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Currently pursuing two B.S. degrees.
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I volunteer as a research assistant for a physics lab at my university. Our research focuses on high intensity lasers and their interactions with matter. For the last few weeks I've been helping with data analysis for one of the experiments, and it can get stressful at times but it's very interesting work and I enjoy it. I've been told that things are looking good for the budget as of late, and I should be getting hired soon. I also recently got hired as a tutor for the university, and I should be starting that next week.
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I know this probably isn't the answer you want, but after looking at the pictures I really don't see what's wrong with it. You look completely fine to me.
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Went to Mayhem Fest. Got to see Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, and Mastodon.
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1. Some days I feel smart, and other days I feel dumb as shit. I don't like answering questions like this because a lot of it has to do with what I study and the people I'm around, so I don't think I'm in a proper position to gauge myself. But all I really care about is being smart enough to accomplish my goals in life, and so far I think I'm doing just fine.

2. Yes. I enjoy what I'm studying and I've been reading ahead over the summer to prepare for my courses for the next semester. I'm especially excited because my professors are supposed to be some of the best in the department.

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Sort of. I'm holding onto a cat until I find a permanent home for her.
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[QUOTE="SNIPER4321"][QUOTE="0diN_7"] Madam, Why not tree bark? Why not gravel? You are a misses are you not?Nude_Dude
I am a Man.

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Been here since '07. Got banned in '09 and then unbanned two years later.
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[QUOTE="Blood-Scribe"]I get all awkward when people compliment me and don't know what to say.nomsayin
"thank you" is a good safety option.

it still sounds weird
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I get all awkward when people compliment me and don't know what to say.