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New Year Update: A fresh start with the now-next generation!

Well, as the title suggests, I've finally made my way into the new ways. I luckily managed to get hold of a PS4 without a pre-order, purely from the fact that a friend of a friend was selling a brand-new, sealed unit for the same price as it costs in the shop. Picked up a couple of games, namely Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4.

As far as the PS4 itself is concerned, I'm surprised at how seamless everything is, and it just feels like a much more polished experience compared to the PS3. The menu is beautiful, being able to do everything on the fly is an absolute blast, and Sony have made good on their promises; this is a console for gamers.

The only problem I currently have is the fact that the launch lineup has been pretty tepid at best. It was great to play Battlefield 4 at 60 frames, and Assassin's Creed IV in full HD native, but these games are out on last generation systems too. We are in dire need of some new IPs, which is what 2014 is hopefully bringing to the table.. (Unless they get randomly delayed just before launch; Watch_Dogs, I'm looking at you here). I'm planning on picking up Killzone: Shadow Fall and Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition at the end of the month. I'm also nowhere near finishing the vast game that is AC IV, so there's still that to do.

So there's an update from me in the New Year. Let's hope this year is as brilliant for us gamers as it's looking to be!

Update: Where I'm currently at

Just thought I'd make another attempt at trying to keep my blog as up-to-date as possible, so here goes!

Lately has been a confusing time for me, especially when it comes to gaming. I've been rather reluctant to sink money into buying games for my PS3, mainly due to the fact that the next-generation hits at the end of next month. The thought of "Why bother at this point?" keeps crossing my mind. But I have been pushing that thought to the back of my mind, and to my delight it has been a good decision so far. So here's a compiled list of what I'm currently playing;

- Beyond: Two Souls -- A beautiful, amazing experience that I've been thoroughly enjoying, as I did Heavy Rain. I know a lot of people complain about these sorts of games, saying they're too detached and there's not enough gameplay to justify buying them but think of it this way; instead of complaining that it takes too much away from gaming, why not think that it adds another layer of depth and interaction to the movie industry? I'd much rather interact with this game in the way I do as opposed to sitting in front of my TV watching it.

- Remember Me -- A pleasant surprise to say the least! It might helped by the fact that I'd seen the reviews and didn't really expect much to be good about it but to be honest, I was frankly amazed at a few things. Predominantly, the look and atmosphere really grabbed me. This is a distinctive game, with the whole steampunk, ultra-modern world look has me intrigued. Also, the musical score is rather epic.

- Spec Ops: The Line -- I've been meaning to try this game for a long time now, and was actually tempted into buying on release. Many, many big releases later resulted in it being forgotten. But PS+ happily rectified that by offering it as a free game, and now here we are and the question posed would be "Why didn't I go for this in the first place?!". An awesome blend of easy, approachable shooting mechanics along with some very pretty environments and the fantastic Nolan North result in a very enjoyable experience. Not completed it yet as I've been juggling this and the other games on this list but watch this space.

Right, that's it for another blog post from me. I'll be sure to post an update as soon as anything big happens, thanks for reading!

New Site Update Numero Uno!

Just thought I'd post a quick blog update to commemorate the launch of the new site. Very nice indeed! Nice one, Gamespot staff!

In other news, happenings of late have basically boiled down to new TV (Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV, it's beautiful..) and GTA V. Which has pretty much surpassed every expectation I ever had for it initially. Combining an intriguing and intelligent story, some absolutely stellar acting and characters and some of the best shooting mechanics I've ever come across, it really has become one of my most memorable games of this generation. But of course, you already know this, as most of you will be playing this as I type.

Any way, have fun on the new site and I will be sure to update my blog more frequently, even if only as an excuse to visit the new site! Ha!

