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2010, Awful year...

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Ah 2010, you awful awful year, I really should be out partying and living my life, but instead I've chose to update a Blog that nobody reads...


First I need to get one thing out the way, Sonic the hedgehog 4 is the worst game I've played, and no I'm not one of those fanboys that whine about the colour of Sonic's eyes. I was one of the fans that defended the game all the way up untill playing it... The game is absolutely horrible, it's slugish, the music is awful, the homing attack for me was very annoying and last but not least, the special stages almost made me go insane, I'm not joking, the game is torture!! I swear, I was really looking forward to playing it, and at first I was like "coooool", but it all sank in very quickly and it all turned to crap...

With that said, I enjoyed Sonic Colours, not the best Sonic game, but entertaining (and that's what matters)... It's a damn shame that I have to play with a wiimote, but I still managed to get some fun out of it...

Now the last sonic related thing of 2010, and that's the re-release of Sonic Adventure. This game got such awful reviews, people were saying all sorts of horrible things about it. I didn't quite know what to think because it had been such a long time playing it, so I bought it for myself on PSN (Cheap as well). At first I was thinking it could've been a shoddy port but after inspection it seemed near perfect to Sonic DX (PC version). I played through it with all characters, managed to get 110 emblems too (not all sadly, I hate chao and fishing), and I completed the 60 missions in the add-on, and enjoyed every god damn second of it... It's a freakin' classic!!

But seriously Sonic Adventure is a pretty broken game, if you're looking for a glitch, you could most definitely find one anywhere, but the glitches that occur in Sonic Adventure don't hinder normal gameplay, infact they make the game better... Games like "Sonic Heroes" (mainly PS2 version) and "Shadow the Hedgehog" had glitches that interrupted the flow of normal gameplay, and that's no good...

In short, best game of 2010 for me? Scott pilgrim!! Yep, you heard me... Scott freakin' Pilgrim... The amount of fun I got out of that game... Simple yet effective... It's a brilliant one off...


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I've been gone for years!!

But I will return to review "Project Needlemouse (WORKING TITLE)" next year, as I feel it could be make or break for Sonic the hedgehog.

I have hopes for this game...

Cut a long story short...

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Gamespot is awesome, but I don't have the time for it. Thanks to all my friends and... See ya soon! Btw, the doodle of me is so old I could vomit!!! rofl Oh and another thing... My name is AZthehedgehog or Az-the-hedgehog on most sites I go on now... (just for the people who care) *smiley face*

Happy new year!

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To all friends...

Hope all of you have a happy new year, 2006 was good to me, I hope the new year can follow up to be just as good for everyone...

Sorry everyone...

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I haven't been on this site for quite a while now... It's because I'm finding it hard to find time to keep posting... Plus I've joined way too many unions witch take ages to load on my computer and it's a real time killer... I really can't see how any good gamer could find enough time to play games and post on this site... There just isn't enough hours in the day, It isn't easy when you need to practice for your exams as well... I'm going to try and keep posting here... I just need more time!

Goin' for a while!

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Okay, I'm going off to see my dad on Saturday - (29th July), I wont be back till the Saturday after - (5th August)... So see ya, I'll miss you all..

Sorry everyone..

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Sorry I haven't posted, I'm quite busy at the moment.. I'll be like this for a while.. soz everyone..:)

I may be still posting.. but I haven't got as much time as I did before..

Ow my head and yay school over..

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Okay, so yesterday I was bored.. so I started to chuck this ball around.. I was sitting down and I dashed the ball behind me (being stupid).. The ball hit this picture frame on the wall behind me, the picture frame fell off the wall and smashed on my head!:? I got cut up, my head was bleeding..:roll: And it was fun!:D Now I'm scared to comb my hair incase my head starts bleeding again! yay! :lol:

anyway.. better news! SCHOOL HAS FINISHED FOR ME AND KADAJ10! YEAH! Dance! 8)

all in all.. its been good!:)

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