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Bryan Adams

Hello. Did the title interest you? NO? Well, I'm not letting you know about the title until the end. :|

Um...on Wednesay we had an ANZAC Day parade because Thursday was a school free day. It was too sad.

Thursday was ANZAC Day. Me and my parents left to the Sunshine Coast to stay. We had a look around the area and it was very nice.

On the same night my brother and my Dad went to Brisbane to see Black Sabbath. They enjoyed the performance a lot. I wish I got to go.

The next day we just hanged around town and watched the Rabbitohs VS Sea Eagles game. It was so exciting! Rabbitohs won. :) Manly kept getting penalised.

The next night Mum, Dad and I went to Brisbane to see Bryan Adams in concert! IT WAS AMAZING. An audience member got to sing and dance with the band and she was so enthusiastic! :) Band members used pots and buckets for instruments in one of the songs. Bryan and Keith had a 'guitar fight'. :P In one of the songs, the whole audience started off before Bryan, and he was shocked. "Should I leave?" he said. Also at the end the audience couldn't stop cheering so he did two extra songs. He then said "Um, you know I have 16 albums out." :P Before the show though, the big screen consisted of Tweets referring to the concert. Dad tweeted then I Tweeted that I was embarrased from his Tweet. Somebody Tweeted about the expensive price of Maltesers they were selling at the tuckshop. Then people kept on going about the Maltesers. And, before Bryan Adams performed, a lovely singer named Any MacDonald sang. She was really good with her band too.

I enjoyed the experience, and I was happy that the audience AND the entire band did too, with both singers.

Today I arrived home and I have to go to school tomorrow. I think I came home an hour ago? :|



Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Guys, you should really watch this show. It's such an amazing show.

For those who don't know, it's about Space Ghost hosting a talk show with his former villians Moltar and Zorak and other characters from the original 60's cartoon Space Ghost. The animations are borrowed from the original show. And the animations from that show were...pretty crap. So it's quite hilarious. That and they interview real people like Eartha Kitt and Conan O'Brien so anything could happen.

I used the word show too much on this blog already. According to the boxset which I now own, this show inspired The Brak Show (well duh), Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. If you liked any of those shows you'll love SGC2C, considering it was the FIRST [adult swim] program!

Here's the boxset:

Beautiful, isn't it?

I really should've appreciated this show as a kid, because Australia doesn't have [adult swim] on Cartoon Network anymore.

I can't really give mor reasons of why you should watch it. I only know a handful of fans unfortunately.

I've watched every disc and Baffler Meal online. BAFFLER MEAL HOLY CHRISTMAS THAT EPISODE. It was like a pilot to ATHF, but the only character that looked and sounded the same was Meatwad.

Um, I just gonna find a part that might convince you to watch it....

HERE (Hulk Hogan)

HERE (World Premier Toon In-the part where CN cartoon producers competed for their cartoon to premiere)

AND HERE (Weird Al, nuff said).


It's a classic.

You should watch it.



Too many voice artists I want to meet.

Tom Kane.
Richard Horvitz.
Samuel Vincent.
Veronica Taylor.
Vic Mignogna.
Matt Hill.
Erin Fitzgerald. (but hey she follows me on Tumblr and I follow her back which is amazing!)
Phil LaMarr. (he liked one of my tumblr posts once *hyperventilates*)
Dante Basco.
Cree Summer.
EG Daily.
Tara Strong.
Andy Berman.
Dee Bradley Baker.
Steven Blum.
Sam Marin.
John DiMaggio.
Mark Hamill.
Adam West.
Tony Sampson.
Kathleen Barr.
Terry Klassen.
Eric Stuart.
Wayne Grayson.
Dan Green.
George Lowe.
C. Martin Croker.
Andy Merrill.
Tom Kenny.
Jeff Glen Bennett.
Kath Soucie.
Frank Welker.
Rob Paulsen.
Christine Cavanaugh.
Grey DeLisle.
Daran Norris.
Carlos Alazraqui.
Mr. Lawrence.
Scott McNeil.
Wally Wingert.
JG Quintel.
Kevin McDonald.
Kevin Michael Richardson. (he follows me on twitter??)
Rodger Bumpass.
Clancy Brown.
Carolyn Lawrence.

I know these voice artists are actors too.

If you do not know who they are, look them up! If I start making voice artists appreciation blogs for each person, I think less people would be reading my blogs.

The ones in bold are what I call, "The Space Ghost Crew." I mainly want to meet Andy Merrill because he's underrated and to be honest I think he's adorable.