Update 3

Ok, so thought I'd post yet another one of my blog posts just to mention what games I'm currently playing and other time investments.
So I've gained a few more games since my last update, all on PS3. These include the following:-

- Dark Souls (Limited Collector's Edition and only £17.99 from Tesco!)
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
- L.A. Noire (Actually borrowing it from a friend so it's technically not mine)

I bought Dark Souls in the knowing I hadn't actually played Demon Souls, therefore not prepared for the onslaught that is this RPG. Don't get me wrong, everything the reviews have said is correct, it's absolutely stunning, but it's EXTREMELY hard, especially for an amateur RPG-er such as myself. But I must say, I'm extremely impressed with it and I'll probably invest in Demon Souls at some point too, just as soon as I start to get the hang of the difficulty more.

As far as Deus Ex is concerned, I owned it originally on the Xbox 360 when it was released and although I did like it, I got bored of it pretty quickly. Decided to give it another shot and I can't understand why I got so bored of it originally. It's got beautiful looks, edge-of-seat gameplay and an interesting story. It's also a different take on the FPS genre, which does provide a fresh experience, something that's becoming rare these days.

Now L.A. Noire I've actually already completed on the Xbox too, but I just had to give it another crack on the PS3. I loved it on Xbox, mostly because it's so different from anything else out there, but also for the fact that the story and characters are absolutely stellar. It also helps that it's a very long game, but not too long to which the entertainment factor turns into monotony. Also, because I'm playing it on PS3, no more am I changing discs every 10 hours thanks to blu-ray.

To conclude, I've got a lot of stuff to do at the moment, along with work on a website my friend created which I'm currently editing for. But yeah, if I think of anything interesting to put on here, I'll be sure to go through with it.

Update 2

I know I haven't done a blog post in a while, but this year has been pretty hectic and I haven't had the chance up until now. Just thought I'd let everyone know where I'm currently at and what I'm currently playing.
At the moment, I'm playing a total of 4 games on the PS3. These include:-

- Resistance 3
- Battlefield 3
- MotorStorm Apocalypse

I've just completed the Battlefield 3 campaign mode and I have to say I don't understand why so many people were complaining about it. Yes, it's very short and a tad predictable, but it's fast and a hell of a lot of fun. Also, I enjoyed trying to get most of the trophies out of it so I was ready for the online ones.
Resistance 3 is a pleasent surprise too. I only just got round to buying it even though I know it's been out for a while and I'm very impressed with it so far. The graphics are beautiful and the environments are very well done. Haven't tried the online yet but going off the previous games in the series, it's probably going to be one of the highlights of the game.
RAGE also took me by surprise aswell. Just like Resistance 3, I never got round to buying it earlier but I must say I wish I had bought it earlier. There's no denying that this is one of the best looking games ever to grace the planet and amazingly, the gameplay matches up to it's inspiring looks. The shooting is very fun and there's a whole load of stuff to do within the campaign and online components.
Now MotorStorm is one of my favourite racing franchises of all time. One of the few reasons I bought a PS3 in the first place. And Apocalypse doesn't let me down. It's an incredible racing game, probably one of the best I've played in a long time. Also, the fact that it is different from most other racing games out there entices me to play it more often. The graphics and sound are amazing, there's a multitude of things to do on it so you're never short of races or vehicles.
Well that's pretty much it for now. If I happen to come across anything else interesting, I'll be sure to do another blog post about it. Oh, and before I forget to mention, my friend and I have started up a new website. It's very lowly at the moment, mostly because of the lack of members, but we're trying to keep it as up to date as we can, and when we've got enough members involved we'll be starting a clan for some online gaming. If anyone's interested in joining, please go to and sign up for free.


Just a quick update to let everyone know what I'm doing. Currently playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on the PS3, and I must say, I'm extremely impressed. The environments are varied and beautiful, the combat is fast and exciting, and the story is brilliantly told with some stellar voice actors.
Other than that, going to be playing some more Fallout 3 on Xbox 360, mostly as a build up to New Vegas next week. But I realised that I've missed some side quests out and I'm hoping to do a few of them before having to do New Vegas.