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What has Everyone Been Playing?


Just catching up on things on gamespot. What's everyone playing right now?

I'm playing the new Pokemon X game for the 3DS, and yes, it's the best game in the franchise since the Gold/Silver games. Love the new 3D atmosphere, angles, and innovations. Luminose City is a confusing place to travel, but there isn't much to dislike from this game.


What's up, Gamespot?

After taken about a 10 month hiatus, I finally decided it was time to come back for good. I've got some reviews I'd like to post in the few upcoming weeks, and there's going to be more emphasis on quality this time.

Good to be back!

Vampire Weekend's new album is the best album of 2013, maybe the decade, BUY IT

Vampire Weekend released their third LP Modern Vampires of the City yesterday, to rave reviews; many critics are even claiming this is Vampire Weekend's best album. And yes, I agree. This IS VW's best album. As a big Vampire Weekend fan, I remember being skeptical initially after hearing "Step" and "Diane Young", (the pitch shifting on the latter annoyed me at first) but after hearing all of the songs, it all comes together, and never feels boring, obnoxious, and no fillers are in sight. 

This is a landmark artistic statement from the group in my personal opinion. I need to fully listen to the album several more times to grasp all of its wonderful details, but trust me when I say this is some of the best music from the golden Indie era of the late 2000's and early 2010's. You will not regret it.

Highlights (Well, the whole album is a highlight)




Hannah Hunt


Got Fire Emblem Awakening!!!!

Yesterday I purchased Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS), along with the 3DS edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. This game is AMAZING!!!

I love the transition between 2D and 3D graphics, which I recall was done by Wild Arms on the PS1 in 1997. The 3D effect is also great, and I noticed that the game uses Kid Icarus Uprising's engine (I believe). The sparkles on the screens also provide hidden items, which is great! I also love getting items from certain enemies after beating them. 

But what makes the game amazing is its depth. It's extremely fun battling and its satisfying as hell to see all the different animatons. The trade feature in the game is absolute genius. The pair up feature is so awesome because it can temproarily increase two fo your characters' stats. It seems like there's so much to do, and there's never a dull moment in the game, regardless of how long the battles may be.

This could end up being the game of the year. I haven't played anything this much fun in a while (and yes I say that all the time, but maybe I mean it here!!!). Highly recommended to all 3DS owners!! THIS is the next must have 3DS masterpiece!!!

The Source of Real Musical Talent?

I happen to be a musician myself. I make rock music and electronic music, and sometimes hip hop music. I listen to an extremely wide variety of music; rock, alternative rock, hip hop, electronica, big beat, alternative hip hop, indie rock, indie pop, heavy metal, progressive rock, progressive metal, alternative metal, reggae, reggae rock, punk, dubstep, jazz, classical music, etc. and this is because I like to have a wide arrange of influences in my music while somehow making it sound unique and original.

So I ask you guys, where do you think the source of real musical talent comes from?

I don't think it comes from playing a bunch of freaking notes on an instrument, but there are obviously many exceptions. An example is comparing Dream Theater with Dragonforce. I am starting to get into Dream Theater, and I must say they're a great and unique band! Then there's Dragonforce. Remember back in 2007 when people were all over them because "Through the Fire and the Flames" was in "Guitar Hero III?" I admit I liked it at first, but now I hate it. Too cheesy. Both Dream Theater and Dragonforce play a bazillion notes on their instruments, but the difference is that Dream Theater actually has talent (HUGE understatement there) because as well as their virtousity, they also have emotion and great musicianship. Dragonforce isn't good at all, and they suck live because they made their studio versions sound way faster. And they have no emotion at all. 

Also, one cannot compare Pink Floyd with Nirvana. Both do their own things differently (or should I say DID). Pink Floyd was Progressive Rock, while Nirvana was Grunge/Punk. But both bands played with emotion and on things people can relate to. Sure Nirvana made simple structured songs, but that does not mean that they lack talent at all. Pink Floyd is great, but they never made anything like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Milk It, and Nirvana has never made anything like Hey You or On The Run. Great bands/artists do different things, so comparing heavy metal with hip hop isn't really good. There's different focuses with each, you can't compare different genres and bands/artists to each other. So comparing Led Zeppelin with 2Pac literally makes no sense at all because they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER, and focused on completely different things!!!!

