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3 year anniv.

Dear trackers,

8 daysagowas my official 3 year anniversary. 3 (short) years have passed since I stumbled upon a few of you guys, namely





You guys made Gamespot theplace to be, and I know I haven't editted mt profile in a while. I hope you guys are still out there somewhere, let me hear something from you guys when you read this.

Also, I have been absent from the world of (serious) gaming for quite a while now. I'd like to re-enter, but I don't know where to start. So please leave me some suggestions down here

Second, I'd like to start shoutcasting some games, mainly games of which I have a vast understanding, LoL, DotA, CS:S, CS1.6 and a few others which are less popular. This will mean if everything goes as planned, I will be growing in the coming year.

Lastly, the reason why I've been absent...
Life hasn't been all pleasent, since I entered my final year of high school, stress has been getting higher, only to be dissapointed by my grades.

Let me hear something from my (once) faithfull trackers.

Ltr- B

Parallel Universe

I know this is a gaming website, but I've decided to switch things up a bit, today I'm going into a topic that is more philosofical, namely a parralel universe.

First, I must explain that the idea of a parallel universe does not restrict itself to only one parallel universe. This is why most people with considerate knowledge regarding the subject often refer to a so called "multiverse".

This would mean, that behind our universe, there are more than one copies of the universe, but with slight alterations.

For example, say I decide to not have breakfast this morning and I end up spending more money at school, so that I can't pre-order Skyrim. In this other "copy" of our universe I may decide to have breakfast after all, and end up pre-ordering the game. These seamingly unimportant choices may have severe consequenses. Let me illustrate, say I meet this lovely girl and end up not to persue her, while in the other universe I do. I might end up married to this girl, and have children, while in the other universe I might try to drown my sorrow, and solitude, with alchohol and become an alchoholic.

As you see, choices may have severe choices while they might not seem significant in the first place.

Offcourse, this is all a subject of debate and speculation, but I find it one of the most interesting parts of philisofy. The reason the subject is open to so much debate is because we can't draw any conclusions. To illustrate, I might not even exist in the alternate universe, because my parent decide not to share the bed that faithfull night.

That's it for now, hazng on tight for part 2

Help me out!


Hi, follow this link please, if you do so, I and you will have the chance to win this gaming gear :| Awsim...

You'd really help me out by doing this, I've been wanting new gaming stuff for ages and this is my chance!

Ltr -B


Hello everyone,

I just picked up my twitter account again -----> "BlindmanNL" @

Feel free to follow me.

Btw, please post your twitters/facebooks so I can add you ;)

Dark Horse Rider = No fan boy

I recently unlocked a new *mocking* achievement on Gamespot, the Dark Horse Rider.
I was granted this emblem for one reason, and one reson only. I'm not your typical fanboy.
Just because everyone votes for either ME2 or RDR doesn't mean they excel in every aspect, and it certainly doesn't mean that I "chose... poorly"

Thank for reading
Ltr -B

Wait..what? Are you serious?

Ok, I was playing Black Ops with a friend of mine yesterday... And guess who we were up against?
Me! There's someone calling himself BlindmanNL going around on the web... I don't know why he's doing this but it's pissing me off. Though a friend of mine has promised me to "take care" of this little prob. for me.

If you ever find a douchebag on the interwebs with BlindmanNL as name, and no I don't mean myself, remember that it isn't perse me...

On a side note: I'm playing XBox live on TheStyxX his account, if you're interested in playing, add me...

Thank for your time

Ltr- B

Fable III, the wait is over

I have waited two years of my life in expectancy of this game, and it has is finally here, Fable III.

As much of you out there now, I'm a huge Fable fan, that is to say, I loved Fable, but Fable II is my live.
I put so many hours into this one game, I forgot about all the other games coming out in the last few months of 2008.
This game sucked me in from the start, and only by writing about it now, I feel like playing it again.
I won't bore you with my personal feelings about Fable 1 or 2 any longer, but I will inform you on my thoughts about Fable III.

It will take anther three days before this game hits the shelves in Holland, and this makes me borderline-phsycotic...
The idea that so many other Fable fans will be playing this game before I even get to touch it is just maddening.
I even refused to watch Now Playing : Fable III, which I normally wouldn't miss a single episode of.
This game feels like a long awaited birthday gift, I don't want to know what is is, before I open the package.

Fable III will be the next step in a line of awesome Fable games, and there is no doubt about this.I don't care how many glitches bugs or other stuff will be in the way of me and Fable III, I must play it.


Hi dear Trackers,

I just bought two supertramp tickets for 10th oct. and MAN am I thrilled!
It'll be in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, that's in Belgium.

On a sidenote, just 15 days left and it's my birthday!

P.SFor those wholike Wind Waker, follow this link, I uploaded a small part of awesomeness!

Ltr- BlindmanNL

Level up

Ring king, this takes me back... I used to play on my cousins NES all the time, I loved it...Ring King for NES

Which games did you like on old consoles?
Please leave a message!

Ltr- BlindmanNL

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