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I was AFK... for a long time

Hey whats up guys sry for not being on in a long time if you were wondering but I'm trying log more games that I've been playing put blog posts and review games. :)


Hey I just got to the quest "Keep Your Inisdes Inside" and when I go to go to Dr. Zed in the Arid Badlands and he is not there. I have looked on Google for help and everything I've seen said the only thing to do was to download WillowTree ony my computer, put my memory on a flash drive, put the flash drive into the computer, and modify that way but i don't want to do that. Any suggestions?



Hey guys whats up:question::!: I haven't been posted many blogs recently sorry bout that if you like to read them:!: I have lately been catching up with a friend i have talked to in soooo long:!::!::!::!: Really I don't want to get caught up into my social life I wanted to ask if you wanted to read my blog let me know just post your blog link and I'll read it and most likely comment on it:D:!: Thanks for reading guys tell me if you want me to post any blogs follow me and I will follow back thanks guys:D:D:D:D:!::!::!::!::!:

WEB Games

Hey guys hows it going:!::question: I've really been looking for some free web games (downloadable would be nice) but I can't seem to find any good ones:!: I'd like one MMO RPG one single-player FPS and one MMOFPS (or a MMORPGFPS that would be awesome):!: Thanks for helping me out if you can:!: Thank you for reading all my blogs if you do please follow me and I will follow back:D:!: P.S. something random just to say:roll:. As you can see I'm getting good at the emotions :lol::!:


Hey guys this is my 6th blog:!: Sorry for posting so many yesterday haha. As you can see this one is about! How do you guys make your videos mine stink so bad! Then again I've only made two and one of them is really bad and now pointless hehe. If you have a youtube account let me know mine is jlprater1. I've made two videos one is a homemade music video of "I'll Sue Ya" by Weird Al the other is a video recommending you to Evony but I haven't played that game in so long might just delete it if I can. Tell me if I should make any more videos. Here is my link for my homepage on youtube should create one even if you don't already have one. You can create your own videos; rate movies; and favorite videos. You can also now watch some movies and you might be able to watch TV shows but I'm not sure I'd just use Hulu for that (I have a blog for that to). Thanks for reading guys follow me and I will follow back thanks :D:!:

Top 5 Movies/TV Shows

Hey guys how you doing?! 5th blog post please comment on these and tell me how I'm doing! My top five favorivte movies are probably Inception, George Lopez, Psych, The Colony, and The Office! I might edit it if I think of any better ones. In no specific order but I think Inception was the best :)! Tell me what yours are 8)! Please follow and I will follow back and you can see my latest blogs and reviews! Thanks for reading guys! :D

Hey guys thanks for reading if you are; this is my 4th blog post! It's getting really fun! I hope you guys like 'em cause I know I do hehe. As you can see this one is about Hulu. I really like Hulu and it's really cool if you have an account! Free TV episodes and free movies I don't know why people don't use it because half the time I don't watch the show live because I don't have time and/or I forget about what day it is and what time it is! Sorry for the random topic thanks for reading! Follow me and I will follow you back and you will be able to see my latest blogs and reviews (even though I haven't gotten into the whole review thing yet because its really time consuming! Comment what you think and thanks for reading! :D


Hey guys there are so many achievements out there but i cant seem to find any! I've got like two of the easiest ones but I really want more of them! Please tell me if you find any our find a website for a list of a ton. All of the ones i can find or even make sense to me is the E3 ones, the Recruit one, and Fuse all the others don't make sense that I've seen! Thanks for reading come back again keep following or if you aren't following start and i will follow you back! :D

Xbox360 Versus PS3!

Hey this is what I think the goods and bads are of the Xbox360 and the PS3! Post what you think of them too I would love to read them or even like little short ones saying you like the Xbox360 more for example! (Sorry for starting with this topic i was just replying with a blog just like this on ArcaneSentry or its like this Arcane Sentry i forget and editing it a little afterwords) They both have the same accessories though! I believe the chatting is the same but i don't think the Xbox360 has a chat room! I really like on the Xbox360 that you can pretty much listen to music anytime but on the PS3 it still has music compatibility although you cant listen to it while you are playing games. I think the video quality and the way they do videos on the PS3 is better and you can play blu-rays (HD - High Definition) (higher quality movies compared to DVDs or VHS tapes)! I think the PS3 is way better than the Xbox360 other than creating parties that is really nice in some ways. I think the PS3 is better because it has more games that are exclusive (that are good) compared to the Xbox360. I think that it is way cooler if you like using microphones because there are way more compatible microphones and you can get them cheaper than the two headsets that are Xbox exclusive! As for the WI-FI (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) the Xbox360 you have to buy a different cord (or edit it or something like that) because it covers the WI-FI adapter plug-in which costs more money then you have to buy a wireless thing that costs at least $99.99! For the newer (like 2008+) PS3s it already has built in WI-FI! Thanks for reading :D!

Rating system

My idea of a rating system is using 1-100. It is very exact. You wouldnt ever have to use decimals! Also this my first post blog ever sorry if its bad couldn't really think of anything else to write hehe! Thanks for reading tell me what you think of this or how you would like to do it! Please follow me and I will follow back and you can see all the other ones that I will have! :D