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How have I gone 10 years of not playing these games?

Ok, I've had Starcraft sitting on my desk for a few years, but never got around to playing it. I installed it once before, and played a little bit of the SP, and I thought it was allright. I was just sort of stuck on console gaming and sort of forgot about SC. Haha.

But recently, a friend of mine who plays and loves SC, finally convinced me to get on and play some multiplayer with him. And I gotta say... The multiplayer action is so fast, hectic, and incredible. I loved it. It was so fun, yet so frustrating because, like I said, I had no idea the action on was so fast-paced, and you really have to manage your units. Now I know, this has already gotten to be second nature for some people.

For example, for those of you who watch American football, and in particular those who play the QB position. When people say that the speed of the game transitioning from college to the pro's is so much faster. But after a while, the game "slows down" for them as they adjust, learn, and grow accustomed to the speed of the game. So I just need more experience and the speed of the SC gameplay will just grow on me.

Again though, it was fun, amazing, and I'll definitely be playing as much as I can to prepare for SCII.

Also, I recently received Call of Duty 4 for the 360 as a gift. I've yet to play it though... :P. I haven't played it though yet, because of not only SC, but also another game in which I have no idea how I haven't played it the last 10 years. And that would Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which I got from the VC on the Wii.

Before playing OoT a few days ago, I had only previously played it literally for about 10-15 minutes at a friend's house. OoT is another game though that has been really enjoyable so far, and was also a gift for me. You might be asking, what's up with all these gifts? Wasn't Christmas a few weeks ago? Haha. Yeah, they were just sort of late Christmas gifts, along with what I did get during the holidays, so no worries. I'm enjoying OoT, especially because it incorporates just about all types of elements of a game you'd like to have all in one game. Action, adventure, story, little bit of humor, and for being a 10 year old game, it doesn't look too bad.

This has definitely been one of the greatest gaming weeks ever for me, and I hope those of you who have yet to play SC or OoT will at least try it out for a little just to see whether or not you like it or not. Thx again, and I'll talk to you guys later.

Finally got a Wii!

I am now officially the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii. I got a scare though over the weekend, because apparently somethin was wrong on the label of the package box, I think the zip code, but it was cleared up, and I received it today. Ha, what great timing to get a Wii on Christmas Eve. :D

Anyways, I need to get some games though... Sort of broke right now, so I can't actually get any new games. Hopefully, I'll be able to borrow a game or two from a friend of mine for the time being.

I'm also hoping to get some friend code numbers from Wii owners right here at GS. :)

I'd also like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and if you're traveling, have a safe trip.


I did one blog, then completely forgot to actually use this again. lol.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing great. Work and school have been going allright for me. I got my very first joystick a couple weeks ago, and have been practicing with it as much as I can. I honestly didn't think I would adjust to it as quickly as I have already, but I'm far from perfect, so I'm gonna keep it going and going until it gets to be second nature for me.

I must be one of the few though people that owns a 360 that does not have Halo 3 yet. Haha. I'm just really tight with money right now, and haven't been able to buy anything recently. I even need a new mic, since mine apparently stopped working a few weeks ago. Sort of my own fault though cuz I spilled a little bit of iced tea on it.

If anyone is interested in a way to make some extra cash for games, accessories, and other stuff, check this out

Now hopefully, I'll actually remember to update this blog at least once in a while. Heh. Take care!

First blog

So this is my very first blog post. I hope you all are having a good day.

First of all, I'd like to send out my thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the VA Tech shootings. What a terrible tragedy. God Bless all of those who were shot and killed, those who were wounded and harmed, and to all of the parents of the victims. Really a sad day...

I'd like to throw something out at everyone if they're interested in it. Check this out. It's a site called Agloco:

Agloco: After AllAdvantage closed down the developers have been working on a new more stable system and that system is Agloco. The way it works is that you get a small viewbar at the bottom of your screen; As you search for say "Video Games" the bar will start advertising you video game ads just like Google would with the side bar they have on multiple sites. The diffrence though is that now you can get paid for just surfing and having the view bar on; you dont even have to click the ads. ------ Today’s hottest Internet businesses are all about the power of social networks. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube have become worth billions because businesses have realized that these social networks are generating huge advertising and marketing opportunities. As these social networks grow, the economic potential for its owners – and the advertisers who target the site’s users – is remarkable. At AGLOCO, we asked a simple question: The users created the community, where’s their share of the profit? It was from this question that AGLOCO set out to create the Internet’s first Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community. ------ AGLOCO Members make money in four ways. Members earn part of the company based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month (currently a maximum of five hours are rewarded). Click here for details. Members earn a monthly share of the AGLOCO revenue based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month Members who use our referral system to help build the AGLOCO network will earn more. (AGLOCO only has significant value as a large network and people who help build it should be rewarded. – We also feel that the early users who told friends about YouTube or MySpace or even Google probably deserved something too, but no referral system was available to record their work). Members will also get a share of any commissions AGLOCO gets when a Member purchases a product or service from an AGLOCO Sponsor company. -----

They're still running tests for the viewbar, and the viewbar should be up within days now according to one of the management guys.

If you're interested in Agloco, sign up here