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King Bond's Rule

1. Ignoring Stickies should equate to an automatic 7 day suspension after first offense.
2. Claiming your opinion as fact non jokingly is an automatic 7 day suspension.
3. Racism should be an automatic ban. Why GS allows people to call me racially sensitive things multiple times before bans is beyond me. Racism should be instant ban.
4. Putting :FACT: in your topic title and presenting opinion should be an automatic 7 day suspension.
5. Lacking basic level business comprehension that also goes forth with basic economics yet talking on and on despite not knowing jack about business should be a 7 day suspension.
6. Bans to all Irregular/Maverick Posters.
7. 7 day suspension to any poster who exhibits Maverick/Irregular tendencies every time over three.
8. Any poster who creates one of those stupid price comparison threads with the 360 is an automatic 7 day suspension no warnings at all.
9. Any mention of the words pertaining to the support of "Console Exclusive" automatic 7 day suspension.
10. Blatent Maverick/Irregular posts with an account under Level 5 is an automatic ban.
11. No account under Level 5 should be allowed to post in SW.

12. Blu-Ray is needed for games is a 3 day suspension.

13. Claiming that PC's have to be upgraded every couple of months is an instant ban.
14. Claiming that gaming PC's cost $3,000 or any number higher then $3,000 is an instant ban.
15. Using arguments about being able to play on a TV and use a controller without realizing that you can do that also on a PC is a 7 day suspension.
16. Eagerly campaigning that a game will flop is a 7 day suspension.
17. Fakeboy Maverick/Irregular posts that are not humorous is a 7 day suspension.
18. Spreading propaganda like a video game PR guy is a 7 day suspension.
19. Confusing good business and instead calling it an act of desperation is an instant ban. A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C.
20. Claiming product X isn't as good as Y because you don't want to pay for X even though its superior is a 3 day suspension. When did price affect quality? If its better its better period. Just because something is cheaper doesn't mean its better. If X > Y then X > Y period.
21. Silly analogies that have no relevance at all to video games especially the ones about cars are an automatic 3 day suspension.
Any usage of VGChartz in reference to estimations of hardware sales is a 1 day suspension.