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whts up


Havent been here for a while, so i dont really know what to say...


hows things been with you guys?

comment and stuff k

alright then...




Heres my PSN ID ...

Whats Up Y'all,me again!

Lately I have been playing A LOT of Black Ops (though I'm not that good), Dead Space 2 ( Its Friggin AWSOME!), and Assassins Creed II(I'm on my 4th Playthrough). Lately though Ive been looking for some friends to play againest on the PSN, which is a little hard to do since just about everybody I know owns XBOX 360.

If you own any of the games I mentioned above, then please add me on PSN, heres my ID: solidsnakey2.

If you do add me, leave a comment with your PSN id, and ill add you promptly. Im really into zombies in black ops right now, and dead space 2 multiplayer. And if anyone still plays Killzone 2, or better yet, the K3 open beta, then I'm up for that too.


Assassins Creed II!!!

Yo Guys, me again!

Since my last blog post I have been focusing just about all of my attention on two things, High School, and ASSASSINS Creed II. I got it a few monthes ago but havent posted a review or anything about since. Well let me just say out right that it is one of the best games I have ever played! I have spent long hours completing every last nook and crannie there is to be found in it, and yet I still crave more.

I would carry on, but instead I will be posting a full review of it on here shortly. Also, as Im sure many of you might be doing the same, but I'm also hoping to get a copy of the games sequel, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, for Chirstmas.

Leave a comment if you also bought this game and want to share some opinions of it.


First Blog of the summer! (Well, the end of it...)

Hey guys! I know not many people read what I say here, but if you do, then you know just how dormant this blog has been (post below- March 1st), but that is only because its been a long summer. I thought I would give a refresher to just what games I have been undertaking.

Somehow I managed to pull $268 dollars out of nowhere to buy my own PS3!!!

Believe me, this is big new for a guy who has owned nothing but a Wii and a Ps2 for so long. I have had it the whole summer and I cannot believe how it has changedmy life. Of course what makes it even more fun is using my Psp with it (Remote Play ftw!) But you know all this. On the other hand, I am taking my time with buying some good games for it. So far I dont have much( Yes you can call me a tight wad) but what I do have I really enjoy playing.

One of my favorites so far is one of the scariest games I have also played, and probably the scariest youj have ever played. It is...


So far I have played Dead Space 3 times ( mostly to get all the trophies) and every timeI have it is just as satisfying as the last time. Of course you can also play this if you have an Xbox 360 or PC. If you have any 3 of these systems, try this game out! I will review it in short time.

Pretty much every other game I have is Ps3 exclusive, this includes Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Killzone 2 ( I loved the multiplayer!), Motorstorm (I only got it for $5!), and Ncaa 08 ( $2.50!) Yah I know its not a very impressive collection yet, but believe me, expect it to quickly get better!

(Look for reviews of all these soon!)


The Crazies Movie Review! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys! Blazekick2 here again!

Well for the first time ever I sold one of my Zelda games, Spirit Tracks, since it was still worth good money. If you haven't taken advantage of that trade-in deal at Gamestop yet, PLEASE hurry! I spent the money from that trade on 3 PS2 games, Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto III, and Resident Evil 4. I am really trying to revive my PS2 collection. Up to this point my only good game was Spongebob Squarepants: Creature from the Krusty Krab! Imagine what that's saying about me!!!

Anyway, I begin part 3 of my movie reviewing saga, with The Crazies. I've actually seen 3 or 4 movies recently, but since I'm lazy, I will only write about the best. Enjoy!


The Crazies is a 2010 Horror/Thriller film directed by Breck Eisner and distributed by Overture Films. The movie presents its trailer as an Action type film, which is not true. It is however, very fast-paced.

The movie sets in on Ogden Marsh, a small farming town in Iowa, experiencing strange demonic behavior in thier local town folk. Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant), finds a plane crash, carrying a deadly toxin on board, has infected their water supply, turning the town folk insane. Just then the government steps in, and seals away the infected in hopes of containing the toxin. David and his wife, Judy Dutton (Radha Mitchell), who are still uninfected, must escape the dying town with their lives, as the government is now randomly killing innocent people who are not infected.

