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Moo. :O

Hello, people who have been visiting here (which is no one *shifty eyes*). I has not posted for quite a long time, which I do apologize for.

Not much to say, except I am currently playing Pokemon SoulSilver Version, and I has just got it a few days ago. Currently, I am on the 8th Gym (in Johto) and progressing towards the Gym leader. My team as of this blog post is currently:

*Misado (Typhlosion) Lv. 53

*Amistair (Garchomp) Lv. 96 (transferred from Pokemon Platinum)

*Kade (Pidgeotto) Lv. 18

*Tomatomon (Gyrados) Lv. 30 (shiny red Gyrados from Lake of Rage)


Oh dear. I hasn't posted in almost 2 months. o.o And lookin' at my last few blog entries, I suppose I was gettin' really too excited about MySims Agents. I finished teh game about 5 school days after I got it (which was like a month ago). It was satisfying, and was probably teh best game in teh series. Teh story and stuff is certainly more deeper than the previous games in the series. And for teh first time, Leaf has made an appearance in anotha MySims game!!! OTHA THAN MYSIMS KINGDOM!!! How very astonishing. Leafman's prescence made teh game 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better. o.o

Uh... I just finished Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All. I didn't play teh first one, but Justice For All was kinda good. I'm gettin' a new game today. I'm considerin' to gettin' the original Phoenix Wright, or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky. Most likely Mystery Dungeon. o.o I wanna play it again. And have Leafman as my partner this time instead of Ike. :OOOO I also hear there is a 3D Mystery Dungeon game coming out for teh Wii soon. Whoaaaaaa. It was sumthin' like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Squads or sumthin'. Saw it on Serebii. I wonder how it will be like.

MySims Agentz

Dang British people. D: They got MySims Agents already, yo! AND I HAS TO GET IT AFTER DA WEEKEND ENDS!!! DANG.

IGN already reviewed the game as well, and gave it a 7.8. =' Well, no MySims games so far has gotten higher than a 8 anywayz, so I kinda was not surprised. But it was almost an 8, which is uh...sumthin', I guess. I IS REALLEH CURIOUS ABOUT LEAFMAN'S ROLE IN AGENTS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Official Nintendo Magazine already reviewed it as well, and gave it an 80%. o.o Well, probably 'cuz it is a much less harsh critic.



Er...sorreh there, yo. UH I HAS BEEN CURRENTLY WATCHING LUCKY STAR. Heard it was good or sumthin', and I was very bored. So instead of randomly clicking around teh internet as I usually did, I went on YouTube to watch teh English dubs of it. HOORAY! I is on episode 14 right nao. p.p Alreadeh halfway through teh show in a day, yo. Of course, mah favorite character be Konata. *nodnod* HAIL LEGENDARY GIRL A! Teh crazy otaku person! D: Probably one of teh only times I have ever liked a fictional female character. Most of my favorite video game/show characters are guys. =' But there are not that many guys in dis show anyway.

I also likes uh...Akira and Mistar Sebastianman from Lucky Channel.

I remember when I watched Shugo Chara, another anime show that a couple of friends screamed at me about. o.o Dat took 2 days to get to episode 50 and catch up. :O Now uh...I just watch it when a new episode comes out. Such girleh shows. o.o But uh...I like ze bright colors. They make me happy and wish my life was as uh...interesting. =' I am not really an anime person, but I guess I am just very bored right nao.

I also think I will try out dat Haruhi show and uh...Death Note. :O Yes. I is so bored, need sumthin' to do before Agents comes out. I is too lazy to beat Okami. D= Hm, I is currently taking a break from watching Lucky Star for 13 hours straight, so I guess I should go play it now! =D Uh...I was up to the point where I have to find where some dragons live or sumthin'...tryin' to get dat water dragon or whatever to calm down. Dunno. KAYKAY! YARRR!


Hangin' out with Leafman, waitin' for the time we become agents. ='

MySims Kingdom Review

OH NOEZ!!! Uh, I made a review on MySims Kingdom a few hours ago...'cuz I was very bored. It's sooo long and stuff. Yarr. *shifty eyes* Well, me hopes people will like it! MAYBE PEOPLE MIGHT EVEN FIND ME TALKIN' TO MYSELF ON THIS BLOG! That wouldn't be good. o.o Uh...SAY HAI IN TEH COMMENTS IF YOU LIVE AND READ THIS BLOG ENTREH!!! HAI!!! HAI!!! HAI!!! o.o

Yarrr. Just wrote dat review for no particular reason. :O Alsoz, MySims Agents be comin' in 3 weeks! WOOHOO!!! And GameSpot be constantly updating with videoz of da game. I have been constantly searching for videos, previews, and stuff of the game. CAN'T...WAIT...OH...EM...GEEEEEE. just gives meh something to hope for, since school flippin' started. Wah. D:

The World Ends With You

Huh. Well, it are has been a very long time since I has updated. o.o I only write here (to myself) when I is bored. Also to nets me some GameSpot points and stuff for my account. Hooray! So indeed. Uh, I just got back from vacation this morning...and uh...tryin' to get used to mah house again...yaaah...I likes hotels, them hotel beds be better than teh mattress of the current ugly bed I sleep on today.

