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So I'm considering dumping this blog in exchange for posting all updates over at my GiantBomb profile
page. I have been stalwart in my stance that I only ever want to maintain two blogs at a time - for a long time now, that's been and That is why my account never gets updated, why my DeviantArt journal stopped seeing updates, why I don't post blogs at, etc. I hate having to write one blog and then copy and paste that to 40 different websites.

About the only thing GiantBomb lacks right now is the ability to upload videos to their website, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say they let you embed videos from Youtube and the like in blogs, so that probably doesn't matter (nor was it a feature I ever really used a lot here).

But yeah. I dunno. I just don't feel like part of the Gamespot community, I never have. My cousin, Ashuku, is down in there with what I consider the core of the GS community, the top players like Wesker and Slunks and whatever, and I never really got in to that group (or ever really tried to get in there - it's not like I'm begging for acceptance, if that's how this sounds).

In comparison, on Gametrailers, I actually seem to get quite a lot of comments and views on my blogs, often when I don't even advertise them. A blog over there will average about 100 views each, some entries pulling in thousands of views. Over here, I'm lucky if my profile gets a single comment. Though I do seem to get about 20-30 views a day, and despite Ashuku being here longer than I, I have more overall views than he does despite him being part of the "GS gang".

I dunno. This is mainly a blog advertising the fact that, yes, has launched, and if you were a fan of the wacky antics that took place on On The Spot or The Hotspot when Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny were put in the same room, Giant Bomb features much more of that nonsense. When I really get down to it, it kind of reminds me of the old Gameplayers Magazines where they had all sorts of bizarre injokes and weird gags and awful photoshops. That was, of course, a completely different troupe of people, but the vibe is the same - though GiantBomb feels decidedly more professional than Gameplayers.

So yeah. We'll see where this goes from here.