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Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS!!

Hi guys, it's been a while.

Kid Icarus Uprising was just out about a week ago.
I could not buy the game because its sold out everywhere.

But according to the videos and previews I have seen about the game, I can tell you a bit about it.

The controls need time to get used to.
The graphics are excellent.
The multiplayer feature allows you to battle up to 6 players, either free-for-all or team battle.

About the multiplayer team battle, each team will have 3 players, the Dark and Light team.
When a team's life gauge drops to 0, the last player who was defeated in that team becomes and angel, and only if that angel is defeated, the other team wins.

I like its multiplayer, pretty interesting.
The game comes with a stand and AR cards (I lost my old AR cards...)

You can also change the difficulty of each stage you battle in.

The game is also packed with hilarious speeches.

I think I'm really excited about getting this game, it's just that sales are going very well with the game and its always sold out, so I'm for waiting it.

Blog about Pokemon Platinum

I like Pokemon Platinum but not for it's difficulty.

Its music brings back old memories of past games.
The environment in the game is very nice but don't get too relaxed because the Gym Leader are usually very tough.
The difficulty picks up very fast.

One opinion from me is that they will not repeat most of the Mystery Gift events which gives horrible disadvantages to players who bought the game late. Like me.

Sometimes it is easy to lose your way in this game and even lose your mind.

Anyways it is a game worth player and if you are looking for games with some challenge, go for this game.

Pokemon Black and White 2

Oh boy!
I just recently heard about Pokemon Black 2 and White 2!! I can't seriously wait for it!!

I am predicting it will have the same Unova Pokemon, except that the game will have a few more new Pokemon such as Melotta and Keldeo.
I wanna see the awesome new graphics they have put in the game along with new music.
I wonder how the beginning of this second game will be like.

And for some odd reason, I'm very curious about what happened to N and what he will do next.