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@Blackbond I'm disappointed in you! How has the king become so out of touch?

Its busy being on the throne lol

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@Blabadon said:

You obviously haven't been here in forever if you think Nintendo is viewed as saints here.

Any YouTube meltdown of yours I can watch btw?

You'll have to go else where to find a Meltdown as far as the Saints comment I guess it has been a while since I've been here lol

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Hah I can't tell you the last time I made a topic here. Look at all the nice highlighted rules on the side too lol

But lets talk about this *NEW* 3DS coming out for a bit and how much of a miserable bait and switch Nintendo is pulling.

This company is going to be heavily advertising and pushing Smash Brawl for 3DS and the 3DS bundle that includes it and for what? A new model with more buttons and better hardware that will have exclusive games built for it that the existing 40 million users don't have access too.

The 3DS is successful already and while it would be a dumb move if any gaming machine on the market needed a version 1.5 treatment its the Wii U. But the Nintendo faithful have shot down such an idea repeatedly but here they are supporting this one.

If Microsoft/Sony were to do something like this like make a PS4.5 which had games a PS4 owner couldn't play they'd be crucified on the spot. But I keep forgetting Nintendo are the saints of the industry despite their earlier Gaming Yakuza days.

People love to whine and complain about Remastered Games and DLC. Well welcome to Remastered DLC Hardware courtesy of Nintendo.

KingBond has spoken

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BlackBond or shall we say KingBond. The FIRST King of System Wars and the only Four Time Vote Winner in the Process. Bow down before Royalty

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They're dead and took console gaming with them hence why console games are nothing more than welfarized multiplats with no soul or identity like past consoles

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Consoles are still more cost effective. For $400, you're not simply getting hardware.

Yeah you're getting $60 Games and $50-$60 Pay to Play Online subscriptions. Are morons on this website still trying to defend paying more for a lesser experience is superior? Yes I'll take that 792P-900P 30FPS version for $60 please LOL

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The thing is though, most of those artists on smaller and independant labels actually promote piracy and many wouldn't have a name to begin with without file sharing sites. And even a lot of bigger named artists are jumping on board, offering up their music for free and even have bonus tracks and videos that can only be obtained by ripping the disc to your PC. For the most part, the people against music piracy consists of the big labels who are losing business since musicians no longer need them and some asshole millionaires who already have more money then they can spend in 10 lifetimes anyway.

It's more that they're making the best out of a bad situation. They aren't happy about it, but they're trying to find out what works now. And the smaller artists are pissed at the bigger artists for accepting it. The big artists have already made it, they have their following so they can afford to accept piracy. But the problems it causes if for the guys in the weak period of their career is incredible. It's possible because of piracy you've missed out on people who could have been good, but the viability has gone for them.

Of course all artists would rather be getting paid for their music sales like the old days, don't get it twisted. Now they have to find a way to adapt.

If you are big enough to fill out the O2 arena every night, then it's easier to accept piracy, because the touring money will sustain you and then some. But for the people who aren't there yet, then it's a major spanner in the works. For up and coming artists and producers, it makes the early days unnaturally difficult. You're trying to find your way, put food on the table and so on. So what else is there to do but use what's left for promotion.

There's this thing called going outside. Kids shouldn't be completing games like clock work regardless. When I was little the only games I got were birthday and christmas and I'm born December 23rd. If I wanted more games I'd deliver papers, work, or lend and borrow with friends.

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Unless the game is old like generations old to where the maker doesn't make money as in the only way to get it is used or the game simply isn't localized aka Xenoblade in America before it came State Side then no. Get a damn job.

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@jhcho2: The Witcher offers next to nothing in terms of customization? Um besides equipment and weapons it had three separate skill trees you could pick and choose from. Talk about a fail post. Both games are in my top 10 of games of last gen but an open world Witcher 3 is my most anticpated game of 2014 with ease