In their wake is a series of thrills, with the "The Crazies" trying to kill everything that moves, the government agents, and plenty of explosions and destruction on top of that.

Yet this already brings the movie to a negative, as you will have to wait through the slow beginning part of the movie to get to all the action.

The movie literally gets more intense as it goes, and seems to make a sharp transition from a horror to a thriller. Either way it is a blast.

The movie combines detailed effects and hues into its scenes along with the pop-outs and bloodbath fiesta horror movies provide. The one can't live without the other, and it works great.

There really is no BEST part about the movie, but they are all respectively nice all the same. This brings us to the acting, which is sub-par but acceptable. The movie kept it simple with its cast, and they all seems to fit their characters just fine.

The situation in the movie seems to just get more and more bleak and impossible. The characters are presented with numerous momens where it seems there are really going to to get killed, and some of them do. Although at some times, you just don't care about them, and some may be puzzled about why they just made the choices they do.

However, the movie attempts to paint over all that with the main storyline always evolving and always changing.

For a Horror, the movie steps into mysterious waters this time, but also very interesting a thrilling ones. Many scenes feel impossible, but they never feel out of place. The Crazies is a real fun movie to tide you over!



  • Full of top notch thrills and dazzling effects.
  • Dark and always evoloving stroyline.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Fun to tide you over.


  • Starts out slow.
  • Mix matching genres may disappoint some who came for something different.

Final Score: B+ (88%)


Merry (late) Christmas and my Avatar Movie Review! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:)Hey guys! Merry (2 days after) Christmas!

I'm glad I finally found time to write in this blog to tell about my Christmas. Before I write down all this be sure to comment on some of the things you got for Christmas. Go ahead a brag about them all you want, chances are I will be the only one that actuallys reads it. :D

Anyway, me being a Gamespot user, its no suprise I got a lot of video games for Christmas. I could say everything else I got, but this is GAME-spot, so lets stickit to that this time.

I got The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS for starters. I played Phantom Hourglass two monthes ago and then a friend recommended I play it. It is awsome so far, and yes in case you haven't already guessed, I'm turning into a Zelda-maniac. Just get used to it. While I'm on the topic of elda, I also got 50 bucks from my Grandpa, so I spent 20 of that towards another zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Gamecube to be precise.

I also got for the Wii, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, my only real shooter on the Wii since metroid Prime 3 Corruption broke.

Also for the Wii, I got Rock Band 2. I haven't actually played it much yet, although I am already fond of it. So far I am trying to master vocals, seeing they are the easiest instrument to play. I'll talk more about it later...

When I was going shopping for my brother, I decided to get 3 really cheap PSP games for him, and he seemed to like the. They are Madden NFL 06, Daxter, and MLB 06: The Show. I might do a review for them, I might not. I just don't think I am the Psp-type.

Well that's all, but now here is something much more important, my 2nd movie review, this time on AVATAR. I saw it with friends, loved it, and now I'm here to talk about it. Enjoy!


Avatar is 2009 Science Fiction film starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, a handicap fromer marine who joins the RDA (I have no clue for what that stands for) in place of his deceased brother. The RDA are mining in this beautiful land known as Pandora, home of the fierce Na'vi people.

Jake is sent to the Avatar program, where his mind is linked to a (blue) alternate form resembling the Na'vi.When Jake arrives in Pandora in his Avatar form, he asks the people to teach him their ways, and the more and more he learns , the more he becomes a part of their people.

In the end, Jake learns that the real enemy is the RDA themselves, and must now turn his back on his own people to stop them from destroying Pandora.

The movie is known by many for using stereoscopic cameras, which stimulate the human eye. This is easily the films strongest feature, the effects used. Over half the characters in the film are computer-generated, and every well. However, believe or not, the effects are so good that they may cause nausea or headaches in those with bad eyesight. Be sure to keep that in mind.