So I say that true musical talent does not come from being able to play the toughest chords and complex notes known to mankind (though it certainly helps in some cases), but rather true talent in music comes from the soul, the heart. Like or hate him, Kurt Cobain was a musical genius because of his ability to create simple pop songs with some amazing melodies and songwriting abilities. The Beatles  were maybe the most diverse band of all time. You see, musical talent comes from what you truely want to make, not what some corporate marketing scheme wants you to make. Even some of the most "simple" songs have gone a long way, and have influenced many great artists. Bands like Dream Theater, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, and Slayer are all unique because of the thoughtfulness they put in their song structures, as well as their emotion. Is it so wrong to like Beethoven and A Tribe Called Quest? Certainly not, because they put so much emotion in their songs and compositions, and it shows.

So gain inspiration, make something truly your own, and influence the next generation of music, and I see true musical talent there.

Your thoughts?

Adventure Time (3DS) review is up!!!!

I posted a review for the excellent game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!! for the 3DS. I love the show, and this game is extremely faithful to it, as well as playing like a Zelda II tribute. One of my favorite 3DS games, highly recommended. Totally mathmatical.

Paper Mario Sticker Star is Disappointing

When I played through Paper Mario Sticker Star, I thought it was the best thing since Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Finally, we've come back to the traditional RPG elements of the first two Paper Mario's and the Mario and Luigi games!

In the long run, however, it's the most disappointing game ever in my opinion. For one thing, you can no longer level up in battles, making battling nearly completely useless. I love the idea of searching for solid hearts to add more heart points, but where's the flower points???? Where's the badge points???? Even Super Paper Mario had the leveling up part! There's no partners either, aside from Kertsi the floating crown, but she's nearly useless at times where you NEED HER HINTS!!! And believe me, you will a lot. 

The hub world is ridiculously small this time around. There's barely any sidequests for you to do, and this is even more straightforward than Super Paper Mario was!!!! Also, Mario jumps and uses his hammer, so how come you need to fine normal hammer and jumping stickers????? And if you have none of these, you really have no attack options at all. It would be understandable if you had normal jumping and hammer abilities, and you had to find all the special stickers, but it's not the case here. The buildup from the final boss present in the first three Paper Mario games is horribly represented here, with yet ANOTHER SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 TRIBUTE with the Airship fight with Bowser Jr. Also missing is the dark and gradual storyline from Thousand Year Door and especially Super Paper Mario, or even an interesting plot like the one in Paper Mario 64. Whatever storyline there is feels extremely empty. How come you also need to collect only 5 star stickers???? What happened to 6 or 7 like the other games??? How come there's only 6 worlds in this game, including the final zone? 

But what really irritates me is the amount of backtracking, and the fact that you can't tell what "thing sticker" to use. The level in the desert where you have to collect all the tablets is one of the most tedious RPG experiences I've ever been a part of. One instance in the jungle, you need a GOAT to eat all the trash! It kind of makes sense, but how would you know the first time around? The bosses are another huge problem, with boss fights that are too hard and long without the right stickers, but way too easy and pointless with the right stickers!!! The idea of branching levels in certain areas is a great concept for an RPG game that is totally butchered here, because you NEED to enter some of the secret levels to get crucial stickers needed to advance in this game! What a waste of a concept, it ruins exploring in this game. That's one thing you'll need to do in this game, explore every inch and corner to find crucial items!!! And the entrances will be hidden behind things you have NO IDEA EXISTED!!! The forest world is nearly ruined because you NEED to enter all nine of the levels to find Wiggler's five segments, and they'll run off, probably in an excuse to add MORE LEVELS!!!! Take Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for example. It did the same thing, but the difference is that was actually fun to explore in and find crucial items, and the game gave you several hints on how to find them. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, however, that's not the case, and this is more of a trial and error game than a Paper Mario game. Super Paper Mario wasn't a great Paper Mairo game, but it was a great game in of itself. This doesn't even feel like one!

Even with this huge laundry list of flaws, I still think this is a good game. I love paperizing, the roulette in the battle system, and finding secret doors to get new items is tons of fun. But this should have been so much better than it is. I feel mixed and empty about this game. Expect a review shortly...with a disappointing mindset. If you really want a great Mario RPG, play Bowser's Inside Story on the DS.

