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Worried Grand Theft Auto IV release date.

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It seems too good to be true that GTA: IV is just around the corner (April 29th) but something has me worries. I have a feeling that when April comes around something horrible is going to happen which will result in GTA IV getting delayed again. What I think is going to happen is that the ESRB will probably screw over Rockstar again and slap an AO on GTA IV. I sincerely hope not but it's possible.... Oh well only time will tell... April 29 couldn't come any sooner.

... Ok Gamespot. I forgive you...

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Yeah I was a little pissed off. I vented. Probably said some things I didn't mean. Yes Jeff will be missed. But after listening to the Hotspot episode I understand now. Yeah I know I just did a 180 one day saying boycott Gamespot. Now saying I love Gamespot. Whatever I didn't want to have to learn the layout of a new website anyway. Also we still have some cool guys left anyway like Vinny, Alex, Ryan MacDonald, Ryan Davis, and others I probably missed. Oh well. I feel like an idiot now... Doesn't matter nobody pays attention or even cares about what I have to say, and thats a good thing.

The only thing that ties me to Gamespot now, is my Union...

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Well I just deleted GameSpot from my Favorites. After this whole Jeff fiasco I've decided that there is little left that makes GameSpot unique. So GameSpot is no longer my only source for video game related news, previews, and reviews. Sure I may stop by and check out some things from time to time. See what Alex Navarro and the gang are up to. But thats about it. The only place in GameSpot that I will frequently continue to visit is my good ol' Fallout Union. Hopefully the members who are equally as angry as me will still visit the Union. But this whole thing really does suck....

This Jeff Gerstmann business is really pissing me off!

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Why CNet!? Why!? Jeff was your ace in the hole. He was THE man! He would host your little shows like the HotSpot, On The Spot, and other things like The Players Ball. This is how you treat your own? Lock them out of their office and get some suit to tell them they're fired? Ok maybe I don't know the whole story but to fire Jeff like that you'd better have a good f**king reason to do so. If the rumors are true than that is a very lame reason to fire someone. But I guess it's money first, people last. After more than 10 f**king years you just throw him out. Well I was going to sign up here but F**K that you don't deserve my money. I recommend that everyone who reads this (which will be probably no one) get a pop-up blocker whenever you go to any CNet site, and if you've subscribed, cancel it! We need to boycott CNet and tell them that we like honest opinion, and if they want to force their reviewers to give crap games a good rating because they will make more money from the ads. Well then they can just go to hell. It would be different if Jeff left on good terms, like Greg, Rich, Carrie, and Bob before him. But the fact that Jeff was fired crosses the line. Heres a man that dedicated a good chunk of his life to GameSpot and this is the thanks he gets!? Thats just f**ked up...

NOTE: Pardon my language if it offended you, but I'm really unhappy about this whole thing...

It's just my luck...

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First my 360 dies on me. Now this!? Yep you guessed it I have more hardware problems... My PC motherboard fried! I'm brieflyborrowing a PC to write thisright now, so that means that I will be AWOL for a while until I fix my PC. I was in the middle of playing on my recently received Xbox 360 when I smelled burning plastic. I immediately knew what was happening. I cracked open my PC and I guessed correctly, my motherboard has fried... Oh well I guess it was about time for an upgrade anyway...Only question now is how long will it take to make enough money for a new PC...

It has arrived!

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Exactly one month later my Xbox 360 has finally arrived. I just got the call from Purolator. I'm going to go pick it up. All I have to say is... Jesus H Christ! Took long enough! How long does it take to swap a broken system for a new one? I mean really. Thats what they do! They don't open it and fix the problem they just swap it for a new one! Well I guess they do get a bunch of broken 360s each day so I guess mine was on a waiting list until they got around to it. Oh well I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to play Bioshock... A month late...

Finally good to go!

Gotta love Microsoft and their great hardware...

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It seems that sarcasm doesn't pass off so well in text format. Yes my 360 broke. I have the lovely "3 red rings of death". This brings me back to good ol' Windows 95, 98, and ME if I'm not mistaken, with the equally lovely blue screen of death. I know this isn't a coincidence. Microsoft has it in for each and every person on the planet. Hell it's even turned on Bill Gates, more than once, so we can't all go blaming Mr.Gates it's not his fault. So who is to blame? Who knows? The least we can do is wait and see what Microsoft says about the whole thing and hopefully they will fix their various mistakes. Anyway my one big question is why does my 360 have to die on me now? Why not back in July where there weren't any games coming out. Why does it have to die exactly a week before Bioshock comes out, as I was downloading the Bioshock demo? Well I guess that's just bad luck...

This Manhunt 2 Business is really ticking me off!

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I don't care that the game is Rated AO that just makes me want to play it more, it's that Sony and Nintendo comes out and says "oh yeah we don't allow AO games on our systems." If thats the case then what the hell is the point of having the AO rating altogether, and it really sucks that the game is banned entirely in the UK. I really hope that Take-Two gets cut some slack and this great looking game gets released because it looks awesome!

Having mixed reactions about Fallout 3

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I don't know what to think. There is some good and some bad about what I've heard about Fallout 3 so far. After the well made trailer that Bethesda made I was sure that us Fallout fans were in good hands, then after reading up on Fallout 3 in Game Informer, and after reading a few interviews, my hopes for a Fallout 3 that all of us would proudly shelve next to Fallout 1 and 2 seem to be lost. Lets take a look at the good that I've heard so far. They got the look of Fallout down pretty well (the trailer confirmed that), the 50's style and music is in place. The weapons degrade and are customizable (at least I think they're customizable), you starts in a Vault (brings me back to Fallout 1). They brought back SPECIAL. In depth character customization. The list of good things goes on, but no amount of good things can make up for one big bad thing. The dialogues are like the ones in Oblivion. That just sucks. No way around it, it just sucks that the dialogues are like in Oblivion. The one thing that really won me over in Fallout was the dialogue, sure I loved the atmosphere and setting, but in the end it wouldn't have been as awesome without the amazingly well written dialogues. One of my personal favorites was when you meet Lloyd in the basement of the Desperado casino (owned by the Mordinos) in New Reno, after talking to Lloyd you discover that he has buried money somewhere, so he brings you to Golgotha to a grave. This is where things get interesting, you can dig it up yourself or make Lloyd dig it up (in which he will remove a landmine from the grave) after that you can tell Lloyd to climb in the hole and thats where you can proceed to drop the mine in the hole after shouting "Hey Lloyd Catch!". Good times those are, I also like how if you lower you intelligence completely you will actually talk like someone with no intelligence. But if Bethesda continues down this road with the extremely boring and lame dialogues from Oblivion, then Fallout 3 may just be Oblivion with guns. Don't get me wrong Fallout 3 looks fun but it won't be Fallout without the dialogues, and what the hell is up with the nuclear catapult!? It seems like a dumb weapon if you ask me, but I guess I can't judge it too harshly without seeing it in action first. As more information comes out it seems to get harder and harder to keep optimistic about Fallout 3 being what we all have been waiting for, but I guess it is still too early to tell, lets just hope Bethesda doesn't screw this up even further.
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