What's he staring at anyway?

All the characters in the movie were full of life in every way, except dialogue, which is argueably the weakest point in the movie. Well technically speaking most of it was nice, but certain conversations were either over done with the swearing, or just seemed like the actors didn't care for the scene.

The balence of genres is very interesting. Yes the movie is Science Fiction, at least most would say, but actually the movie is cut right down the middle in this spot. For instance, the weapons used by the RDA, thw whole Avatar program, or even the fact the movie is in the year 2154, are only a few of the science fiction elements. Yet the movie's other side can be called, a fantasy.

Think about it, blue people, magical trees, weird mystical chants? Something in a fantasy book I a sure you.

But don't take this as my way of saying it's some girly adventure romance type thing, because it's not. In fact it is a very violent movie, filled with very satisfying action and destruction sequences, tons of gratitous swearing, and death, something all PG-13 movies should have. That being said, it is also sad, for many main characters die, or almost die, making way for tissue break during the movie.

There shouldn't be a thought in your head telling you not to watch this...

The movie is breath-taking, and a real joyride. In all, Avatar is is a hollywood masterpiece filled with expertly implanted effects, all wrapped up in a glittering package James Cameron always mails to the write place.



  • Dazzling special effects and computer generation.
  • Top notch characters.
  • Emotional, very emotional.
  • James Cameron's name is on the credits.

The Bad

  • Dialogue, well, parts of it.
  • Can induce nausea.


Well that wraps up my review! Now get off that computer, into that car/bus over there, and drive/ride! (To your nearest theater. :D)


Wednesday Blackout!

Hey Guys!

Well this is just a small update from me, and let me just say it was a horrible yesterday! We had this horrible snow/wind storm where I live (Metro Detroit), and it knocked out the power. I had to spend all afternoon in the dark. I couldn't play any of the games I have been wanting to review, except for my DS, which was low on battery.

I spent the afternoon stuck in the living room, using a propane lamp for light. It was so bright it hurt my eyes, and I got a headache. Not to mention without power, there was no heat. It got real cold, and real dark, real fast. To be honest I never realized how much my life depended on electricity. I tried reading The Lost Symbol, but when I concentrate, my headache kept coming back. Pretty much all I ended up doing was listening to my weather radio in the living room waiting for the power to come back on.

When it hit 9:00, we all gave up and decided to go to bed and wait for the the power to come on in the morning. Just when we all went in bed, the power came on! Of all the times...

It wasn'tall bad though. I got to play this old Gameboy game back when I had an SP. Its called, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Red Rescue Team. I think I like it, and it could be the next game I review.

Until then, I hope for those of you North and East of here, the wind storm is nowhere near as bad.


My First Movie Review! (WARNING! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hey Guys! Me Again! Well I've been doina lot of shopping, and movie watching. There are a lot of awsome movies out right now, and there are a lot of sweet ones comin up. Anyway, I saw this one called 2012. Which as you may already guess, is about the year 2012, or in this case, the 2012 Doomsday Theories.

I saw, and decided to share my opinions here, in my FIRST MOVIE REVIEW!

Actually, I won't be doing this a whole lot, mostly because Movietome really is the place for this. But I will just do a review there too, to balence it out. Without furth a do, here it is!


2012 is a Disaster Movie starring John Cusack as Jackson Curtis, a Californian Science Fiction Writer (and part time limousine driver), whole struggles with the life as a divorced parent. While his personal life unfolds, we see a series of clips from different years up to 2012, explaing that the Earth's core is rapidly heating, causing an uneasy-ness in the Earth's tectonic plates. We see this through earthquakes, small cracks, and other minor problems.

