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So, uh, if I vanish unexpectedly...

Something inside my computer went wrong. I think it may be my video card, but I am not sure.

A few months ago I noticed one of the fans inside of my case was making a terrible grinding sound. It comes and goes, but I thought it might've been the Power Supply, so I scraped together $25 to buy a new (albeit cheap) PSU. Turns out it wasn't that fan (after installing the new PSU, the first thing I heard was the fan grinding). It's either the processor fan, or the graphics card fan, and my money is on the graphics card.

A couple days ago, my whole PC locked up while playing a video file. Eventually it went back to normal, saying the display driver had stopped responding and I was recommended to reboot my computer. It then froze again, but not before the screen went totally bananas. I had to force the PC to turn off.

Just now, I was playing Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast when it froze again. Couldn't get anything to respond to terminate the program so I just hit the reset button on my case. It started through the BIOS but froze on the BIOS logo. I guess it didn't make it past POST. A POST message is what your computer does when it first starts up - it checks all the available hardware and does a few basic checks to make sure it works properly. If hardware is failing a certain way, the BIOS will not let the system start.

I shut the PC off at this point and let it sit for a couple minutes. I turned it back on and all of my BIOS settings had been reset to their defaults - not something I did. I don't know what happened specifically, but something happened, and I'm willing to bet it has something to do with my graphics card, considering these two events were merely days apart, and both were involving things that typically require graphics card acceleration (yes, believe it or not, playing video files can and does use graphics card acceleration). If you're curious, the video card I currently am running on is a GeForce 5200 FX. It's not AGP or even PCI Express, it's just a normal PCI card. I understand how poor that is, but when it's all you've got...

So, if I stop posting? Computer died, somehow. How long I will be gone, I do not know. Money's tight, and all of that. How long it will remain tight, well, that's something we'll have to wait and see about. I have things I wanted to get done - but that's another subject.

It is now I cringe and remind you that, at the end of the machinima video I painstakingly made (that you so gleefully ignored - which is weird, considering it got 9,000 views on Youtube so far and was front page material on, I asked for donations for new PC hardware. Now, I absolutely loathe taking donations because handouts aren't my thing (I don't feel as though I deserve them), but sometimes you have to swallow your pride...

Anyway, yeah, just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I don't even know if I'll get any work done on games or new videos or anything as I'm starting to get kind of paranoid about using the PC.