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Munchgun's Birthday!

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Munchgun! Munchgun! Munchgun! It's Munchgun's Birthday!

According to Facebook, it's your Birthday! :D

This message may too be late, or it may be too soon!

But, all well!

I don't care! It's your Birthday!


*guitar solo*

Hooray for for Munchgun! Munchgun! It's his Birthday!

Let's hope he enjoys his gifts and Birthday!

This is supposed to be a song!

But of course you won't hear me sing!

No way, no way!

I still can't trust the internet!

But instead, you read this in whatever tune you like!

Whether it be an existing tune or one you made up while reading!

I don't care, not really.



Munchgun! Munchgun! Munchgun! It's Munchgun's Birthday!

Let's hope you enjoy it!

No, you WILL enjoy it!

*electric piano solo*

Happy Birthday Bro!

Remember when....

We first met?

Because I honestly don't.

When I pretended to be a boy?

Hey, that was a joke!

Wait, this isn't supposed to rhyme, I'm not that clever.

Remember when I destroyed your Magic Shoe House, then replaced it with a Carrot House?

I destroyed that one too!

Because you kicked my Killer Kitty into the Sun.....

I'll never get over that.

Murderer. :|

When we made blogs for eachother? Some GameSpotters thought that there was something odd going on.

You use to leave 'splosion cookies and other treats at the end of your blogs.

I can't remember much anymore.

Oh, how the years gone by.

But it doesn't matter!

Because it's.....

Munchgun! Munchgun! Munchgun! It's Munchgun's Birthday!

You're a fan of games that involves a blue guy shooting things and copying his enemies' abilities!

You also like that green plumber who we all know is the best! ;)

Of course you like The Merc with a Mouth, heh who doesn't?

You enjoy hunting and killing monsters because that's the plot of the game, murderer. :|

You like the 'Mons, both Digital and Pocket.

I hope you're enjoying being the Mayor of your own little town inhabitated by animals. Lucky. :cry:

May your adventure continue, Sir Maxwell. And Happy Birthday. :)


Suffering the common cold + Monsters University!

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Hello! Its funny. While I was at the snow I did not get cold, but nausea. Now that I have returned, I'm been suffering from stuffy and runny noses, blocked ears, wheezing, coughing and chest pain!

The chest pain and coughing eased, but the wheezing is quite odd. I have never wheezed in my history of colds before, but it's quite annoying. My blocked ears are a nuisance too. You know how your ears get blocked while you on a plane or a long bus trip? Yep, they have been like that for over four days now. It's so odd.

I had this mixture made thanks to my brother where I had to breathe in and help ease my chest and nose. When the scent was inhaled into my nostril, it went up to my tongue and caused massive coughing fits. My brother describes the smell as 'death'. It helped but alas, breathing is still quite difficult.

I have completed Mortal Kombat's Story Mode after the strenuous fight with Shao Kahn. I loved it and hated it at the same time. Why? Well, if you haven't played the game and don't like spoilers, avoid this area but if you want to know, read away. Overpowered Sindel just kills off half the character cast! Jax, Kabal, Sub-Zero, Smoke, Stryker, Kitana, Jade and Kung Lao! Nightwolf and Sindel fought and died too! If Sub-Zero and Smoke aren't in the next game, I won't be playing. Oh, at least I have Stryker, oh wait he's dead. Cyrax and Johnny Cage! And Mileena! They survived! Still not happy with Smoke and Sub-Zero's deaths. The fact that Smoke WITNESSED HIS BEST FRIEND'S DEATH was too much torture. He proceeded to attack Sindel, only to get his FREAKIN' NECK SNAPPED. I screamed. :(I didn't scream as loud as when I see The Krypt Monster though. Four times that thing creeped up on me.

I mean like, Raiden in Armageddon sent a message to his past self stating that "He must win." Okay, I understand that you were about to die Raiden but, you could've tried to be more specific. Your message got half the cast killed.

I also wasn't very happy with Sub-Zero turning Cyber, but it was nice for Smoke to remain human. Which is funny, he's not actually human in the first place, he's an Enenra. I'm confused how Smoke in an Enenra, which is a type of Japanese demon, when he hails from the Czech Republic. Hmmmm.......

Great, this is going to be one of those blogs where I actually put effort in with a quiet audience, huh? :roll:

I saw the first episode of the Dangan Ronpa episode yesterday, unsubbed considering it just came out, but since I played the game I knew what they were saying pretty much.  also want to watch Free! that new swimming anime but I've been caught up in video games and movies such as....

Monsters University!

