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December 23rd The 23rd Birthday of King Bond Hero of SW

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Not to mention Lord of the LULZ and yeah something about Unique TC but I can't find something that rolls off the tongue about it now.

So yeah once again Christmas comes early for King Bond. It usually does every year since I'm born two days before it.

I don't really ever get gifts because I never really ask for anything and anything I want I just buy anything. It would be nice to get a 1080P 40' HDTV or a beast computer rig but Santa doesn't ever roll through with that kinda stuff he always be making excuses and the likes.

Things I'm doing for Birthday and Christmas hmmmm well there's three of them. Hopefully :shock:

Heh if I pull this one off I shall transcend a King and become a "Gosh Oh Damn" (G.O.D) How did he do that!

Well I haven't been really active lately in the GUFU community as of late and well IRC is always dead so I've just been lounging lately. Currently BlackBond LIve is on Hiatus but it shall be making a triumphant return. I do need to find a Crown like a legit one that I can wear during the broadcast.

I mean hell things are getting boring and well its time to evolve and shake things up. Time to change things up and get King Bond all fresh and unique for 2009 and such. So I've been laying low patiently preparing and such.

Now I must be off to check on "The Kingdom" before I go to work.