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Haven't been on here in a long time

I just wanted to check out what's up with everyone and how you all are doing.

Also wanted to name some games of this year that I've been playing a lot. I'm gonna make this pretty brief though.

Street Fighter IV = perhaps the best fighting game of this gen

Resident Evil 5 = Amazing experience whether alone or with a partner. Graphics are brutal and the gameplay is really addicting.

Guitar Hero Metallica = Best Guitar Hero game to date. I'm still more of a Rock Band fan but I've been playing this game a lot this week.

Mega Man 9 = Been playing that this week too. For my first Mega Man, I have to say this is a very challenging game but at the same time, it's so much fun. I love how it's a new game but it has the same 8 bit graphics and sound. Very deep game.

My xbox has also been recently having problems like I could only play Guitar Hero Metallica for like 2 hours and then it will overheat (2 red rings). I even leave it off for an hour, come back, and it still does the same problem after 5 minutes. It really sucks. I'm hoping that I get the RROD just so I can send it in and get a fresh new one. However when I play games like Mega Man or even Rock Band 2 (cause I have over 70+ DLC plus Rock Band 1 exported) cause they don't require a disc to read. Either ways I have to say the xbox can be really crappy when it comes to hardware but dammit they are probably the best systems to play on.

Anyone buying Street Fighter IV?

Cause hell yes I am! Wow, it's pretty crazy how fast this month has gone. Especially since I've been having a lot of mondays off at school and what not. Also, another note is that I pre-ordered the game last weekend and it's already coming out next Tuesday :o! So yeah, I definitely am excited!

If anyone wants to play me SFII Turbo HD Remix, hit me up!

Top 5 Games of '08

Just thought I'd let you guys know, I've had a really tough time deciding which games I'm going to have to put on this list. Also, I haven't been able to afford every single game that has been coming out this year so I won't have Fable II, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Metal Gear Solid 4, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, etc. on this list so don't mark me for leaving those out cause I didn't, I just haven't played them so here's my list!

5. Super Smash Bros Brawl

This is definitely GoTY for the's a shame that it got beaten by some lame block game on the Spike Video Game Awards (smh). SSBB has a very addicting fighting system to it just like any other SSB game and also even adds some Konami and Sega to the mix. To make it even better, it has the Space Embassy mode where it's basically the storyline of the game and it feels like playing an old Mario platformer game for the NES/SNES but with Wii graphics. It's also a game that must be played when friends/family are over!

4. Tales of Vesperia

Definitely the best JRPG game this year for the Xbox 360. For one, I really love the cast of characters. Yuri is a really cool dude, Estelle has the perfect personality for a princess that wants to go and explore, Karol is wimpy at first but will soon in time learn to man up, Rita, always taking things seriously but gets the work done and helps quite a lot, and many other different characters. The storyline also gets better the more you get into it. Not to mention, cel-shaded games have been looking so crisp on next-gen consoles and this has some of the best cel-shading in a video game ever (along with other games like Naruto and Prince of Persia)

3. Grand Theft Auto IV

Okay, I know a lot of people hate this game for several reasons but I will tackle the main one; "it's nothing like the other GTAs." Well, it's not supposed to be. It's going to a new direction in the next-generation of the GTA series. Really, video game series don't always stay the same forever, they will always change and try to make it even better (or worse for some people) like RE4 made a huge change, which imo, made the series even better. Now as for GTA IV, sure it doesn't have the depth of San Andreas like the RPG elements of building your character up, customizing your car, flying jets, jacking trains, etc. But the storyline for GTA IV really does make up for it, as Niko Bellic tries to get a fresh start in America after all the terrible things of his past but also try to solve a problem that happened. But Roman's gambling and debts would force him to go into the criminal underworld. Also unlike other GTA characters, Niko has a sense of morality and in some missions, he can choose whether he wants to kill someone or not, or pick one person over the other. It's a much more different game than the rest of the GTAs but if it can start off really good now, imagine the later GTA games.

2. Rock Band 2

Now I don't know how you guys feel about music games but I, myself, am a huge fan of the music industry. Now I've played the Guitar Hero games for a very long time and they were really fun but when I got this for my birthday, oh my god! This game just blew my mind. One thing I'll say, this game has a much more diverse soundtrack than any Guitar Hero game ever. I never have gotten to play a Linkin Park song or a System of a Down song on a Guitar Hero game ever. Not only that, but it's not just Guitar I can do on this game but also Vocals and Drums and let me tell you...Vocals is a blast! You can unleash your inner rock side on this game like literally. I've never had this much fun with a music game by myself or even with friends and family! Not to mention, there is so much DLC content in this game that you can get and it's so addicting that I've bought myself several songs and honestly, I still don't feel like I have enough. I am planning to get Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? and Moving Pictures someday on the game then play the entire cds with a friend. Not only that but also you can import Rock Band 1 into your hard drive and then play all of those songs on Rock Band 2. Seriously, there are so many reasons that I would choose this game over Guitar Hero: World Tour and I definitely urge you to pick this over Guitar Hero. Sure the notes may look scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's basically just like playing Guitar Hero but instead, it's Rock Band!

