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BlazikenTails64 Blog

boring blogginess

fall asleep i dont care! i saw a box set of inuyasha but i dont have any money! i also saw a 3 in 1 dvd pokemon set. but i didnt want it. why? i dont like the darkrai movie, i alredy have the manaphy one, and i just borrwoed the lucario one from the local library. i really want the scribblenauts game. i can play epona song, the simpons, a bit of spongebob and a bit of green greenson my recorder. the reason im not getting anything for fathers day coz im gonna give him a hug! i am going to camp on monday and be back at wednesday. i can speak japanese. and english. and a bit of spanish. speaking of spanish, my brother is excellent at brawl and i beat him with meta knight!! mk rules!! my brother finally finished the zelda twilight princess but he wont tell me what happens at the end!(besides the obvious of course)*cough*ganondorf...

anyway, meta knight is more adorable than kirby! im getting a pokemon card set with a shaymin(sky) lv.x for xmas! and i am friends with a sinner!( she is my friend a really good one but she worships a false god and wants to kill mr.christ) and finally, i learnt a new word(prejudice)

p.s i defeated the neo star boss on kirby 64!

a Daily blog?

my blogs are boring wouldnt you agree? tes, but i get bored so i make a boring blog. nifty aint it?(not) i recently played new super mario bros ds and its awesome! i have been watching too much simpsons, that i say the lines in my sleep! they never show any good shows anymore on tv is tough for a female and last but not least, im not going to give dad anything for fathers day!

Another Boring Blog

In my last blog i spoke japanese and this is what i said; hi, my name is lauren, im in year 7, i live in bundaberg, i love choclate, meta knight is awesome, super smash bros brawl is awesome, blaziken is awesome, mightyena is awesome, inuyasha is awesome.and this is the sixth most boring blog in my life! ok, i cant get past the neo star boss on kirby 64. (i never tried) i have used kirby more in ssbb but im now im using mk! im voting link and kirby for the greatest video game character. camp is getting closer (so is fathers day), i never going to get paid till MY holidays(two weeks). im eating apple pie right now, i wish i owned earthbound/mother but NOOO ONLY AMERICA AND JAPAN GET IT!!(losers) before i become a vet, i will volunteer for the RSPCA and finally i willkick every one's butts in pokemon battle revolution cause i have the best team ever!(empoleon,roserade,staraptor,giratina,armaldo and out of these three-mewtwo,articuno or palkia)


Watashi no namae wa Lauren desu. Bundabaagu ni sundae imasu. Chocolate dieske desu. Shimue wa reading manga desu. Meta Naito sugoi desu. Bursyamo sugoi desu. Guraena sugoi desu. Inuyasha sugoi desu. Dairanto Smash Bros X sugoi desu. (Sorry if I need correction ofwriting this down) By the way camp is getting closer...(if your wondering what Im talking about, just ask)


I am now officaly obsessed with inuyasha! I read the first manga book and i love it!(even though its graphic) theres heaps of blood . i have heard of the anime but its probably more graphic than the manga and possibly be rated ma. i think they used to show it on cartoon network on adult swim.if your wondering whats its about, its about a high school student that stepsback in time and meets a half doglike demon named inuyasha. does anyone else like inuyasha?

I cant decide!

Im trying to decide out ofthree game series is better; Kirby, Sonicor Pokemon? Pokemon has Blaziken and you get to battle. While Kirby is a cute gameplay and it has Meta Knight in it. But Sonic was one of my first games i ever played and it has Tails in it. Can anyone help me decide which is better? I also decided not to get mario party 8. It will be a while until i get paid.

Becoming a vet

My career when I get older is to become a vet but I have to be extremely well at math and I suck at it. I have been dreaming to become a vet ever since I was six.Plus so I get very emotional soif an animal dies I would be crying endlessly.So my dreams colud be ruined coz even if I study enough. I have been studying recently but I still have school work so does anyone think I can do it? Words of encouragement would be great thanks! Alsodon't forget to add me as a friend on Brawl coz its getting really boring trying to get more Cds and all. Also I think the pokemon movies are getting a bit too bizarre..does anyone agree with me?

notice for friends

on the 7th of september i will be going away to camp and be back by the 9th. it may be a short campbut its pretty far, like 2 hours from where i live. i know this is an early notice but i thought to put it up anyway just to get it over and done with. well, i better start packing wait its like two weeks away! *hits brick on head*:P and im thinking of getting mario party 8 for the wii!:)