It isn't until about 15 minutes or so in until Jackson himself finds out about this, at Yellowstone National Park. The lake there has dried up mysteriously, and finds this "messed-up-in-the-head" hippy guy. He then explains all about the 2012 doomsday theory crap and what-not. Jackson learns from him the world will soon be coming to an end in a big series of global disasters, and the only way to save himand his family is to travel to these special arks designed by the worlds governments, in China.

After the 45 minute mark, after the stellar "escape from Los Angleles scene", all heck breaks loose, and rarely does the epic disaster sequences stop.

The movie seems to share a couple traits of several other movies. Like the movie: Independence Day, there are many different characters, and seperate character plots. And also like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the disaster sequences can last quite long.

If you saw Knowing earlier this year, then this may feel like a really buffed up version of that. Many will love the disaster scenes, but others may not like how predictable they feel. Sometimes in these scenes, pointless comedy is added to make you smile while you should be crinching in amazement. A good example of this is when the family is trying to escape a city that is falling apart in a car, and in front of them is 2 old ladys going to slow. Another example is that later in the scene, a giant (fake) donut is seen rolling in front of them, just narrowly missing them.

Not to say these scenes are silly, to be honest they are actually quite depressing. 1,000's die instantly in many of these scenes. In will actually make you disappointed John Cusack had to be the guy that lives. :)

Probably 2012's biggest fault is that it lacks an identity. Meaning, it isbarely a movie about 2012. The actual year or theory is only mentioned about 2, maybe 3 times.Not to mention, to many main characters die, and really for no reason.

The acting in 2012 however is actually quite nice. Well, at least the lesser important characters. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is the scientific advisor of the president in the film. I think he did wonderful in this film, and if you agree, well then hey, we're two peas in a pod.

If you have a taste right now for some pure destruction, and have the the patience to wait for it to happen, 2012 is a very satifying film for you. Say blazekick2 recommended it.

SUM-UP Time!


  • Disaster sequences are jam packed in here.
  • A couple characters act pretty well.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger briefly appears on the tv in the movie.
  • Ending disaster scene will likely keep you on the edge of your seat.


  • Many parts are predictable.
  • Brief comedy tones down the the excitement.
  • 2012 is barely the theme.
  • Filled with so much scary propaganda about the end of the world, that some uninformed viewer may have nightmares.


To watch an exclusive clip: click here.

Well that wraps up my first movie review on Gamespot! Comment with how you think I did. I will be reviewing one of these films next:

  • Invictus
  • Avatar
  • The Road

See Ya!


The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks: SWEET!

Hey Guys! It's been a pretty long time since I posted in this blog, but I'm still here! Anyway, I am just posting this to express my feelings on the upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks.

The game is the indirect sequel to Phantom Hourglass, and, as you can see, will be released on the DS, on December 7th. As you already know, if you have been paying attention, I have been playing a lot of Zelda lately. In fact, it is now my 2nd favorite series after Metroid. So it is not suprise I am excited for the game.

Gamespot has just released a hands-on preview detailing plot segments, controls and lots of nice things to look forward to! I myself will not spoil them on this post but if you want to read them, here is the link:;thumb;4&mode=previews

Oh and if you have not seen the latest trailer for it, here it is:

Remember, December 7th! Looks like it's time to dust off that ol' DS!


Today was my birthday!

Hey Guys! Me again!

Well today was my birthday, and what a fine one it was! And you know what birthdays mean. That's right, Video Games.I didn't get too many, but I got a lot of good ones.

I got The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS for starters. I've decided I want to play the whole Legend of Zelda series rather than just Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

Also I got Punch Out!! for the Wii. Sweet game by the way.

Now this one is big. I also got for my birthday, a brand new PSP 2000! I have been realing wanting one for a while, so as I get more games for it, start expecting PSP reviews from now on.

Oh, and lastly, I got Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops along with it. Right now my brother is playingit, so it may be a while before I do a review on it.

My only real dissapointment is that I didn't get Okami like I asked you guys about on aearlier blog post. However I have also gotten a lot of money for my birthday, so I may buy it soon.

That's all for now, Can'twait for my next Birthday!


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