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Starting college; expect less activity from me

I'm starting college on Thursday, so I'm probably going to communicate less than usual, even though I have been visiting the site on a daily basis to check any new article Gamespot has posted. I may visit every now and then, but college may keep me very busy and so I won't be using my computer other than any assignments.

Thanks for reading this notice. :)

(P.S. "Gamespot" is considered an misspelling according to the spell check, lol...)

So here is what happened in the past few days...

The other day, I was considering quitting the Gamespot community because of a bunch of bugs that occurred, including not being able to view an article.

I decided to return now, but I decided to keep my profile set to only be seen by friends, just because I feel like it.

I also deleted my Raptr account and unlinked my Fuse membership because it's really not worth it. If I wanted to share my achievement statuses, I'd display them on my Backloggery.

Sorry for my inactivity in the past few days, but I'll have to clean out my games list of games I don't really play and games I'm tracking that I don't really care about anymore.

Getting my Computer upgraded soon...

My family was at a Best Buy yesterday to get my mother's laptop repaired (it somewhat crashed permanently...). My father decided to purchase a bunch of things totaling around $1,600, including a new computer for my mother. That computer comes with Windows 7, so my father also decides to buy a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for up to three computers, for my brother, sister, and himself, and sadly, I can't get it for technical reasons. My computer was qualified for a free upgrade, but the offer expired, so I may just buy an upgrade for myself. Since I'm short on money, I may just get the Windows 7 Basic upgrade.

That pretty much means I'll be done with Windows Vista (or should I say, "Vistcrap" :P ) in a matter of weeks...

25th post for the 25th of July...

Today's my 19th birthday and I'm going to eat some cake and unwrap some gifts quite soon.

Sadly, I won't be getting my iPhone until later then I thought; AT&T repeatedly refuses to offer it beyond mind comprehension. My father was yelling at costumer service and is making a decision to switch to another telecommunications service. *Sigh*

That's all I have. :P :P

...Wow! Exitebots is awesome!!

I've been playing Exitebots: Trick Racing for a few days, I have to say "intense!" Great sense of speed, challenging, and enjoyable overall. I've even played my first match online and it appears to be cheater-free.

There's a great amount of unlockables, I might just never stop playing... :P

Out camping...

Just for your notice, I'm out camping with my family, but we brought our Internet wi-fi card with us, so I can still keep in touch with everyone. :)

EDIT 6/21/10: I'm back home now. :P

Getting a capture card soon. :)

It has always been my desire to make video game gameplay movies. I wanted a capture card for many months now, and I finally managed to purchase one from that isn't expensive, unlike the popular Dazzle. Here is what it will look like:

It's the VC500 by Diamond Multimedia. It only cost me $31 dollars on Amazon, pretty good deal. ^_^

EDIT 6/5/10: It comes to my door in five days. Why did I choose to accept the Super-Saver shipping? :(