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Hangovers are such a pain...

Went out last night and got pretty smashed up on alcohol, obviously today will not be the kind of day I was planning on it being yesterday.

But one thing about Bayer tastes like s***. Why is this? Advil has a nice, rather tasty coating but nobody else follows this suit. Why? Aspirin doesn't need to taste like ass to do what it does? My head is killing me, and the taste is something I can live with if it helps, but seriously why is this a thing. Does Advil have a patent or something on decent tasting coating for pain pills? I've never known another one to taste even remotely not-disgusting.

A Souls Admission

Sometime in the year 2010 a friend of mine (we'll call him Josh, since that's his name) was talking to me about a game that had released the year earlier to critical acclaim called Demon Souls. Josh loved Demon Souls, he loved it. Loved it. Would shut up about it, knowing I did not share his enthusiasm. It didn't matter, that game dominated his thoughts for months and he hated that I didn't like it. I had very little interest in this game at the time, I don't know why, but Josh said he had completed the game "about 20 times" and he was really bothering me about playing it. I didn't care to, but I told him I would check it out at some point. I borrowed it from him and didn't think about it for months, but eventually I didn't really have much to play so I put the game in and created my character. I have no memories of my character or the game's levels anymore, as I put about an hour into it and lost interest. I think I found a spear on the whole of my journey.

I will admit that maybe I really just didn't 'get' the game, but nothing about it grabbed me and I even enjoy a difficult challenge in my video games. I didn't care for the ambiguity, the environments, the character models, the (seemingly) clunky combat, the bizarre dying/reviving system...I really never had a grasp for anything having to do with it. I told myself the game wasn't so great and I made my mind up about it, but with so little effort having been invested I should have known better; this is not something I typically do. I rarely make my mind up about something so quickly, especially video games. I gave the game back to Josh and moved on from it. 

Well fast-forward to this year, this very month, when Dark Souls went on sale on XBL. Right away, Josh is bothering me about giving Dark Souls a try. I say "Dude, why the f*** would I play the sequel to a game I didn't even like?" He says "Because, I think you'll like it." I say "What gives you that impression? I've told you a hundred times I didn't like the other one..." He says "It's $10, don't be a cheap bastard and buy the f***in' game. Trust me on this one, you'll like it better than Demon's. I promise" I say "Promises? Go away man, I don't want to play the game." But I'm intrigued, just enough I guess and I buy the game. I don't tell Josh.

Okay, whatever, I bought the game. Even if I don't like it, it was 10 bucks, no big deal and then I can rub it in Josh's face a little.

Holy s***...holy s***...holy s***...
I had the same damn feelings; underwhelmed severely. I was dissapointed because I wanted to like this one, the music is great, the environments are better, the characters look a little better to me, the game makes slightly more sense to me, I had to ring some bells so at least I knew what to do...but it wasn't happening. This game sucks, and the souls series is terrible...overrated.


Then it happened. It hit so damn hard I swear I was in a trance playing that game for a bit. I got everything about it all at once; the despair of it, the 'classic' feel of the ambiguity and challenge, the feeling of finding a superior weapon and the rush of felling a giant beast, the polish of the combat, the thought that there is something amazing around every turn and in ever corner, the deliberate feel of every movement (something I love in games that pull it off well)...I don't even know what else to say. I wanted to put this here because I am shocked by how much I like this game, and I'm going back to play the first after I'm done with Dark. I know I've been outspoken about Dark Souls/Demon Souls being overrated, and I didn't even give the franchise the chance I should have when I played it first. But I can admit I'm wrong about something, and I was way wrong here. 

You were right Josh. But f*** you anyway.

Wii...Rest In Peace My Old Friend

Today is a sad, sad day for me. Well, I guess the sadness starts last night.

I barely ever play(ed) my Nintendo Wii, especially after I completed Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns. The only recent function the Wii served for me was Netflix, and that was only at night when I was falling asleep. I never really had anything against the Wii, in fact I used to cherish it as a possession, but as its lifespan wore on I grew disinterested in a quick way. I don't know why.

Last night, I fired it up to watch Netflix and nothing happened. At first I didn't even notice the orange light being absent from the machine's display, but alas it was not there. I tried everything to bring it back, but last night my Wii died on me. I don't how or why, and I can't believe how saddened I am over it. Now that I can't hear the chime the system makes when you press the 'A' button for the first time or see the little 'hand-glove- whipping around the screen as I navigate the menus, I find that I can only think about the chime made when you push 'A' for the first time and the 'hand-glove' on the screen. I miss it. I miss it badly. I never thought this would happen; I took the Nintendo Wii for granted, I believe.

What's funny to me is that I don't have any regrets aside from all the VC games that I didn't play as much as I should have and therefore should not have bought; I wouldn't go and spend more time with it or anything given another chance. I wouldn't play every game ever made for the system because in all honestly most of the games are not any good. I played every game that I wanted to play. I just miss it, and now that it no longer works I have a desire to play the Nintendo Wii. Not just any Wii though, it would have to be mine.

Today I'll miss the Wii, and maybe I'll even miss it for this whole week. That's not likely. What's more likely is that I'll spend today, maybe tomorrow, lamenting my loss and thinking about all the games that I wish I could play just one more time. I'll spend these days wishing I could hear that chime at startup one more time; I'll spend them wishing I could vote one more time on the 'voting channel'; I'll spend them wishing I was able to wave the controller at the screen like a fool one more time. But I can just keep on wishing, because I won't be getting it repaired or least I have no plans to currently. Instead I'll lament for a while and remember fondly all the good times I had with the little white machine that had more potential than any other video game system in history.

Does anybody else get a little upset over the loss of a console like this? I never have before, but seeing the light on the Wii remain dark despite all my efforts to make it glow was a sad moment indeed.