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The ruling on the field stands

by on;title

I mean there really isn't much to say. Enforcement should not be decided upon merely speculatory manners. For things that you appeared or heck maybe even seemed to do. Why not have oh I don't know, maybe have it based on things you actually did? Yeah that would be good.

The words seemed and appeared should never be justifable reasons for judgement as they are merely but speculation. They are not concrete. Punishment based on mere speculation is not accurate, period.

So with a valid point and for a valid defense I decided hey why not make an appeal and what do I get. Oh wait Tekken? Yes Tekken?

I'm not sure if you guys are aware or not but I am a Fighting Nut. I love the genre. Just so happens to be this game has been going through some rough times.

-You know the constant delays

-It not coming out until the 360 version is ready

-It came out in JPN arcades in 07 and here we are in 09 still not having it

-It taking so long to come out on consoles that their skipping Tekken 6 all together and giving us its update in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.

So being a fighting fan you know who the rest of the big fans our. There aren't a lot of us. You have your guys like Dreams who are currently into Tasunoko vs Capcom, you have your people like me who like the 2D fighters and are eagerly anticipating BlazBlue, you have people like Yoshi who play DOA.

So seeing that this guy is a huge Tekken fan I ask, "How's the Tekken 6 thing going. You weren't around for that?"

Notice the question mark, meaning "were you around for that?"

I mean because delays suck, getting it late, sucks, having to wait for the 360 version to be complete instead of us playing it all sucks.

And yet....the mods deemed this comment as reason for moderation because it was just an attempt to get a rise out of the user.

Exuse me for asking about Tekken 6. My bad. I mean wow I never thought asking someone about their favorite game was intentionally trying to antagonize or get a rise out of someone. Make sure you guys never ask me about any game I'm interested in.

Its the things like this that are just a sour spot on the community. Becuase rather then let me explain myself I get condemned and told to take it up to customer service rather then being able to talk it out civially.

I know the mods and I enjoy interacting with them. But it seems like I was just brushed aside and told to

"Hey go E-Mail an anonomyous recipent because hey I don't feel like dealing with you or giving you a chance to explain yourself"

Obviously I'm not going to go email customer service because hell nobody wants to every deal with customer service and everyone on the planet knows that people don't want to deal with customer service obviously. I mean just talk with me. How unreasonable is that? I see people getting more then two replies and getting feedback by more then one moderator. Why can't I get that.

You don't even have to do it because if it appears or seems that you did. Its all the same.