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Smartwould have been ditching the gimmick controller, launching with something worth playing, naming it something better, and making a GOOD console.

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It is great compared to the Wii -which is  not saying much- and is ok if you do not have another better console. I have a PS3 so the WiiU is irrelevant at the moment until a new Zelda and maybe Metroid comes out and a deeper price cut. Right now there is no reason to own it unless you are a Nintendo faithful for whatever reason.

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Probably another Mario spin off or something casual like Wii Fit. Nintendo has never made a game as interesting as Heavy Rain or a great as TLoU in the modern age. The last really incredible game they made was Super Metroid.

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The policies was only one problem. Kinect is still needed and a useless gimmick, no stand out exclusive games after they did nothing for the 360 for the past 5 years, inferior controller and overrated online services, and still too expensive for something that people will only use to play COD, Madden and other multiplat games. PS4 still has every advantage and a better value for the price of their online service with the free games from PSplus. Their vision was bad from the beginning and their history shows that they can not offer anything original or exclusive to their platform besides Halo. There is a reason why the pre orders for the PS4 are higher.

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[QUOTE="Silverbond"] Wii is the best console. It also had the best games. I know this to be true because it outsold the PS3 and 360...


It ousold it to grandmas who don't play it like my mother and her friends. That poor Wii is still sitting on my mom's TV stand having not been played in over 4 years.

You mad, bro?

Why would I be mad for? I actually still have plenty to play on my PS3 while the Wii is dead and the WiiU is on life support.

I am still laughing @ MarioKart fan not knowing that Sony has had tons of first party games on the PSX lol. When fanboys expose themselves.

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inFamous Second Son is filler to you?


Infamous isn't even filler. These games have averaged 2 million a piece. Not exactly what you would call a system seller, plus these games are pretty mediocre. 

Mediocre? But two million people disagree with you. Good way to clown yourself.

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I missed most of it... did they even show the ps4 or specs/features?


Nope, they showed PS3 capable games and the DS4. Im a hardcore sony fan since my PSX and this feels like a slap in the face.

Nothing they showed was capable on the PS3. What are you even talking about?

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The Last of Us

Beyond Two Souls 

The Last Guardian 

Ni No Kuni 

FYI sony has put out more new ips than nintendo and M$ combined this gen 


LMAo sony needed to make new ips cause as soon as everything went multiplat they didnt have any

lets act like none of those you listed were made lets instead look at ps1 exclusives that went multiplat had those not went multiplat sony wouldnt need to make new ips lol 

cause without those new ips -which are now old ips --sony only had twisted metal wipe out and gran turismo from the ps1 era , 

from the ps2 era they carried rachet and clank gow and socom ,

--so they only had six ips not including 3rd party exclusives 

we are only talkin first party 

microsoft had less cause they only been in the industry for 2gens so far

nintendo still has way more ips that are considered system sellers  if we look at the sales of sonys new ips the sales arent that high

lets take your list compare to mine shallwe


  1. 1080
  2. super mario 2d
  3. super mario 3d
  4. mariokart
  5. zelda
  6. metroid 2d
  7. metroid prime
  8. donkey kong country
  9. super smash bros
  10. mariokart
  11. marioparty
  12. mario sports line up
  13. wii line of games
  14. fling smash
  15. fzero
  16. kirby
  17. sin and punishment
  18. excite series
  19. dr mario
  20. endless ocean
  21. nintendogs
  22. starfox
  23. kid icaris
  24. punchout
  25. nintendoland
  26. pikmin
  27. game and watch
  28. warioware
  29. warioland
  30. game and wario-wiiu 
  31. links crossbow training
  32. fortune street
  33. fire eblem
  34. xenoblade
  35. pandoras tower
  36. the last story
  37. pilot wings
  38. pokemon
  39. plus all wiiware/eshop exclusives 

now  sony has more ? lets look

  1. gran turismo
  2. twisted metal
  3. resistance
  4. motor storm
  5. playstation allstars
  6. mod nation
  7. little big planet
  8. lbpkarting
  9. killzone
  10. socom
  11. rachet
  12. infamous
  13. little deviants
  14. god of war
  15. last of us
  16. wipeout
  17. sports champions
  18. eyepet 
  19. eye of judgment part of eye toy series for ps3 rebranded sony has half the ips nintendo has --and when we talk system sellers its even less so hmm a little something to think about before saying they have more ips then nintendo and microsoft combined 


  1. halo
  2. perfectdark
  3. banjo
  4. killer instinct(dormant)
  5. gears of war
  6. kenict series
  7. forza 
  8. pgr
  9. alan wake
  10. fable 
  11. fusion frenzy

wow you are right about microsoft but nintendo not so much the ones in red for playstation are from the beginning just so you can see sony needed those

Also MS does not own Gears so take it down.

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MS kicked ass this gen


Yup they kicked them selves in the ass for the last four years of mediocre performance with a lack of games and quality service for the 360. Mass Effect finally coming to the PS3 saved me from buying one. That was the best game of the system next to Bioshock. Gears is next, but I am not interested. PS3 still outsold the 360 so the majority disagrees with you.

Wii is the best console. It also had the best games. I know this to be true because it outsold the PS3 and 360...

It ousold it to grandmas who don't play it like my mother and her friends. That poor Wii is still sitting on my mom's TV stand having not been played in over 4 years.

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No more of the "powah of teh cell" nonsense.  The "Emotion engine" GPU is gone.  The Eyetoy is clearly the Kinect and the controller has evolved to look more like the 360 controller than ever.  All the talk of the social connected stuff also feels like they're following Microsoft's path.  I dont blame them, but why isnt anyone noticing this?  The architecture of the system is very much like an Xbox just with updated hardware of course.  

I also should mention PS Plus is going to be required for almost all of these new features. (Streaming demos, PS3 back compat, streaming gameplay to ustream, etc.)  Get ready to start paying for Plus if you want any of the new stuff.  I'm also sure you'll be paying for party chat too.

Even though some of their ideas are obviously inspired by the Xbox Sony is making great moves. Whether they'll pull a PS3 and not deliver on the features will remain to be seen.


So where does the xbox controller has the touch pad,share button,option button,Blu light to be register by the camera and analogues symmetrically fixed.?

He's talking about the fact that it sports traditional hardware more in line with the Xbox and the Xbox 360 which both had standardised harware to a degree, SONY would not have overlooked that Multiplats in general where performing better on the 360 because it ws easier to develope for because of it's traditional architecture, SONY got the hint that 3rd party developers where not going to put the time and money into optimising there Engines for 'different' architectures, stubborn bunch, i for one am Glad that SONY took this route and i was relieved that there was no talk of banning Preowned games, i wasn't completely blown away by the Killzone footage, it didn't look light years from what we have already But it is a launch title so it's not indicitive of the consoles true potential

Um what tradtional hardware? It is similar to PC architecture which has been around long before their was an Xbox. Sony designed the PS4 in mind with what developers asked them to as evident by those who spoke at the conference. Either way Sony is a better gaming company than MS so that is all that matters.