Can't wait for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team to redeem me from this.

Recommended 3DS games?

There are quite a few 2011 3DS games that I have not gotten yet (Cave Story for example), as well as a few from 2012. First I'll give you guys what games I already DO have so it won't confuse you (all physical games, no downloadables). In alphabetical order, of course.

.Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!

.Asphalt 3D

.Heroes of Ruin

.Kid Icarus Uprising

.Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

.Mario Kart 7

.Mario Tennis Open

.Nano Assault

.New Super Mario Bros. 2

.Paper Mario: Sticker Star

.Pilotwings Resort

.Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

.Resident Evil Revelations

.Ridge Racer 3D


.Super Mario 3D Land

.Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

Now that I've listed all the 3DS games I currently own, which games do you recommend I should get? Please list a game I do not currently own, thank you very much.

Underrated Rock Albums From The 90's?

The 90's were a magical time for music. The entire decade. Even the teen pop from the late 90's is a guilty pleasure for me. And throughout the entire decade there were a lot of crappy albums, and a lot of fantastic and unique albums. Of course I listen to the fantastic albums.

There's albums from the 90's that haven't gotten their fair share of respect either. But I'm not talking about Weezer's magnum opus Pinkerton, we all know it's a great album now. I'm talking about albums that either haven't been really recognized or are still polarizing fans of the bands. I have quite a few that I'd like to mention. And no, I'm not a big fan of One Hot Minute by the Chili Peppers, never was, never will. And though Radiohead is my favorite band, Pablo Honey still sucks, aside from "Creep." In no particular order, here are my favorite underrated 90's gems in music (from the rock side, I'll explore the hip hop side some time later.)



311-Transistor: 311 came into the mainstream back in 1995 thanks to "Down" and "All Mixed Up", with their self titled album selling 3 million copies in America alone. Their next album, 1997's Transistor, was also successful, but not AS successful, because it was a departure from the rap metal and funk from their previous album. Now, it's appreciated by 311 fans, but not the level of appreciation Weezer's Pinkerton has now, which is kind of a shame. This is easily my favorite of 311's albums, thanks to its experimentation, diversity, and length. The singles "Transistor", "Beautiful Disaster", and "Prisoner" are 311 masterpieces, but the non singles are the best, with gems such as "Creature Feature", "Inner Light Spectrum", "Electricity", "What Was I Thinking" with its distorted vocals from Nick Hexum, and of course, the best song on the album, "Use of Time", which may be 311's best song ever. Really the album has a nice dark, agressive, relaxing, and Space Rock/Reggae sound to it. No other 311 album can come close to it. In fact, I was just listening to it today! This is also one of my twin brother's favorite albums of all time as well.


Smashing Pumpkins-Adore: These guys are one of my favorite bands of all time, and one of the best things for your ears EVER. Pure geniuses, or I should say Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain are geniuses. They drew the attention of Alternative Rock audiences with Gish in 1991, then released two amazing albums that redefined rock forever; 1993's Siamese Dream and 1995's double album masterpiece Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, the latter of which is hands down their greatest achievement ever, and my favorite album from them. Pisces Iscariot was even a masterpiece in of its own (the b sides were amazing), and The Aeroplane Flies High proves that the Pumpkins could have made three or four more fantastic rock albums with the discography they had there (on a further note, not only should have the title track been on Mellon Collie, it should have been the final song from the album. Amazing.) Corgan's guitar technique involved layered guitars driven by heavy dreamy guitar sounds and riffs involving different guitar octaves, and his unique and instantly recognizable voice involved nasally screams and tons of falsettos. The Pumpkins were huge in the early to mid 90's, but when Adore came out in 1998, it polarized everyone, because it was entirely electronic. Even now, it's been in the shadows of Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie, but that doesn't mean it's any less good. It's a great album, featuring gems such as "Ava Adore" "Perfect", "Once Upon a Time", and the severely underrated gems "Appels and Oranjes" and "Shame", the latter of which is a haunting masterpiece in my opinion. Adore may sound more like the band Garbage than a traditional Pumpkins album, but I'll be damned if it isn't a great one.