Uh...I recently got into The World Ends With You. I has rewarded it with a big whoppin' 9.5 here and updated mah ugly Games lists. For no reason, really, as I am sure no one even reads dis thingy. But uh...wellz...I is also looking forward to MySims Agents, comin' next month. When school starts. D: And uh...I am going to list my favorite The World Ends With You characters because I is bored!

1. Neku Sakuraba: Well, yes. He's the dang weirdo with the orangey hair...headphones...and yes, he is kinda emo. Kinda. But I think a better word would be uh..."antisocial". And not all antisocial people want to commit suicide or cut themselves with a knife. o.o Although...uh...yeah, Neku even calls himself emo. But uh...I like Neku just 'cuz I uh...CONTROL HIM. Like, I get to see his thoughts, push him around Shibuya, make him die, make him win...kinda grew a bond on his character, mate. =' Also, he can be kinda funny (he is very sarcastic, especially in the bonus chapter). are Neku. o.o

2. Sho Minamimoto: He looks so much like Leafman. DDD: And the fact that I really zetta dig his style. And his catchphrases are hippity hop with the kids (and me).

It is the Grim Heaper. Die, radians.

3. Koki Kariya: Uh...I likes his laidback attitude, I suppose? :O I dunno.


4. Sanae Hanekoma: Because he's a gangsta. *nodnod*


5. Beat (Daisukenojo Bito): BECAUSE...UH...HE'S STUPID. Hm, yes...I like someone for their lack of intelligence. o.o


UGLY APRIL UPDATE!!! Oh no! @@@@@

It's been a month, eh wot? A DANG MONTH!!! That is quite Lulu. Months do pass fast as you get older. D: Well, it is April now...last entry March. I came on because I was flipping bored, Mister Missy Miss. So I felt like writing to myself again today! HOORAY!

MySims Party, I suppose I was a bit too hyped. It was um...worse than the last games. Not much to do. Motion controls take effort. Creativity overexaggerated. OH NO! And Leaf was not in it, unfortunately. That could have boosted it from a 8.0 to...probably a 9.0. :O Or 8.5 at the very least. But no, they didn't. They only included the original cast of characters. WHY IS THIS SO UGLY???

But there is MySims Racing coming, and miraculously, I logged on today after a month to find the news about "MySims Agents", and teh ugly news was just made today. :O Must be destiny or sumthin'. Ohmygoshies! And there are...agents... o.o;; Yes... And there were 5 screenshots. They looked ugly. And the device thingy with the Agent using it to move stuff in one of the screenshots looks like a 2nd version of teh Wandolier and the Wand. =' The preview sounded...interesting. Must have Leaf though. MUUUST. Morcubus is really ugly. Didn't think he would be able to...I DON'T KNOW!!!

MySims Racing is comin' out on June 16th or sumthin'...I think. I tried to remember the date. p.p I thought it might be possible that Leaf would be in it, since Roland and T.O.B.O.R. were in the dang screenshots. If they have them and not Leaf, I would murder people and stuff. Well, actually, I would eat gummy bears.

That is all, me! If you are not me, I thank you for reading through my MySims fandom. Or rather...Leaf fandom. I believe he is really one of the only reasons I'm interested in the series. Well, I liked teh original because of Ray, but I do not like Ray that much anymore. :O I might also like the series because of the graphics...comedyness...that are all. o.o



