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You just dont wake up out of no where and stop loving someone else...something must have triggered or caused..or the effort is not there anymore.
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Yeah way to bring down console gaming.
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Hit it with my hand or step on it. No big deal.
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Can't call the cops bro - migra. Fightingfan
:lol: omg I should not laugh at this but I did...
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I have a problem with anyone dancing on, or desecrating in any way, any national flag.

Same. If he was holding it'll be fine.
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[QUOTE="mattykovax"][QUOTE="ad1x2"]Media that deals with children usually doesn't want to acknowledge the existence of illegal substances, let alone use them as a plot device. For a while any mention of pot was censored similar to how profanity is censored. A lot of children's media won't even mention legal vices like cogarettes and booze (or if they do they play it down).

But that doesn't mean no superhero has never dealt with drugs. The latest Judge Dredd movie was dealing with the trafficking of some super drug that can probably be described as LSD on steroids but that movie was rated R and wasn't catered for children.ad1x2
Both DC and Marvel aproached the issue in the 70's. also cap in the early 90's addresed crack. Steve actually had a blood transfusion that removed the SS serum. Its really that weeds not a threat, half the writers smoke it and so dont half the readers. Hell marvel probably only went after acid because they could not control starlin and thomas when they wrote stuff like strange, warlock, etc. in fact thanos, probably in the next avengers movie was invented by starlin under the influence by his own admission. They were not aiming for the untold history of marvel....or hell just any marvel comic from the sixties. Oh yeah power pack also dealt with crack however it was heavy handed. Edit: meant seventies.....stans message was pretty right wing.

The 70s were a long time ago and were before the "Just Say No" campaign went into full force. While drugs may be touched on in some of the more mature comic books your mainstream ones try to avoid it today. I never said they don't touch up on that stuff at all, just that the chances of them touching that stuff now is pretty slim.

your sig is so manly that I had to quote you and I didn't even read a single word that im quoting omg lol
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Because they too busy flyin' around getting high and stuff too you know im sayin.
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Going to see it Saturday, the hell with critics.


double QFT
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I gotta see this movie, I've read a lot of Superman comics and I'm sure can't wait to watch this one.
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I'n not happy with the pay but I'm happy with my co-workers, they are a fun group to work with. Relieves the stress. :)