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Dead man walking

Ow, that laser shot to the face really stings. Damned Trivia Robot **shakes fist**

In any case, yes it's with mixed feelings that I announced my last week here at GameSpot, via the HotSpot podcast last night. It's been a good run of 3 years, 4 months, 6 days, but a new opportunity came along that I just could not pass up. It's weird to even say that, given what an incredible experience I've had working here. I've actually been writing about games for nearly 8 and a half years now for various publications. I loved it so much that I dropped out of college for a couple of years to pursue this career, before coming back later to finish, but I haven't regretted a minute of the journey. In that time, GameSpot has been, without a doubt, the most well-organized and professionally-run of all the operations I've worked for. I'll always appreciate what a privilege it was to work here and contribute to the world's greatest gaming publication.

I'll still be hanging out here, reading the site, listening to the HotSpot, maybe adding a blog post here and there. After all, I gotta make sure Greg, Jeff, Alex, Carrie, Brian, Ricardo, Rich, Justin, and all the rest of the crew continue to keep it real, right?

As for what I'm doing next, I know that now's not quite the right time to say what it is in a forum like this--I should at least wait until I'm actually started working there. I'm not even sure what the etiquette is on this sort of excited as I am about it, I want to just scream out from the rooftops where I'm going and how stoked I am about it, but I just don't know that it's kosher to do that in a public space. In any case, I'm still staying in gaming, so don't worry that I've suddenly sold out and decided to go to law school or something. I'll still be up at nights playing World of Warcraft and trying to get 360 achievement points and spending way too much money on games and hardware.

Thanks again for all the well wishes!