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Silent Hill Downpour was a Deep Crimson Revelation.

I'm back! Me and my pink font color.:P

I know is been so long and this site has changed alot but i'm working my way to figure a few things out.I am a stubborn one afterall.:P

I missed you guys much.<3.

So a quick update on me to move on to the main subject.

Life is treating me well.My two little girls *who now are 5 and 2,5*are doing great and never stop have poor thing me on the run.:P .I'm hooked up on MoP *Warcraft* but i stopped raiding cause i don't have much spare time.PvP is PVP though and killing allies never gets old.I'm sorry Alliance.:P .I do hate Garrosh though.xD.And speaking of games on to the main subject!

Silent Hill : Downpour

Silent Hill Revelation *the movie dear God*

Deep Crimson Butterfly-Project Zero 2 Wii edition


Silent Hill Downpour.

I was freaking excited to get this game.And so i did of course.Something wasn't quite right though cause some people were saying "Oh yh freaking good,not that unsettling not so scary but the exploration was fantastic."

I was like "hmmmmm" but i been waiting to play it myself since we all know people have different opinions.And what the hell?

30 minutes into the game and i was feeling like Thora the Explorer indeed.

It is a game beautifully made with nice graphics with a lot of suspense and sure i liked the idea.But..but ...what about the freaking scare factor which has made Silent Hill what it is ?*was*.Nope.Not my thing.No and no again.

I believe and i'm terribly saddened by this that the Silent Hill series is actually over.I really want to have high hopes though about an upcoming game made by Kojima.But i'll expect the worse and maybe a jewel will be released.


Silent Hill Revelation.

What a joke indeed.:lol: Laugh out loud really.

I loved the first movie.But this one?Dear God seriously 20 minutes into the movie and i was wandering if it could get any worse.

And yes Ladies and actually did!

See Pyramid Head vs Cenobite kinda thing that..wait a minute!It isn't even original cause McFarlane designed Camille Noire some years ago.

Yes i'm still laughing!


It had some nice monsters though gotta give it that.


Deep Crimson Butterfly-Project Zero 2 Wii Edition.

I'll start by saying that i wasn't able to play Fatal Frame 4.And i'm freaking out about this.Can't understand why it's only released in Japan.But anyway that's how things are and me whining won't change anything.

So this remake..what can i say?Absolutelly perfect in every aspect.

This particular game the original,happens to be on the top of my "I FREAKING LOVE this game" list.

And while i was thinking from time to time that it doesn't need a remake cause anyway is too awesome as it is..boy i was  wrong.

A fantastic one.


That's all for now my friends and fellow Gamespotters.<3

Untill next time you take care of yourselves.

Much love.


Cyber Lip Vasiliki

Aloha from the burning pit called Athens. :P Seriously the last few days we had like 40c. Athens is one Hellish place (and not in a good Silent Hillish way) :lol: They said about a temperature drop inside weekend and i soo hope they are right.

Lookie that,seems i've been active on GS lately cause i'm a Cyber Lip now. Booyah! :P I actually like the name of this rank :P. The only union i post though is..surprise surprise The SH Resort.

4 months pregnant now and let me introduce you to Vasiliki. !!!!!!!!

*i erased name and my last name on purpose* :P

Yes it's a SHE! My little Athena will have a babygirl sister.

Next time i'll upload a pic of Athena,i'm typing from the pc now and all her recent pics are stored in our laptop

That's almost all about my babygirls.

I'm such a NAB!

My my why don't you look at that? lol I am still lvl25! i am such a nab. :lol:

People..fellow gspoters..i am back :)

Just to give a few news and most pry i'll disapear again.:P

So many things IRL that have priority.My daughter (moma's little monster) is 2 years old now and few months.

Little monster indeed she is. Aww i just love how she tortures me :lol:

Life is good is just fine. Greece is going through a big economical crisis but trust me people here still remember how to smile.

Eventually we'll go through this i want to believe!

And i really need to believe so cause there's more to it. Another baby is on the way. :D:

Ayep! i am almost 3 months pregnant atm but i won't tell nothing more before i am sure everything's gonna be fine. :) 1st ultrasound and exams showed the start of a good pregnancy and that's all to it for now.


