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Reality Check

In this country we focus so much on censorship and you know what censorship is not the problem. Lets look at video games and television. Everyone wants to say that video games causes people to committ more crimes or causes them to go crazy. Hitler was one of the biggest murderes of all time and correct me if I am wrong but GTA wasn't out at that time. Violence has existed forever now. Even in the bible you had brother killing brother.

If someone is crazy and someone needs help then that's on the person. Also lets look at how in American society how we have to censor everything like right now how you can't curse anymore or it will make you a bad person or something.

I mean look at the huge difference between cartoon and anime. In anime they actually curse, show violence, intimate scenes and this is the kind of television that kids watch in Japan.

The Dragon Ball Z we saw in America is completely different then the one seen in Japan. And holy crap last time I checked Japan is at least 5 years ahead of technologically. They are better educated then American's but oh crap their television is more violent. So you still wanna blame television too?

Lets talk about how materialistic this country is. Christmas is no longer about spending time with your family and exchanging gifts because you love that person. Nope, its all about who has the biggest gifts, Its all about who's spending the most money, its all about who has the most lavish party, whos the most high ****person in there.

I mean the level of corruption in this country and even within our government. I mean why do you think so many people are out there selling drugs? I'm not condoning drug usage or dealing but the fact of the matter is for some people drug dealing is a neccesity. I mean what are you supposed to do when no job wants to hire you? What do you do when you have no money to pay for food and shelter?

And so people they just judge people and they don't sit down and think, "So why is this person doing this?" The problem is we focus on so much crap that doesn't even matter instead of focusing on education, morals, and true values of life. Instead what is focused on is crap like gay marriage, interacial relationships, ect.

I have a couple gay friends (both male and female) and I don't care what others say or say and if you want to judge me by that then fine I don't care I've been judged all my life hell even here in the forums. If someone wants to be gay then yeah that's their business.

And another thing with cursing. Oh noes cursing is so bad! It was invented and its in the English language. And for people claiming that a word is bad lets be serious a word can't go out and kill people.

Back to education in European countries where they learn a lot of English. Those people speak and write English better then most American's do. The only difference is that they have an accent but then again everyone has an accent. You may not have an accent now but go some where else and you will have an accent.

The close mindedness of the people, the racism, the inability to listen to others, the fact that people care about things that aren't really important is what leads to problematic issues

Lets talk about bad parenting. Parents these days don't seem to realize that they are influencial in the lives of kids. But its like their kids are made out of gold and they can't do know wrong. So now when a child commits a crime, parents want to blame the movies they watch, the music their kids listen to. No lets blame it on the fact that you neglected your kid. Lets blame the fact that maybe you were too hard on them or maybe not hard enough, that you didn't see the warning signs that were there. When I say too hard on their kids I mean I see kids they're good kids. Good in school, no drugs, but they like to hangout a lot and parents will dog them for it and then focus on things that don't really even matter and then kids end up doing bad things.

Its not about censorship, its not about having a problem at hand and saying lets put a whole bunch of stupid laws in place. Its funny how they set a standard in this world especially in the school system how if you come from a certain race, ethnicity or neighborhood you're not supposed to do well in life. That's a bad thing you know.

A little change in scenary or you know when people know you care about them it can make a huge difference in life.