I wish I could meet every single one though. Have discussions about stuff and whatnot. These guys have worked on Disney Channel, Fox, [adult swim], Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, 4Kids!, Funimation, etc. If you DO look each one up, prepare to be amazed. For example, to think Matt Hill, who voiced Ed in Ed Edd n' Eddy, is Captain N: the Game Master. :D

*sigh*. If only I could meet at least one of them. :(



I hate my current living situation.

Hey. :|

The first week of holidays are over. I've been doing nothing, it's so boring! I have an assignment to do but my teacher hasn't checked up on the hypothesis I have for it yet. :| Well, she hasn't given me any feedback through e-mail. She's currently overseas at the moment.

So, I keep saying that my Grandad is in hospital. Since we live so close there, we got Granny and she's staying in my room. Nan is visiting so she's staying in my room too. My brother's room is taken by my Aunt, so he stays at his fiance's place. My house is so tiny you don't even know. The only room's available? My parents' room and the loungeroom. Now, at my house, NO ONE SLEEPS UNTIL ABOUT 2AM. So, if I got to the lounge around 7PM, I wouldn't be sleeping. I'm a light sleeper and I wake up from anything. In my parents I usually wake up due to Dad's snoring, so I have to move to the lounge around 2AM, with the birds trying to destroy their cages. This may sound selfish because of the relatives, but I would like some sleep one day? It doesn't help that I have a phlegm problem in my throat that keeps me awake 24/7. Trying to cough it up won't work, and my parents hate me doing ti. On Monday I'm getting an ultrasound to see if it's my throat playing up. I still take drowsy tablets and nasal spray, but they don't help much.

Oh, I'm not allowed to buy anything for myself until about 2015. That sounds fun!

This year is Ski Trip. A trip for the whole school's Year 11's & Year 12's. It's around $900 or more. I don't have a job and I'm using pocket money from home. I only have about $100 so far. Trip is in June/July.

Next year for my FTV class is Tasmania. That's around $1000 and I'll hopefully have a job by then.

While there are kids at school who DO have jobs and get their parents to pay for everything. -_-

There aren't any jobs available online, and I know some in public but I heard the bosses are terrible and that I wouldn't be able to handle the rush of resturaunts and such. Some jobs I do want to apply for? I'm too young apparently.

Heck, give me a job that requires Math! I know how to do taxes and such!

I was really hoping to go to Supanova (pop culture convention) this year with my buddies but that's costs a lot with distance, so I can't do that.

Okay, the battery on my laptop is dying. I must flee.


Easter Holidays

Hello! :) It's the Easter Holidays! No more school until the 15th of April! :D

I did all of my assignments (except for two that I can work on the holidays, because they are due for Term 2) and tests. Apparently, I did okay on my Maths test. You know what that means? I didn't get a D! :D On th last week, especially on Thursday I slacked off and played Halo in class. How so? Well, the school has a take home laptop program where you pay $170 for a small, fragile laptop to work on at home. I did not take part in this program, as I can easily HIRE the same laptop whatever day I need it without taking it home. I do this so I can access certain school networks to gain information on stuff. :| This costs nothing! :D Also, I already own a computer at home. 

Oh, right the Halo. Well, my friends in class were playing it on LAN and I wanted to play too. So they just put it on my USB and ta-da! When I joined servers I noticed the same people pop up. Some of them I already knew because they were in my class and told me their names. Also some usernames were easy to figure out. Only some people know who I am. I never win, but I at least get 5th or 9th, depending on how many people are on. It's pretty fun though.

Did I ever mention that my Grandad is in hospital? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to check. Well, anyway he's in there because of his gall bladder and a whole heap of relatives have visited. Some are still here. The ones currently staying are my Granny, Nan, Aunt and my brother. (My brother is moving back to the house though). Nan was going to visit anyway. I have another Aunt & Uncle who is visiting and will leave soon. Last week 3 of my cousins showed up whom I haven't seen in such a long time. :) My other brother stayed for a little while and left yesterday.

My grandmothers sleep in my room so I have to sleep on my parents' room and I hate it. If I wake up in the middle of the night I always hear Dad making irritating breathing sounds which disrupt my ability to sleep, so i grab my stuff and sleep on the lounge in peace. Mum has gotten angry at me for that, stating that I am selfish and I should get used to breathings of my father.


I get upset and 'drunk' when I can't sleep. If you know what I mean.

