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How I joined GUFU

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[QUOTE="Blackbond"]Just because the Ps1 was the better system doesn't mean it saved gaming. By that logic the Ps2 saved gaming.

Cartridges would have destroyed gaming.

Tell me what format is the Nintendo DS using and which system is winning.

Dodging ownage McDonaldsGuy are we?

Ive mentioned many times handhelds do not matter in console debates. GBA sold 75 million therefore GC did as well?

Hmmm very funny. DS and N64 are based on the same archietecture. Both 64 Bit both about the same graphics both use catridge format. See where I'm going?

Now where. DS is a handheld. I'm not saying I agree with McDonalds on everything but the console and Handheld markets are two completely seperate things.

Fair enough. A sensible opinion that I actually agree with.

You're taking some of the fun out of SW... :P

JJGY I'm smart enough to know when somone presents a good arguement and to admit when I'm defeated or I can't prove my point. McDonaldsGuy on the other hand...

lol, you weren't defeated by any means. You presented a perfectly good point but being the hideious bastard I am, I shot it down :P

JJGY wrote:
Ahh, may I call your attention to the little GUFU invite I
so kindly dropped in your inbox? I know no advertising is allowed on these forums but oh well, I'm already on my way towards at least a two day ban.