Silent Hill : Shattered Memories.

Almost....eeerm yes almost. Not bad not good so almost. Honestly i'd prefer if they'd make an original remake of the EPIC 1st one. I'd play that till the disc is destroyed :lol:

Sad news is i read it was the last work of Akira Yamaoka! watch me cry :cry: :cry:


Iam eagerly waiting for Alan Wake! aye i want tis game soooo bad!


And of course the 4th Fatal Frame. That i want to believe is going to be beter han FF3 which tbh made me fall asleep during gameplay several times. :(

Pah anyway.:P


I'm stuck replaying older games cause i do enjoy them and ofc my dearest RE5 (YOU HAD ME ON ZOMBIES) :lol:


That's all for now :)

Till i pop up again take care of yourselves and have fun whatever you do (as long as it's legal ) :lol:

Much Love.

Thora. :)

PS: Btw Azel wtf are you doing? :lol: set profile to private and removed me from friends? well shame on you! :lol

Coming Home *not really :p

Heyyyy There fellow GSpoters! yep,yep it's me,came back to tell a few things about the first Next Gen...SILENT HILL! Ayep.:arrow: like i wouldn't!:lol:

OK first thing's first though and that is..missed you ALL! I'm doing fine,hubby's doing fine and Athena ...well my little Princess doing great!

Honestly i cannot describe how i feel about her. She said MOM the other day and i almost had a heart attack! :lol: The rest of the day John was making fun of me cause i was walking inside our house mumbling "she said mom" so he was saying..GEEEE you DO look like a zombiiiieeeeee! :lol:

AHEM! Homecoming now.Well quit reading now if you don't want me to spoil it for you.:P...Fair WARNING"

3rd playthrough now to unnlock the Good Ending. *yep my first ending was the BOGEYMAN.*should i say Bogayman? noez! anyway* :P

The game is good. Like totally good. Like very good? still can't make up my mind and i guess will take me a whiiiiile..because:

1: I was expecting the game to take place IN Silent Hill. After 3 and 4 i wanted a game where the character i'd control would be in SILENT HILL. ALL times.Yeah that's me.*cough

2: Before the game comes out i was keeping my mouth shut about Pyramid Head's appearance in this game. *PYRAMID HEAD NOT BOGEYMAN! ....*After beating it and get the Bogeyman ending and since you do not encounter him in game i say..they SHOULD let him rest in peace! But noez,he's back for the sake of fans. WELL if i listen even one fangirl/boy calling him Bogeyman i'm packing things,fly to States and blow up Double Helix's HQ and KONAMI for the aproval to high heaven. Done threatening. Seriously is RIDICULOUS! This IS ridiculous.Not to mention PH movie version.*well he's nice..for eye candy*.He should stay in the movie like that and not in a game where as i mention above really he SHOULDN'T be there cause it doesn't make sense. His apearance. Anyway.

3: BUGS! Like...BUUUUUUGS! Shouldn't be careful what they release? they did it in a hurry. PS3 Version at least is full of bugs and glitches.I hear people talking about Major ones causing them to restart levels! Yep,it happened to me too as well. I restarted a whole lvl cause you get a Save point once in a bazillion/million years during a whole lvl *WHICH IS GOOD on the other hand cause it is SURVIVAL! * Yep.Inventory glitches KILL me literally especially when it comes to the Serum *we knew it as the ampule in previous SH Games...ahhhh Dr. Kaufman! :P

Well yeah no kidding it's awful to use an item just because your inv. glitches.!!! But this can be fixed since they can,they MUST patch it! so easy to download an update that will fix the bugs! right? RIGHT?

4: NO offense to the American dev. but fog and flashlight doesn't make SH! It lacks in the fear factor. I mean what the hell? since when a SH Protagonist had company? James had Maria yeah but still you were feeling ALOOOONE! And Henry had Eileen...but still the isolated feeling was there! SH5 didn't freaked my mind! that's where it lacks.It was more BOO scary *see RE and i love the Resident Evil guys know me know that*but Silent Hill's meant to mess up your MIND! And there comes " Noone messes with your mind like the Japaneses DO! " No offense to anyone.