On Wednesday, I went to school around 4AM to catch a bus with my Art class an the Year 12 Art class. We went to Brisbane for the two art galleries and the Art Shed which distributes art materials to our school. The store had EVERYTHING. :o But I didn't buy anything. :| At the Art Galleries, all of the art was amazing! :o I didn't take any pictures though. :| Here's the website to give an example of what I saw. There was animation, HAND DRAWN AS WELL, interactives activites, sculptures, claw machines, paintings, millions of glass animal figures and much more!

My teacher and some students ot interviewed on the radio and apparently people my teacher knows listened. :o At the store there I bought Sushi erasers and a big Cloud eraser. :) I collect them. :| We were all given a book about an artist named Hahan, and it's a great book. :D

At the second art gallery (which I have already been to with my parents before) there were some more cool stuff! :D Although most of the works I have already seen last time, like the Renaissance paintings.

I forgot to mention, on the 5 hour trip down to Brisbane and back to our town, the bus had two TVs and we got to movies. We first watched The Hunger Games, Mulan and Red Dog. Red Dog is okay, Mulan is AMAZING and The Hunger Games is bleh. The girl who played Rue though is pretty adorable. And that announcer guy in the blue hair looked like Mitt Romney. :|

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were all provided for us. For free! :D Breakfast was a wrap, muffin, juice and a Cherry Ripe. Lunch was a sandwich, brownies, apples, cookies and such. The cookies were AMAZING. Dinner was pasta, a slice of quiche, bread and biscuits. Some didn't eat the dinner though and instead bought food from the petrol station. I made a horrendous choice of BRINGING ALONG snacks in case and I ate them before dinner. :| I brought chocolate and a slice of pizza. Woops. :|

I shouldn't eat so much considered it's Easter. My brother got a whole heap of chocolate for me. 3 packets of small eggs, one plain, one Crunchie and the other Creme Eggs, and 3 small hollow eggs. Creme Eggs actually have Egg Albumen, did you know that? :|

I shouldn't make such big blogs considering only about 2-5 people read them. back in the day I got at least 22 comments? (Although some were convos between me and Munchgun). Everybody is moving on, or maybe they're reading but not commenting. I wish there was some sort of way that let you know that people read your blog without going through the hassle of commenting on it.

Well, good bye.



P.S One day I'm going to be famous so you're going to regret not reading my blogs. These are like diary entires!

Exam Block


why this


So, tomorrow is exam block where people do tests at their designated areas and if they're aren't any tests the person can stay at school and study for other tests or assignments or go home early and do that.

I have a Maths test first up tomorrow.

Piece rate??? Box-and-whisker plots?? Historgrams??? Frequency polygons??? Comissions???? WHAT'S THIS?

OKay, I think box-and-whisker plots are idiotic and unneeded mainly because I can't remember what to do for those and comissions and some other stuff.

Tomorrow I get to go home 70 minutes before school finishes because I wouldn't have anything after my English assignments' monitoring.

On Friday and have no reason to be at school so I can study at home.

Ugh, why can't life be easy? Playing video games, watching cartoons, sleeping, eating, hanging with friends, sleeping, drawing, watching movies, sleeping, reading Homestuck, going on Tumblr, and did I mention SLEEPING???


Free money.

I want.

Bye. :|


But what about school?

Hello. Before I start I would like to talk about my life out in the real world. Because everyone loves the real world. School has been okay, I guess. I did a Drama assessment which was pretty fun. Art assingment I am still working on. Moved on from my Psycho assignment in FTV and starting a new one; making a music video! We get to use any song we want! I have an original plan in my head already, but it's going to be a lot of work. I have a Maths test instead of an assignment, and that is next Thursday on Exam Block, which goes from Thursday to Monday, minus weekends. I have nothing to do on one fo the days, so I could just stay at home and study. I already ddi my Ancient History test which was pretty easy and we started on mour assignment which isn't due until next term. Currently working on my English assignment due next week. (I just started pretty much...)

There are a whole heap of excursions coming up. I'm interested in all of them BUT IT'S NO FAIR. I CAN'T PAY FOR EACH ONE. D: For Drama there's one to see the War Horse play in Brisbane. NOPE, CAN'T AFFORD IT. FTV trip to Brisbane for a Lecture, shopping and a horse spectacular. NOPE, DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. Art excursion to the QLD art gallery. YUP. We just pay $10 and pay $50 after the trip afterwards by fundraising so it's technically free. There are other excursions coming up but I am unsure of them.

