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Next gen coming to your PC

There is a lot of talk about next gen consoles these days, yet, what excites me the most is what this will mean for PC-gaming.

These days I play mostly on Steam, using a wireless xbox controller. It is already a next gen feeling to it, but something has been sadly lacking: True next gen games!

So far the PC has wonderful hardware advantages that has hardly been used by modern games, since aging consoles has been controlling the developers level of embition. The result is that the PC version of todays xBox games looks basically the same as their console counterparts, even though todays PCs are 8 years ahead technology wise.

The reason is money has traditionally been in console gaming lately, and it is simply too expensive to optimize the same games for PC in addition. Porting more or less straight over is cheaper, faster and easier.

But now when game studios targetting much more powerful hardware in PS4 and Xbox One, it should again be meaningful to upgrade the PC and enjoy the improved graphics and effects as well! :D