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Give respect to the dead. This is just bad.
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gimme pokemon x and y yussss
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Doom was awesome and it would be exactly what Batman would do. At least that's what I think.

Definitely. In comics, he did the same thing preDC52.
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So, yeah, uhm. Good for her.
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[QUOTE="tagyhag"]It's going to be a repeat in that it's going to be exactly the same like gen 6 and 5 with no real innovations. Just prettier graphics and bigger worlds.tagyhag

People keep saying innovation, but what do you guys really mean by this? Unless you want to delve more into motion controls all there is, is using the more powerful hardware to create the bigger worlds, better graphics and have programmers learn better ways of AI. Gaming will always essentially be using a input device to control a character on screen and use buttons/keys to give commands.

The only genres that essentially had a poor time this gen was JRPG's and Survival Horror and even then both genres did get a few shining gems. 

And saying digital only, sharing and all that isn't inovation, its just another way to buy games for people who for some reason dislike going to the store.

For for pure Gameplay, what in the world is it that you guys want that can be done thats "innovative".

People call the Wii-mote innovative, I call it a pain the arse to use. Even though I liked Skyward Sword, the Wii-mote lessened that enjoyment. Would have been great if I could have just used a standard controller.

Personal preference or not, the Wii-mote was innovation. The only innovations we'll see if they really take off are the Oculus Rift.

As far as gaming goes, I'd like to see a groundbreaking title that shakes the foundations of the genres. Not Call of Duty 15.

It's not that easy to create a new genre of a game and expect it to sell right away. You talking about MILLION OF DOLLARS that a company will waste and that's without guaranteed that it will sell. It's not so easy for devs to create games like that, it takes years and years of development in order to release "Groundbreaking title that shakes the foundations of genres"
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This thread is what represents SW as a whole, great job guys.
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I laughed. Great find.
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I dont think DriveClub wasn't meant to be a graphic powerhouse, unlike the next Gran Turismo or something like that.
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Try something else new in your life, that works out the best for anyone.
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People are so picky with FPs and what not that won't really affect the gameplay much over all in the end. Sigh...does it come to this? FPS? Damn son. I'm not even trying to defend Sony but if Microsoft has the same issues, hell with it. Play the game and enjoy it.