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The journey to 10k mark

I haven't really made a blog in a do bear with me. I've been in GS for a looong time now, and the only goal I really have is to crack taht 10k post..I wonder when can I do it :lol: But hopefully around July though, so its around my birthday! haha :). Share your opinion on whats your goal for this year in GS y'all! :)

Just got my Asus EN8500GT Video Card =D

Really excited to recieve my video card today!, got it from newegg. Real fast delivery and stuff, can't wait to upgrade my old one, and finally play some games with pretty good graphic in my PC. Since it's been like 2 years the last time i change my video card +P, nweiz really happy. ^___^

Looong ass time not signing on.. LOL

Nweiz people been really busy with my life in this past few months, adjusting in some stuffs but anyways, i post this blog because i think i might be active in quite some time now =D. Anyways i hope all of you are doing good,

More to come... Peace! :]

Lakers in FINALS BABY!!!


I CAN SEE IT NOW, PARADE IN Downtown!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!! GET THAT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How come i can't forget my x-girl..

So yah here's the story..

My last girlfriend was named Mika, although we didn't really last too long *3 and a halk months*

I can't seem to forget's been around 2-3 months now i think since we broke up.. and sometime she will just pop up in my head.

In anytime gven, example in classes or in the bus.. sometimes i even daydream about our past..

I've been into a lot of relationships and break-ups. But this time it feel so different.. like i'm missing something inside me..something unique..maybe that's love..that i really found in her.

But yah, i think i get all dramatic now =P


I HATE SUMMER.....because of this 1 reason!

MY nose always bleed...unexpectedly. Or w/e

I have this like uuh thin layer of skin in my nose... So if the weather get's too HOT or get's too COLD

My nose reacts and then bam! Bleeds... heavily...that's it's annoying =[

My nose bleed 4x times this day already!! GOD!!! >_>..

But yah, all good since. Summer=Beach=Hot ladies=Profit.

'A Little Rant..'


And i'm LOVING IT BABY!!!! I also got 2 good games with it. Liberty stories/Tekken 5

That's what i got last night! *before i went crazy with brandy*

Anyways i forgot to blog it last night.. because i was soooo oooo drunk..

But yah!

NEW PSP!!! and btw, the only thing i hate about the slim psp. Is that the speakers sounds really weak even though it's maxed out.

Over all it's freaking AwesomE


-Ligher than the first one

-Battery seems to last long too

-Easier to use than the phat one

-The package i bought comes with a game[Daxter] a movie[Family guy shows] And a 1gig Pro Duo.!


-Speakers is weak even though it's maxed out

-Uuh.. pretty much that's it.


MY first SUSPENSION!! And im blogging it baby!

Well.. It felt kinda like a bazooka punch.. yah something like that =[

Well it's good at the same time, because i got to play more games on my ps3. Instead of flying on forums posting idiotic comments.. Anyways 1 thing for sure.. I hope i wont get banned D:D::D:D

BTW.. HI!! WHATS UP ?!!!!

LOLLOLOLOLOL.. sorry im drunk.......................well kinda.. Brandy FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!.................................

Mods and my stupidity?

Well so far... i've been modded 5x...Which i think is either, because i post stupid stuffs so much or.. mods just hate me? =P

LOL anyways, just a rant...!!!!!!!!!!!!

And i got like around 700+ posts..and still level 9!!

can you believe that?!!!

Anyways.. I'm out!

gonna blog again later =P

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