1. Chrono Trigger

Okay, so this technically isn't a new game but it's still a game of 2008 and the best one too. In case you don't know, Chrono Trigger was a SNES JRPG game that is considered by many the best RPG ever made. Well, I definitely agree, I never really had that much fun with an RPG game than Chrono Trigger. I would even dare to put this game over any Final Fantasy game and I really love VI, VII, and IX (X isn't that bad either, people.) Also what's really cool is that they have all the cutscenes from the PSX remake version but unlike the PSX, the DS version has no loading times. Before I would play this game, I would always watch the intro scene cause honestly, it just feels like watching an actual anime like Dragon Ball Z (not to mention, if you haven't noticed, the artist of Chrono Trigger also designed DBZ) and it's just awesome to watch with all the music too! If you have never played Chrono Trigger, own a DS, and looking for a new game to buy then, I seriously urge you to buy this game. You would really regret missing out on this cla55!c and it's a title that should not be missed!

Well, there you have it. That's my list of 2008 games. Now like I said I only included games that I own if a game that you want isn't there, don't fret, I probably haven't played it or just couldn't decide to put it on my top 5, who knows, it could be on my top 10 but top 5's are just easier to make on blogs.

Anyways, if you'd like to share any opinions, go right ahead! If you'd like to tell me your top 5 games of 08, you may do so too or post a blog and I'll definitely comment it! Until then, I'm out! Cya guys later!

Christmas Presents

I must say that I'm very satisfied with most of what I got this year.

I have gotten for Christmas:

Nintendo DS Lite (Silver)
Chrono Trigger (DS)
Battlefield: Bad Company (X360)
The Dark Knight (DVD)
The Matrix Collection (DVD)

And a bunch of different clothing.

What did you guys get?

I just wanted to tell everyone

Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone has a blast and gets everything that they wanted!!

Sorry I haven't been replying to messages or posting blogs as much as I usually would..I've just been quickly scanning around this site to be honest. But I will definitely get to you guys real soon!

Rock Band 2 = best rock music video game ever

scratch music game ever.

Even though it's taking me a little adjusting from going Guitar Hero to Rock Band, I'm really enjoying the track listing for Rock Band 2 a whole lot more than Guitar Hero (and I'm a fan of GH too). Also drums and vocals add so much fun to it, it's crazy.

I just got off an Xbox Live party with my friends and I was singing so many songs, omg, it was hilarious, you guys should of been there hearing me sing!!! I messed up so much on Pearl Jam - Alive because everyone kept having me laugh during the middle of the song so I only could get 3 stars instead of 5. LMAO and I also got 100% on Beastie Boys' - So What'cha Want.

You guys can tell that I had a crazy time playing this game and all I'm saying from it is that I love this game! Gotta love having birthdays in December :D

So anyways

Let's move off video games, music, & movies for a while and let's get into something else, females!

Ladies are probably the reason why I became a fashion addict. It really is a great thing when you're looking as sharp as possible, then make a new friend with a really cute girl!

Anyways so gamers! What are some of your favorite famous female stars???

I'll start off with a personal favorite of mine :)

Seriously, you can't tell me she isn't gorgeous.

P.S. On some serious news though, my b-day is this Thursday, I'm gonna turning 18. Not sure if I should be excited or not but oh well. I will be planning to get Rock Band 2 when I get my b-day money, I hope! Maybe I'll also get Naruto: Rise of a Ninja! But yeah, definitely something to look foward too!

Completed Lost Odyssey

Yup, I finally got to be able to beat one of this year's top RPGs...such an epic game, oh my. Intriguing story, great graphics, good old school traditional RPG gameplay with some new mechanics, the music, everything is I'm gonna have to finish up Tales of Vesperia, Blue Dragon, and Oblivion and I have all my Xbox 360 RPGs completed (unless Marvel Ultimate Alliance counts then I have that too to beat). Also Banjo-Kazooie tomorrow yay!!!


Can't wait until Thanksgiving vacation

I've been having A LOT of Microsoft Points that haven't been used up yet and next week, there definitely will be some really good XBLA titles I will be playing a lot over the Thanksgiving vacation.

Banjo-KazooieStreet Fighter II HD Remix

Yup, these two titles will be in my Xbox Live Arcade collection next week...I have been waiting a long time for Street Fighter II HD Remix to come out and next Thanksgiving weekend would be the perfect time for this game to come out!! It will be so much fun, it will fix everything Hyper Fighting failed to do and the game will really own online!  Anyone looking to fight???  As for Banjo-Kazooie, it was a Nintendo 64 title that I have unfortunately missed and many people told me it's a great game and I also have a special friend of mine that has ultimately convinced me to get this game so I will definitely be rocking that out as well...I will also have 800 Points left and I'm not sure whether to spend it all on Metal Slug 3 or Mega Man 9, or spend 400 on TMNT 1989 Arcade and the other 400 on Darth Vader on Soul Calibur IV.  Either ways, I'll have helpful friends to help me decide.

Oh and btw, I haven't reviewed a game in forever so I decided to put it a review of a cla^^ic game...check it out and let me know!! Games I (plan) on reviewing:  Gears of War 2, Tales of Vesperia (when I get my lazy butt off and finish it, I'm pretty close), The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Final Fantasy IX, Devil May Cry 3, and plenty more.  Doubtfull I will get to review since I hardly ever do but who knows? It might come to a surprise I will review a game.  Anyways until then, next time everyone!

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