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i made an account for gaia!!! its hard, dont know what to do. my friend calvin (someguy 12) told me about it... its like myspace exept get to play games and do weird things... my account is LXClAuGhInGgOd

aand now a random pic

one of my last blog

for my 8th grade graduation gift, i got a mini dv camcorder, what i wanted for so long..... im so fin bored.... at my moms freakin step sister is commin over.....this summer its gonna "Calvin(somguy12)" (new adj for ugly, retarded, stupid, dumb and etc.) i have no motivation to make any reviews even though i played lot of new games i haven't played like pokemon diamond, F.E.A.R., wii sport(my step dad got it this summer), and zelda twin light princess... this summer im gonna learn all about computer prts and in November, im gonna make a computer. and also im not gonna be on gamespot nomore so after few blog post im im gonna take a trip away from gamespot so bye bye:D


do uthink this is an ideal team?





this ghost dragon pokemon? 

Birthday party

yay, this is my friend Daniel's 13th birthday party!!!:) i buought him a $40 best buy gift card(my dad did so..yea) its gonna be so fun, its on this saturday. well, today i hurt my self ridin my skateboard and it hurts.......the only thing that is keeping me alive is my laptop, i could play starcraft, halo, dawn of war and etc.

i am really bored..................

what can i do in gamespot, i have no idea what to do, i really don't wan't to make reviews anymore, i created a xanga account but nothing to do also...... i am really bored....... the only thing i could do is just watch movie and stuff. No motivation to play games. at least i could watch Bleach on youtube:)