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BlackBond is no more

You know it comes to the point where you ask yourself. Why do you do the things you do? Do you do it for others? Do you do things for yourself? Or do you really just not have any sort of motivation.

BlackBond used to be that poster that cared nothing about anyone but himself. But then he came to think of others. He joined GUFU and set out on his own going battle against fanboyism, comedic entertainment, and just bringing some much needed logic and a fresh change of pace to SW.

That's what BlackBond liked to do and to be honest he didn't just do it for himself he also did it for you.

Heck BlackBond was so successful he even garnered the appreciation of the masses becoming a knowledgable, feared yet loved, well respected Poster.

To the point of even being accoladed these awards.

System Wars Awards

LULZ, King, Hero, and Unique TC. Not that it means anything really but BlackBond appreciates the love. Just think of it as, "King Bond Hero of SW" yeah that sounds right.

But even with these titles things never really changed and really why let them. Sure BlackBond goes by King Bond over at the GUFU IRC but its all good and fun. But then something happened.

But there isn't any appreciation for the finer things. Things such as logic, sensible comedy, intelligence, debate, and above all else fun. Instead you have you havewould SW being like a 30 man knife fight in a pitch black dorm room.

But not only that....You have legitiment disrespect for aHero and a King. Nobody says you have to respect anybody but to disrespect someone and personally is another matter.

For all the praise one gets he will also see that amount of hatred from the opposite side of the spectrum. But now its not just the opposite side of the spectrum its nearly all and this doesn't have really anything to do with fanboyism. To think and to se some of the things that go on here has grown on to the point of being bored and tired.

How many times can one call me arrogant?

Talk about my race?

The color of my skin?

The fact that I own lots of games and I post on a game forum

Call me a nerd when you are on a game forum.

BlackBond is an (explicit)

Make racial comments.

Call me a hypocrite

Call me a liar

Call me dishonest

BlackBond can't lead

BlackBond will ruin things

You're so full of yourself

And all while never being able to prove it? Its really just come down to the point where debates aren't even debates anymore. Its BlackBond saying one thing and then reading the cheap like cop-out responses above.

So you know what fine. BlackBond has heard it so much and its been repeated over and over like a broken record. The insults, the name calling, the berating.

As you know BlackBond feeds off the hate infact he enjoys it. But now, now he's going to get drunk off it. Those who keep preaching it probably just in the end really want it and to be honest now BlackBond is feeling like obliging.

Arrogance? Fine I will be. Full of myself? Now BlackBond can't get enough of himself. BlackBond will be everything that is said. Certainly BlackBond can make it happen.

There is only so many times you can play the Hero, be the popular favorite, the peoples champ. The guy the crowd likes to get behind. But that time is over. Just like BlackBond is no more.

For now on BlackBond shall be addressed not as BlackBond but as King Bond. Yes this is a heel turn. King Bond is tired of the goodness. Tired of putting his neck out and playing Hero. King Bond demands no respect, no loyalty, no nothing. Quiet frankly whatever is given to me here King Bond doesn't want any part of it.

King Bond has all that he need. The money, the women, the education, and more platforms and games to make even the so called hardcore look casual.

Its nothing personal so don't take it that way. But a new era is begining. The era of King Bond

Bow before Royalty