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Toonami Union - The Dimension Wars!

The Toonami Union (toons and anime) is preparing a game called Dimension Wars. Basically it's like Hurt and Heal game, but much more complex and fun.

In this game each player chooses one known character (toons or anime) that knows how to fight. A Character Card with 3 unique abilities is created by the leader asvicj. Then, we form teams, and finally, the participants are ready for battle!

All you have to do is register your character here, wait for your card and for some news, that's all! The more people participate the best! If things go as we are expecting, this is going to be a great success in GameSpot community ;). So just do your registration and, most of all, HAVE FUN!

Here's a preview card:                         And my card :D:

DW preview     DW Kenshin

My Videos

Hey everyone! I'm posting and sharing with you the music videos/amv's I've made so far. I only have 3 videos done, but I'm working on some more and I have a few ideas. I'll be posting it here as I upload them. Right now I'm working in a new video, but I'm having some issues with it.. (nothing that can't be fixed) so I should upload it soon! Anyways here's my videos so far:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Prophetian by Eternal Tears of Sorrow (which I have uploaded here on GS too)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Light And Space by Threshold

Futurama - Moondance by Nightwish

Hope you enjoy!