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The end of an era

Wow I don't even know where to begin with this but today disaster struck. A disaster so immense that its impact will be felt within SW and GUFU.

Today at 11:46pm my laptop suddenly died without warning. I thought it was a simple over heat but it was ice cold. So I tried turning it back on and I realized the cold truth. It just died.

That laptop went through hell and back with me. All 32 MB of GeForce4 MX Mobile and all of its 512mb ram god dammit. A real soldier. And now he's gone and with him he took things that I may never be able to replace....

  • Pictures of the last 5 years of my life
  • Pictures of so many hot chicks
  • The Digital Counterpart version of "The Chickionary" :cry:
  • About 100 .gifs that I never even got to use that were just plain awesome
  • 98 Pages of in life quotes
  • Rockman Zero Perfect Works
  • Legit and Large hi resolution picks of every Robot Master, Maverick, Net Navi, Psuedoroid as well as all the main characters in the Mega Man Universe :cry:
  • Home Video's
  • Game saves

Man its just horrible. I feel like a kid who's dog just got run over right infront of him. Sure I have a lot of things backed up but really I can't even remember the last time I backed things up.

Hopefully there is a way to extract all the info off my laptop's HDD or something like that. If anyone knows how I can retrieve the Data off the HDD inside a laptop I'd greatly appreciate it.