I haven been waiting to see this movie for years! Now, normally I don't go spend my life savings to witness a moving picture on a giant screen, it was worth it. The characters, the character development, the cameos, the humour, it was just brilliant. Now we all know why Randall eyes are always squinty! And why he.....became a meanie. :( I love Dean Hardscrabble, Squishy and the PNK group. And of course Randall, but then know. :( Maybe you don't. Just watch it. :)

The little short before the movie started though, entitled 'The Blue Umbrella' was so adorable I nearly cried. I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO GET ATTACHED TO AN UMBRELLA, BUT IT HAPPENED.

Well, I'll stop now. My cursor disappeared. :|



I'm here.

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So, me and several schoolmates with teachers went to New South Wales to Jindabyne.


I was very lucky as if if didn't snow, they would've used man made snow.



On the last day of skiing I went down the same trail over and over at Smiggin Holes and it was fun!

Ski lessons were fun, free time ski was funner. Although I wasn't feeling well for most of them. :(

I ALWAYS FALL OVER WHILE SKIING, NO MATTER WHAT. I DID SO MANY STACKS. One was caught on film. :| I stacked on the chair as I was getting off, twice. :|

Except for this one time. :|

The place we stayed at was nice. Employees and the manager were super friendly and I miss them. :( Food was amazing there too. Pancakes, pasta bake, foreign dishes....

On the last day we went to Canberra to Questcaon (science exhibiton, it was cool) and the War Memorial Museum.  In Questcaon I left my wallet on the bus and I wish I ddin't because there was a Tetris Heat Change Mug for sale and tape that had images of the spinal cord. Why did I want it? It said on the box "This is Spinal Tape." :P  In the War Memorial there were too many names on the wall. I was trying to look for my Mum's great Uncle's name but it was really hard and I gave up. The museum was amazing but it was so huge, I didin't get to look at everything! My phone AND camera died so I couldn't take much photos. War is too sad. :( At the Museum there was a perfct view of the Parliament House. apparently the flag there is ginormous.  We also drove by the different natioanlity embassies! :o

I bought $97 worth of souvenirs at Perisher. :| It was like, 9 things. :|

In Canberra though we went the shops to buy lunch. I had a Vegetarian Pancake?? Yum. We were allowed o shop around. I went to a book store and bought the novel of Howl's Moving Castle and two Cyanide & Happiness books. :D

I spent over $100 on food? Well some was meals while travelling but I bought some food for the chalet workers and teachers to say thank you. And chocolate for me. And Krispy Kremes for my family and me. :|

I want to go skiing now. :(

Well, not now, it's too dark and too far away from Perisher. :(

But I had fun, that's the important thing.

Oh, at Smiggin Holes there was a guy in a gorilla suit and a another as a banana. :|

The chalet was nice and cosy. Upstairs was my room, which I shared with two friends and we had a verandah. Downstairs was the kitchen, dining room, little tiny pub section, pool room and a lounge room with a Wii and Xbox 360. Some of the schoolmates played it. Everyone mainly used the pool table though, it was $2 to play. I had ONE game AND ON THE FIRST GO I ACCIDENTLY AND THE EIGHT BALL AT THE EDGE OF THE HOLE AND IT WAS SURROUNDED BY OTHER BALLS. We decided to start over because that was way too hard. I lost. :| The chalet made a fortune with that pool table!

On of the workers made some cider and I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Oh, on Wednesday I was in my chalet room and turned on the tv. It said "BREAKING NEWS." It then showed Kevin Rudd. He was wanting to be Prime Minister again! I nearly screamed! After dinner the TV was on and the news was still on, saying that if Kevin won the ballot, Julia Gillard would leave. During the half-time break on State of Origin (which I watched in the lounge room), it said "BREAKING NEWS. KEVIN RUDD WON." We all cheered! I screamed. Kevin Rudd is cool! I'm not a fan of Julia and I despide Tony Abbott. Our government is stuffed up. :|


During State of Origin I wanted Nathan merrit to score a a try and he didn't, and we lost. :(

One game to go! I hate Paul Gallen. Oh, I put blue streamers around the kitcheN AND THIS ONE GIRL KEPT WHINGING AND COMPLAINING SAYING HOW THE BLUE STREAMERS WERE DISGUSTING AND HORRID AND I JUST TOLD HER TO STOP OVER-EXAGGERATING. Blue is the colour of my team Maroon was the colour of her team. She acknowledged at school for being talented and smart BUT GOSH I JUST WANT TO KNOCK SOME SENSE IN HER.

Well, I feel a little sick now. I ate too much junk food on the trip (sugar rush) and I would like to defeat Shao Kahn once and for all in Story Mode. I have to be Raiden. :|




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Mortal Kombat 9 is soooo gooood.

