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Thank you, and FTL is a good suggestion. But, when I tried the game it crashed due to some graphics driver issue, I think the GPU is not only slow but also suffer from bugged drivers... ;(


The tablet I am using is the Acer Iconia w510, it has an Intel GMA 3650 GPU it seems, but other sources states PowerVR SGX545 . Hmm, perhaps I need to find a better driver.

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I recently got an Atom based Windows 8 tablet, and I am trying to find games that works well with the touch based input and slow CPU/GPU.

I already checked most of the new tablet specific game apps without finding much worth playing, with just a few exceptions such as Skulls of the Shogun... Now I am investigating games on Steam and emulated classic games.

Any suggestions? Keep in mind the Atom CPU is quite slow, so Age of Empires V in touch input mode wont work well for example. But I would love some good turn based games less taxing on the CPU. ;)

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Elite Dangerous has been in development long time already, they just needed help to complete it. It has nothing to do with Star itizen, but they are helping each others to revive a great genre in a time when developers are too careful to go outside mainstream.

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It is hard to decide wheter to buy this game based on todays reviews. They all go on about the technical issues, but I am in no rush to play the game, and figure all the problems will be sorted out by the time I might pick it up.

What score would you give the game, if no technical problems and being connected all the time is not an issue? Gamespots 5.0 seems too low in that scenario..

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"Free" to play is the worst corporate scam of modern history, designed to milk fans dry of every penny they have. The term Free to Play is so misleading, it should be condemed as illegal marketing.

I love RTS games, but I hate how the industry have turned the genre into some kind of experimental freak show lately.

Developers: Please give us back wonderful single player focused RTS games like Rise of Nations, Command and Conguer <= version 3, Age of Empires <= version 3 and so on. *Waves money*

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Yes, that was my first thought too. 

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Thank you, I tried all that, still no go :(

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I just bought this game via Steam on a Macbook pro Retina, running Windows via Bootcamp, but the resolution is stuck at something like 640x480! 

I can select other resoltions, but the game ultimately ignores the new setting. I also tried to manually set the resolution in the ini file, but no luck.

Other new games works great though, what should I do? :(