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[QUOTE="Bloodseeker23"]After 5-6 months hiatus..I'm back. Hopefully someone still remembers me here haha. Anyways, I see OT is still full of religious topics as usual. :Pchicknfeet
Welcome back?

Thanks :D. This place seems's usually active during this time...
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After 5-6 months hiatus..I'm back. Hopefully someone still remembers me here haha. Anyways, I see OT is still full of religious topics as usual. :P
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His Xmas song isn't as terrible as some other pop singers' Xmas songs. megagene
Only Bustha Rhymes did it for me tbh
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No-fap 2013, anyone?


Watch the murder rates go up.

That is true apocalypse.
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i've only seen very few theater musicals (both contemporary American, and classical Italian), and i've seen quite a few musicals in one form or another in film.

i've never seen Les Miserables until today. never say the play, never saw a film adaptation.

I gotta say, this movie - which i saw earlier today - had me in tears with Anne Hathaways singing her song "I Dreamed a Dream". and that is EXTREMELY rare for me to get physically rolling tears. i've had my heart strings tugged watching movies, shows and video games, even have my eyes watering a little bit. extremely extremely rare to have tears where i need to wipe my eyes clear.

i'm not enamored with musicals, i'm not a musician or singer, wouldn't even consider myself a novice in my understanding of what good and what's not by musical people standards. I liked Russel Crowe's songs (many people really hating on him), thought he played his part well and i loved his song "Stars" and his last song. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Carter brought the right amount of humor and i did laugh a little bit, I painfully felt what Samantha Barks character Eponine - having been in a similar love-situation. I got goosebumps (always a good sign in my book) several times throughout the film, whether by the music or the cinematography, especially the closing shot.

I liked the fact that it wasn't clean singing, wasn't all prim and proper type of theater. usually when they're sad and they're singing the song like that, it just hits me in the 'this is kinda funny' just by the juxtoposition of the presentation. compare that to Anne's song where she's sobbing and heaving-crying-breaths, and it's just raw with emotion, my walls just come crumbling down and i'm in the illusion of the scene and moment.

Easily my favorite musical, and that is saying a lot, and i've seen quite a few, my previous favorite was Across the Universe, but this just beats it - I think.

magnificent i thought.

really really loved it.

Nice review, I should watch it next week.
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I agree. 100$ is too low. It's extremely easy to get a hundred bucks without having another dude's tongue in your mouth.


where are you going to find someone that is even going to pay you at least 100$ for a kiss?

Extremely easy? Ot got some rich kids lately
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swimming pools were definitely designed to be death traps. they serve no other purpose than to cause pain and/or death. What else can you do with a swimming pool other to cause people to drown? as a matter of fact I think that the TC is being too lenient; we should build walls sealing off all access to large bodies of water. There are so many dangers in the ocean, it's not safe. The government should care about the welfare of it's constituents and seal them off.

Nice sig and avy, and I agree with you man. HAHAHAHA
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Keep yo money. I want to live past 35.
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I can't handle lotion, but I like lip balm so long as it never has to touch my fingers. And it can't be as goopy as vaseline or it's a no-go. Stick or nothing.

Same. I can't handle lotion in my skin..except when winter time I get kinda ashy and I have to put some lotion on my knuckles -_-
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A ticket to Philippines. Vacation for 5 weeks starts next week.