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The Mega Man ZX Series

Upon completion of both of these games I find them very interesting. Interesting from a gameplay perspective and for the continuation of the story line of the Mega Man Universe.

Basic story is that upon the conclusion of Mega Man Zero 4 The Ragnarock Station which was fused with Dr. Weil crashed into the planet. The crashed Ragnarock was still filled with Dr. Weil's aura thus being able to corrupt, twist and even create Mavericks. These pieces of the downed Ragnarock are called Model W's.

To counter act the effects of the Model W, Ceil from the Mega Man Zero series creates a set of Biometals off of the X, Zero, and the Four Guardians who are clones of X, Fenfir, Phantom, Harpuia and Leviathan. A total of six biometals

Unfortunately Model F, P, H, & L end up in the hands of Serpent of Slither Inc who has been corrupted by Model W. Serpent tries to awaken Model W by feeding it fear. To do so he uses the piece of Model W to cause Maverick outbreaks. Since Slither Inc is essentially a corporation that stops Maverick outbreaks the populance doesn't even suspect Serpent or Slither since they have created armies to stop Mavericks while Serpent has used his wealth to increase the living conditions of the populance.

  • Model X
  • Model Z
  • Model ZX (Combination Double Mega Merge)
  • Model H
  • Model L
  • Model P
  • Model F
  • Model W

The Bosses of this game are not technically Mavericks. They are called Pseudoroids. This type of reploid is one that is created off of biometal fragments. The game has different Biometals that are split up to create different Pseudoroids. Once you defeat and Pseudoroid you can obtain the Biometal and transform into the according Model.

Pandora and Prometheus are twin Reploids turned Mega Men (term used for a Biometal user) Pandora has a calm quiet demeanor while her brother is very harsh, cunning, and ruthless. These two show up to work for Slither Inc.

I had fun with Mega Man ZX. It has a reasonable story in which the Ragnarock which Dr. Weil fused with fell to Earth creating choas. It has very nice gameplay as you transform from any of your biometals at any time, each with their own special moves and unique abilities. This makes playing the game with a variety of sty1es very fun. But to be honest I've grown so accustomed to Zero I just find myself using Model ZX the most followed by Model H seeing as how it uses blades as well.

ZX Advent

This game has lots of story twists from the past game that are well techinically spoilers. You play as a reploid known as Grey who has no idea about his past. Bounty Hunters enter a facility and in a fight with security Galleons the stasis cell is broken and Grey emerges. Pandora and Prometheus immediately give chase and hunt down Grey claiming he's defective. Once Grey makes his escape he is rescued by Bounty Hunters who want him to go on a mission to deliever a Biometal to Legion the worlds Government. Upon delivery Grey is attacked again and Merges with the Biometal called Biometal A.

Biometal A is a tribute to Axl in Mega Man X. After you defeat a Pseudoroid you are able to copy them completely with Model A's A-Trans ability. Using the touch screen you can switch at any time and they all have special and unique abilities. Model A does also have its own abilities including a Buster, Giga Crush, and Homing lock shots.

Unfortunately the Biometals from last game have been stolen from Vent and given to 4 new holders. This is in an effort to play the so called "Game of Destiny" A game where all Mega Men (Biometal users) fight in order to see who will become the Mega Man King and have their ambitions realized. But all is not as it seems with the so called "Game of Destiny"

  • Model A
  • Model H
  • Model F
  • Model L
  • Model P

The new owners of Model H, F, L, & P all have their own ambitions for creating a world in their liking. The winner of the "Game of Destiny" becomes the strongest Mega Man and the Mega Man King. Thus making their ambitions come true.

Pandora and Prometheus are the wons who set forth this scenario. Not only does a Mega Man have to defeat all the other Mega Man to become the King. Model W's are still all around the world. Once the Model W's are found they are then assembled into a complete form. The Mega man King will then Merge with complete form of Model W and become the Ultimate Megaman thus being the ruler of the world.

I liked this one a lot better then the first. A more interesting story. More characters. 4 different individaul users of the Biometals plus Pseudoroids. Lastly is Model A's A-Trans which copies any defeated boss (even Biometal Users) this gives the game great versatiltiy in gameplay as you have many sty1es to choose from. There are some good plot twists and even a hidden ending. But I don't want to spoil.

These games have good difficulty as well so in the realm of a normal human non Mega Man freak it might be too hard for some. But hey there is an easy mode. Overall I like this direction the series is going with many more characters being introduced coupled with tons more gameplay options. If youc an handle the difficulty then go for it. Oh and did I mention that ZX Advent has Voice Actors and Voice Overs along side text lol.