. Steve doesn't take long to think about it before calling.

But a funny thing happened. Steve had nothing but a Queen high. Somehow he misread his hand and thought he was holding an ace when he really wasn't. My pocket tens stood up, and I took down a rather large pot because of a misread. So was I correct in calling him because he truly didn't have the ace? Or should I have folded on the turn because he acted like he had an ace? Hmmm... Unfortunately for me, Steve would get all his chips back later on yet another loose call and suck out.