Heyyyy it DOESN'T SUCK!LOL look why:

Oh God! The environments! Plain Awesome! Perfectly designed.The lighting! Simply great. You can absolutelly get the feeling that you do see around you because you got a flashlight. If you turn it off...BLIND! :lol: Yeah i loved that but what the hell? if SH5 is not the most perfectly designed one then something's wrong with SH and next gen consoles. Right?

Sound/Music. Ah yep been always in love with Akira Yamaoka's work. :D

Plot. Loved the whole idea of the Founders.Tends to go towards the movie more though but i liked the movie so yeah *the Order part etc.* However i was afraid we wouldget a Silet movie Hill game..and yep that's what we got. Sad,true,still it doesn't bug me THAT much. *ugh i said from the start it will take a whiiiile to make up my mind about the 5th one.

Monsters. Hell yeah! Schisms freak the hell out of me *and i love the female side of Siam :P* :lol: Monsters play a major part in the games since they represent inner demons,fears,guilts etc. Get the Needler for example. I trully believe is strongly connected to Alex's mother. Yep. *needles,sewing machine* I'm briliant i know.:lol:

So the monsters were great! And the game had it's moments. Like with the nuts Judge. that certain thing freaked me out. More on the action side again though and not that inner fear Silent Hill is supposed to create. :cry:

My fav. boss is Scarlet. I love EVERYTHING in this boss fight! The background story,the music the fight itself. The music. KUDOS AKIRA!

SUM IT UP? Yep a good one,more action,a good survival not the horror i was expecting "SH's horror* fans , old fans of the series know DO know what i mean. Not a letdown as many expected,not the best again.*how could it be anyways after the epic 1 and 2?

They did their best i think and the result was trully nice! *yeah we got the above issues but still i feel like playing it again and again*

And who knows? eventually it will grow in me? :lol:

Ahhhhh...last thing. They should have kept the rank and the sum up at the end of the game! Classic part of the series. But..i don't know?is this how SH works in next gen? Anyhow..i already look forward for SH6! *lunatic i know.:lol:*

Ahhhhh Team Silent,wish you were back! :cry:

Much love and till the next time take care of yourselves. :)


Come out come out wherever you are!

My i almost forgot how to post here on GS! TRAGEDY. xD

Main reason i am not here. Here she is:


Born : Monday March 3 at 6:16pm,in the morning.

Now she's two months and about two weeks old.A happy *i try my best :P* and healthy babygirl. My babygirl!

Main reason i actually left? Well why hide it anymore. Besides most of you guessed that i miscarried the previous time i was pregnant. It was far more than traumatic but this child is blessed! Brought back the smiling in my face. :3

So you guys know i'm good.Also you know what consumes most of my time.*points above* :P

Gaming: Ahem,yes now i kinda have time. I still need to play DMC4! Ayep,i'm put to shame but i had not the time,lol. :lol: Besides RE The Umbrella Chronicles got me hooked! Trying to get an SS in every chapter and sub chapter. :P

Don't i just love my WII? Ah yes i do!

And now gotta go cause she woke up REALLY HUNGRY! Till the next time take care of yourselves!

Much love,Thora.:)

What am i supposed to do with 108 PMs? Um?

I won't answer them ok? No bad feelings.:P

I know,i know i'm not active. I know i'm not back and most probably i won't least for good but hey...i pop up right? as i said i will. :)

Real life is busy believe me and lately i don't spend much time on the PC. And when i do i'm on Gaia (yes i'm an addict k? :P)

TO THE POINT!!!!!! MY PROFILE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! SILENT HILL 5 BABY!!!! (i know ..many !!!! but i can't help it. :P) I AM FREAKING EXCITED! K i'm done..almost. I CANNOT WAIT! I mean come long is been that we've been waiting for a single tiny something. And now..Screenshots,updates even a teaser! OMG,OM....G! LOL. K now i'm done.XD

Few more things.