Ohmygoshies. Today I was bored. So I logged on to my almost entirely unused GameSpot account. Hooray for me. YES. e___e I also made this ugly, unnecessary blog entry as well! Why? Because I think this will add to my level here on GameSpot, correct? So I'll just write sumthin', who cares. Not like anyone's going to read it, other than me who just likes reading what I write cuz...I LIKE TURTLES. =D Well, actually, I don't, but that's not the point...methinks. To improve my activity on GameFAQs as well, I've been starting to post on the MySims games boards. I decided to use my database of big knowledge about necessary (and unnecessary too) MySims information to help the people on the boards to answer UNANSWERED dang questions. It's going pretty ugly. In the good way. I'm still only New User (level 3). What the flipping heck. With 63 karma, I think. Pretty ugly. And I updated my outdated Games list on here in GameSpot. D: And my avatar with the ugly Sandbag as well, and removed Super Smash Bros. Brawl off my Now Playing list. I wish I still had wi-fi. I miss those ugly taunt spamming joke matches. ;~; I think I suxors at the game now, but I don't really care for being a Brawl pro anymore. I haven't played since November or October of last year or so. I still remember being dang obsessed with that game. Man, I used to annoy everyone with my consistent, annoying, Brawl references that almost none of my friends understood until they started learning about it themselves due to my overuse of them ugly references. o.o Mad ugly memories, my friend. MAD UGLY. I lurked the Brawl boards consistently, then started learning some of the awful, awful jokes. Sigh. NOW, I'm quite a bored person. I play little MySims Kingdom, probably an hour or so, but when I was a bit more tolerant and less tired of playing it for long periods of time, I played it for 14 hours on the weekend. Heh heh heh. I do it for my ugly Elf friend that thinks he's awesome and is a rockstar, Leaf the ugly Elfman. I remember the day before I got it (which would be the exact same day before the game came out), I was on the website and saw him on Meet MySims (which would be if you're interested in seeing it yourself as well). I put my mouse over all the Sims and then the characters made ugly noises, so I made some kinda chorus. It was quite fun. I was like "lol dis is funy". When I moused over Leaf, I was like, "lol he sed teedaaaaaa heheh heebna...he maek funy noise". But I didn't really like him until I actually saw him in the game, where I went like, "that's the ugly egotistical Elf I read about on ze website!". And then for some reason, I just started randomly liking the ugly Elf. Oh my. If anyone had a question about MySims, or asked me to recall any type of Leaf dialogue/asked something related to Leaf, I would probably be able to answer it quite instantaneously. Speaking of MySims, I have been anticipating for MySims Party, which is coming on March 10th, 2009, or next Tuesday. At first, I was quite skeptical about it when I saw the first screenshots that I found through extensive searching on Google (this was before game sites got hold of them and started putting them on as well, and also before the MySims Party site/trailer was released). But apparently, you can still customize your town, although light customization...YOU CAN STILL DO DANG CUSTOMIZATION, MAAAN. I'm quite curious as to what this game holds, and I'll buy anything to satiate my boredom. Another thing I'm even more curious about is whether Leaf will be in the ugly game. If he isn't, that would ruin the game immensely for me, I want to use him in my team in the game. D= If you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, just read the dang MySims Party hands-on article (;title;2 if you're so lazy you eat cheese) published on GameSpot. Jeezy weezies. *eats...eggs* I'm quite...ITCHIN'...for it, because I really am bored. I have not received a game since Christmas, and would very much like a new experience of a new game at this time. Moving on to what else I do these days, I also play a MMORPG called MapleStory. I don't play the actual server, I play a private server called HarukiMS. Don't know what a private server is? =( GO SEARCH IT UP YOUR DANG SELF. e____o Domo arigato! Ohmygoshies. The rates are x9999 mesos and EXP, I'm not quite so sure on the item drop, but it was around x150 or so. I've rebirthed 5 times so far. Recently, the server did a clean wipe, meaning they had to clean some stuff off ze ugly characters, including the skills that were all assigned to your keyboard. =' I WAS ANGRYYY. I has to rebirth 5 times again, ehhhh? Um, when I rebirthed, the first class I started with was an Night Lord/Assassin/Hermit, then I became a Hero/Crusader/Fighter, then a Bow Master/Ranger/Hunter, and lastly Bishop/Priest/Cleric (mainly for the Healing thingy because my poor Ice/Lightning Mage friend kept dying when we fought monsters, also Genesis). Then I became a Bow Master/Ranger/Hunter again, I found that class the most fun class out of the 4 I tried (I had always dang thought Assassins were the most fun, I find myself incorrect now p.p). I'm not interested in trying other classes yet, but I have to work on regaining my dang skills again even if I wanted to. Ugly. Currently, I'm playing as an Assassin again, starting all dang over. Then I will be Crusader, Priest, and back to Master Bowman and the same job from then on unless I want to try something new. My last paragraph sounded quite...boring to you non-MapleStory players, eh? Weewee. But you should try playing it, or if you can, try HarukiMS or some other private server. Cuz...I SAID SO. But most of my time is not really playing games anymore. More like looking at MySims fanart on deviantART (see, I am quite bored), and just generally...chillin' on Google looking up stuff about MySims Party, and going through the piles of copies of MySims Party trailers on Youtube to find some interviews and stuff like that. My current daily activities will hopefully change dramatically on Tuesday. Well, this blog entry stretched a bit longer than I expected. o.o No one's even going to read this. So who am I writing to exactly? I don't know. Well, that would be all. TATA...wut did i just say