Sublime-Robbin' The Hood: If you've paid attention, you know that I am a huge fan of Sublime (I'm wearing a Sublime t-shirt as of this writing). 1994 was maybe the best year for music in the 90's, and seeing Robbin' The Hood unrecognized by fans of 40 Oz. To Freedom and the self titled album Sublime is shameful. Yes it has a lower quality of sound, but it's the bands most experimental, including tons of dubs that would be considered filler if this was taken seriously. Even so, it's a great album, including the greats "Pool Shark", "Greatest Hits", the amazing cover of "Falling Idols", "All You Need", "S.T.P." (no, not the kickass band of the same name), "Cisco Kid", and "Boss D.J.". It also includes the hilarious "Raleigh Siloquy" trilogy, featuring ACTUAL RECORDINGS OF A CRAZY PERSON. This is a treat for hardcore Sublime fans, no doubt about it.


Green Day-InsomniacDookie was the biggest rock record of 1994, and redifined punk rock music (or in this case pop punk) forever, along with The Offspring's smash hit....uh...Smash :D. Now 1995's Insomniac wasn't near the popularity of Dookie, but it actually did well back in the day (selling 2 million in America and more than 8 million worldwide), and the band still rocked arena concerts in the mid 90's. So why is it on here? Well usually most Green Day fans listen to DookieAmerican Idiot, and (God forbid) 21st Century Breakdown, as well as Nimrod, probably just for "Good Ridance". But Insomniac is underrated, because it's taken the In Utero train, having a heavier and more abrassive sound than Dookie. The fact is that this is a great album, and the singles "Brain Stew/Jaded" and "Geek Stink Breath" kick so much ass, and "Tight Wad Hill", "No Pride", and "Walking Contradiction" are some of the gems in this hidden gem. But the best song has to be "Panic Song", containing one of the greatest intro buildups of ALL TIME. 1995 was a great year for music, and it even had time for hidden gems like Insomniac.


Helmet-Meantime: It's a crime that Helmet is underrated. If you read my Need For Speed Underground 2 Gamecube review, I said said they were awful and I never heard of them. I am an idiot...

Anyways, Helmet is severely underrated, because they were one of the most influential 90's bands ever. Seriously. All those great Alternative Metal bands with wooden snare drums, tempo changes, and staccato guitars? Helmet started that. Great alternative metal bands like Tool, Rage Against The Machine, White Zombie, Primus, Nine Inch Nails, and even horrible nu metal bands? Helmet influenced them. If you listened to bands influenced by Helmet, and 1992's Meantime especially, before listening to them like me, you may find it a little stale at first, because they've done what so many of these bands have done. But it's a great album for your ears, including the successful "Unsung", the kickass hardcore "In the Meantime", the rock n roll inspired "Give It", and "Role Model." Their 1994 album Betty might be even more underrated, but this takes the cake because it was especially influential on pretty much EVERY ALTERNATIVE METAL BAND IN EXISTENCE. 



Temple of the Dog-Temple of the Dog: Seriously, this needs more recognition than it already does. the 1990 self titled album was the only album the band ever made, since it was a tribute to Mother Love Bone, but it's influential because it laid the groundwork for Grunge in the early 90's, and it had members from both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. This is a great album, featuring the greats "Hunger Strike", "Say Hello 2 Heaven", "Pushin Forward Back", and "Call Me A Dog." If that isn't reason enough to call this underrated, than I don't know what else is.


Third Eye Blind-Third Eye Blind: "Wait, Blueguy, this album sold six million copies in America. What's it doing here?" Yes, you heard me, THIS ALBUM IS UNDERRATED!!!! Now hang on, yes it was extremely successful back in 1997 and it still is today, and the always timeless greats "Semi Charmed Life" (a song about drugs), "Jumper", and "How It's Going To Be" give me and millions of other 90's kids so much nostalgia for better days. But as a album at whole, yes, it's underrated now. Have you even heard the fourth single "Graduate"? Terrific modern rock radio song. "London"? wonderful song that would be embraced by todays Alternative Rock fans. "Background"? Damn what a great song. Hell the whole album is great, and lies in the shadow of the three singles that reached the top of the charts back in the late 90's. Sure they're a poppier version of Alternative Rock, but Third Eye Blind has a nice Arena Rock sound to them that makes it appealing anyways. And the non singles are severely underrated if you ask me, which is why it's on this list.


That's all I have for now. If anyone would like to mention any more underrated 90's rock albums they love, let me know in the comments. Your thoughts?