Savoy-I'm not coming on YIM or MSN that much anymore. -Rachael-Anyone knows if she gave birth yet? :D -Meg and Mari-I'm a lazy @ss when it comes to e-mails. Forgive me girls. I love you. Both. :) -

Rest of you-Till the next time take care of yourselves. There are times that i'm missing most of you. :) I'm not forgetting you guys.

Wow! Just woah!

Hello people.Woah Gamespot's changed A LOT or is it just me?:P

I missed you all. I missed GS. I might return,nothing's for sure since i'm a Gaian addict.:P. Woah i almost forgot how to type the emoticons here. Ugh. :lol:

How am i? I'm ok. I went through a freaky situation which basically was the reason to make me wanna quit. But i'm alive,yup. My mom always says that i'm a strong gal. :) Maybe she's right. And that's all i can think of right now.

Most probably i'll be back. Heck i knew it since i left that one day this would happen. If i return you'll notice it for sure. I make a lot of noise,you friends know that.:lol:.

For now i want to tell Rachael how much i love her and missed her. As well to let you know that i got my hotmail account reactivated which means if you still got me at your contacts on MSN i'm there. If you removed me and want to add me back here it is:

I'm not on on a regular basis but i loggin once in a while and i haven't deleted none of my contacts.

So you guys that were there you still are. :)

Much love to all of you. :)Thora.

Ahem! .XP.

OK Happy 2007. Yes i know i'm late but some things went wrong and ...yeah ok some things went totally wrong. Anyways do not ask what.Please,simply because i will not reply.

And now how to put this?..ok i've made up my mind and i'm quiting on Gamespot,and that's for real.Yep i do not feel like being here anymore. I am not a Drama Queen so i'll try to make it as easier as it can be so i can tell Good Bye.:)

Did you guys knew that a union can be formed and run with just one member?...hmmm?..Don't let GS fool you cause bellow is TEH proof.

See what i mean?..:lol:..oh yeah well that shot was taken just bf i click the Resign button and after i removed all members and officers. Many of you have my pm,and Crimson's pm.

Errrmmm...yes i look kinda like that right now..

But is kinda :lol:..i mean i've been here 2 years?..Sweet and bitter memories and true is that i got loads of love from many of you.:)

So aye let's say Good Bye.I love you guys,many of you mean a lot to me. Keep on gaming and take care of yourselves.:)

I spend my pc time on Gaia Online as Yazoo_Girl.There are others that have my email address.Not the hotmail one,my Yahoo one. I deleted the Hotmail one.

That is all. You guys made me laugh a lot,you made me happy and i'll heart you forever?..big word i know but i feel like that now.:P

Take care Darlings.:P

Much love. Thora.:)

And so...and so...

 First thing's first and that is: You guys have no idea how much i appreciate the interest and sensitivity you showed on the Baby Seals matter. I thank you all and God bless you.:)..You are good people.Deadline is today in my country tomorrow for most of you probably since here is Wednesday now.

Sephiroth as you can see is BACK! Not that he ever left though but he's back and kicking!Such an like him or not one thing's for can't take your eyes off of him.:lol:.Check my latest video if you're about HIM!:P

Busy..busy like nuts.Which means that for a period that will last ..don't know...i will be less active in the unions i'm part of so my apologies to the Leaders which happens to be good friends too.:)

Hubby's fine,Cassandra and Kadaju are officially in love..:lol:..yes that..and that's almost all.:P

Enjoy the week and take care all of you.

Much Love,Thora.:)


I saw these today..and i'm shocked.

And lots more..i had no idea for that cruelty and i'm really shocked. The Canadian government is responsible for this massacre..they are babies in god's name and all they want is their skin....doesn't make you heart pain? crushes mine.

So PLEASE they may not listen but at least you'll know you gave a helping hand..sign here

And please hurry cause there's just 5 DAYS LEFT. I beg of you.

Some of my friends got already an email..guys hurry up and open it please the rest of you give a min. of your lives to sign for these poor creatures.

Thank you so much.

PS: Pass this to all your friends and remember there's just 5 DAYS LEFT.