Today was the last day of school. :|

I didn't do anything except draw, do an assignment, talk and watch Bran Nue Dae and some of The Producers.

The Producers was funny and YOU HAVE TO WATCH BRAN NUE DAE.

I love musicals. :P

I got a package today and it didn't say who from, but came with a Hansel & Gretel t-shirt and Blu-Ray with DVD of the movie.

Must've been that SyFy channel competition I entered two weeks ago. :P

Oh, did I mention that I'll be gone for eight days because I'll be on a school excursion to the snow?

Well, I am.

See you guys on June 30th!

Maybe. :|



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The ipod jack is worn out, according to my dad.

Cheaper to buy a new one, he said.

I don't WANT a new one.

My ipod works perfectly fine besides the headphones jack.


I'll just borrow my mother's ipod for now.

MIsc. Favourite Video Game Characters.

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Well, I said I would make this blog. Let's go!

From WarioWare:

Mona Mona.
Ashley WWM2 Ashley.

343px-WWSM YoungCricketYoung Cricket.

From Starfy: Prince Bunston.

258px-Snips.jpg Snips.

From Street Fighter:

Sfxt-sakura-kasugano Sakura.

SFXT-Street-Fighter-X-Tekken-Art-Juri Han Juri.

From Scribblenauts:

Maxwell Maxwell!

The Mario Series:

Toadette111.png Toadette.

NSMBULuigi.png Luigi.

Yoshi MP9.png Yoshi.

From Kingdom Hearts:

Axel KHHD Axel.

Larxene Days Larxene.

From Banjo-Kazooie:

KazooieTooie1 Kazooie.

Bottles2 Bottles.

From Dangan Ronpa: Ishimaru!

ChihiroFujisaki Chihiro.

Well, those are all who I can think of!

Um, goodnight! :)


Favourite Video Game Characters

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Hey everybody! :D

Just letting you know that I absolutely appreciate any comment you make on this blog (unless it's inappropriate) , and that you've read it. :D


Unsure how long this blog will be. Bare with me.


Alrighty! Here's a list (with pictures!) of my favourite video game characters of ALL TIME.

There may not be a proper explanation of why I love these fictional characters, but all well.

Let's start off with the Sonic the Hedgehog series! (Video game only, not going to include Archie characters today).
I do not hate anyone in particular in this series, but of course I have favourites.
Sonic CG27 Chnl Sonic! Did you know that I had the hugest crush on this guy when I was.....6?? 7??

Tailsracingbigfilesizesharpecolor Look at my username, now back to the picture. Look at my username NOW BACK TO THE PICTURE. I have always found him rather adorable after first playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. (The very first video game I've ever played as far as I remember.)

BlazeDecal Blaze, of course. She's a cat, a princess AND she uses fire! She's pretty rad.

EspioNew Espio, ninjas are pretty cool.

CG Knuckles Of course there is Knuckles! I love echidnas. :P


NEXT SERIES: Darkstalkers!

Darkstalkers Resurrection BBHood B.B Hood. She's just so cool.

Darkstalkers Resurrection Hsien-Ko Hsien-Ko! She's so pretty and a very unique fighter. She's a zombie. :|

Darkstalkers Resurrection Q-Bee Q-Bee. She's the leader of a race that eat souls to live. :|

Darkstalkers Resurrection Lord Raptor 01 A heavy metal rocker that's Australian. He's also a zombie. :P


Meta Knight KRTDL Meta Knight. I also had a weird crush on this guy when I was younger.

Main Kirby! Duh. :P

Adeleine Adeleine! I really hope they somehow include her in the new Smash Bros.

Pitch1 Pitch, he helps me a lot in Kirby's Dreamland 3. (Which I still have to finish).

Dedede KRTDL There wouldn't be a Kirby series without King Dedede!

NEXT SERIES: Mortal Kombat.

Sub-Zero Kuai Liang, also known as Sub-Zero. He's pretty.....COOL. :cool:

Noobrendermk92 Noob Saibot, Sub-Zero's brother. I don't even know why I like this guy, he's really fun to play as.

Mileena Official Render transparentMileena! I really like her too. Not sure why.

KenshiPNG Kenshi is really unique and I love his fighting style.

Smokerenderexp2 Yep, it's official. I'm now a Smoke fangirl. In Mortal Kombat 9 Tomas doesn't end up becoming a cyborg and remains human. He's so pretty, and is Sub-Zero best friend. :D He's also an Enenra.




I'll make a blog about my favourite video game characters from misc. games another day.

Who are your favourite video game characters?