Oh, I mean I CAN pay for them but I'm also paying for a ski trip which is more than $900 and I need extra money to bring and I don't have a job. What really bugs me is that, there are kids at my school who have jobs and get their parents to pay for all of their excursions. In my case I don't EVEN HAVE A JOB (but trying) and I have to pay from my allowance, or half at least! There are MANY MORE excursions next year too! 2 at Brisbane for Ancient History and one for for FTV. Can you guess where I'll be going to FTV next year?.....


TASMANIA. I've never been there! The only other state I've been to is NSW. That's odd to say, considering that I am from NSW, currently living in QLD. Maybe I didn't word it correctly....

I can't go to that first FTV trip to Brisbane this year anyway because I haven't paid the first deposit. It's too late now! :P

...Free money? :|

I'm kidding, don't use you money on me. I haven't bought a single thing this year and I really want Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. I love Zexal cards, which is pretty much what I own. Photons rule. :D (YGO related...) That and so many family birthdays are coming up. I don't know what to get for m Dad, or my brothers! :( I'll get a job one day! Maybe when the shopping centre finally opens! You see, it's been closed for some time after we got flooded, even the shops got affected. People have been cleaning it and such and my friend (who works in one of the shops there) says it'll be open soon! :D

Originally I was going to make another cartoon blog but OH WELL. I've been playing Pokemon Black 2 recently so I can get ready for X/Y! I can't choose between X or Y and all of the starters look cool! But as a lover for fire-types, I'll go with Fennekin. Wait, I should stop talking about video games. That'll be next blog.

I've been eating too much lately. Today I had butter toast, an apple, some crackers, a small box of Delites (flavoured healthier crackers), a mug of cereal (yes you read that right, it was Crunchy Nut), a piece of bread and corn cakes. Oh, and some grapes. I HAVEN'T HAD DINNER YET HELP. I've been trying to eat less and lose fat but exercising doesn't seem to be helping. I've been using a pedometer that my mother lended to me but it stopped working this morning. :|

There was a bundle of other stuff I was going to endlessly type about but I have forgotten what those certain sbujects were. Well, good bye! :)


A lot has happened.

Hello. Stuff has been happening a lot lately which explains why I don't go on here.

That and I'm too lazy. :|

School is okay, whole bunch of assignments I don't want to do and a whole bunch of excursions I want to do.

TOO MANY EXCURSIONS. I'll have to miss out on at least 3 because of the upcoming ski trip and the excursion to Tasmania next year.

I need to catch up on Adventure Time. All I want if for Ice King to remember!!!!! :(

I've ben having this phlegm problem in my throat since December and I think it's starting to goaway because I got some foul tasting medicine the other day. I have to take it every 4 hours and it tastes like mixed licorice and cola gone wrong. :(

 In Math I was depressed so I tried to amputate my finger with my sharpener that can open and close.  For a good didn't work. It didn't swell either. :|

I got the first season of Ed Edd n' Eddy on DVD and I love it so much along with the special features. :D
I think I'm obsessed with EEnE and Camp Lazlo, another great cartoon.

On Amazon I have different wishlists and they are all too big......

There's a Pokemon once, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, anime and other stuff. Most of the anime stuff i mainly for my friends though.

I wish they made more Camp Lazlo merchandise other than a Lazlo toy. What if I wanted a Raj toy? Or Clam? Or Slinkman? Or Patsy? Or Edward?????

Actually I think they did have more merchandise than that once but stopped selling them. :| There's a CN store online BUT EVERYTHING I WANT SHIPS TO THE U.S ONLY.

I didn't go to school today because I've been having a lack of sleep lately. I didn't even bother watching football last night.

I've been playing Doodle or Die recently. I'm mainly in the Pokemon room if you play along. My username is Lauriekins! :)

I made my first digital art ever! Have a look if you want. :D

Don't zoom in because it's crap-tastic quality there. :| Done in GIMP.

......I love Brak and Zorak. :P

Um, yes this blog is sort of random.

I wish I was a boy. :|

Well, I could identify myself as a guy but I still want to be a girl.....
I'll stay being a girl.

I want free money.

Can I have some free money?:|

Mum got a new car after she got rid of her old one due to a crash. Big emotional stuff going on here.

None of my headphones work anymore, not even my Jake the Dog ones.

Yet money? :|


It's been raining for two months and all of a sudden, days of sunshine? :o Impossible! :|

I'm going to stop now and read more Homestuck. As well as do some schoolwork.

Goodbye! :)


The Oscars were today?

Okay I was at school so um.....what happened?

Apparently something happened....somthing to do with a young girl? Did someone do something to her? Did she do anything? Why did The Onion call her an extremely inappropriate word?

Help would fun, thanks.