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Do the majority of people here even know how to debate?

Serioulsy this isn't Elementary School. Sharing your thoughts or opinions is one thing but when you make a statement or claim and put it forth as fact you "HAVE" to back it up.

Now BlackBond knows what you're thinking, "BlackBond how do I do this?"

Well lucky for you BlackBond is here to help you out. Here is how you back up a fact. All you need to do is support it by providing

  1. Proof
  2. Evidence
  3. Facts

It really isn't hard to find info and provide it to the forums. You're already on a computer its not that hard to take a minute to look something up.

But instead of doing this there are people who do the opposite. They claim what they say is fact because well its common sense, or because they just know, or because its likely.

That is not factual evidence. You can't claim something to be fact just because you say so. Its not hard to back claims and statements. It would also make the forum go more smoothly if people didn't go on rants pushing their opinions as fact.

MGS4 goes 10.0




What MGS4 is AAAAE!?

This is how Cryme Tyme plays MGS4

Step 1: Get money back from that miserable flop in Haze

Step 2: Now that you have $$$ find a place to buy MGS4

Step 3: Buy MGS4

Step 4: F'N CELEBRATE!!!


Step 5: Get ready to PLAY!

Haters = RKOwned





Curious to know

You know the drill. Its based on the last one

I'm just trying to get some feedback on the people who enjoy my posts or don't enjoy them. For anyone that reads me I'm just interesting in wondering if my posting sty1e has changed, have I toned things down, have I heated up ect. Just a couple things to think about.

So I ask you guys who have been following me.

  • Has my posting sty1e changed?
  • Has my sty1e been toned down as of late?
  • Has my quality of posting gone down?
  • Has my ability to give out ownage decreased?
  • Have I still been true to how I post?
  • Have I just been lucky to not get modded for such a long time lol

I'm just curious to know. Honest feedback appreciated.

Logically speaking it must be a disapointing reality

I don't know what kind of dream world "SOME" consolites live in and quiet frankly I'm happy I'm not infected by whatever thoughts pass through their mind but the sheer amount of contradictions, hypocrisy, and logic is just absolutely destable.

It seems whatever is praised is complained and whatever is complained is praised. Its become a routine practice. Not only this but sometimes it just gets short sighted and it just becomes something that would mostly make the average person not even aware of gaming shake their head in disbelief.

If you read this far I know what you're thinking. BlackBond what are you talking about? Well let me explain.

First off it is absolutely idiotic and untruthful to think that PC gaming is dying. I mean seriously why the hell would anybody say, think or let alone even claim this lol. You have 360/PS3 struggling to match the Wii in sales and yet you don't see anybody claiming that they are dying. You don't see anyone looking at the PS3's success compared to the PS2 and claim oh Sony's Games Division is dying (those who stated this in the beginging were also untruthful). I mean to even think that that PC gaming is dying should get you a well deserved baseball bat across the front of your face. How people keep throwing opinion out there and acting like its fact is just laughable. I mean hell look at Valve and Blizzard. You tell them PC gaming is dying.

Next up is this whole HD crap. The thing that console gamers are always stressing and ironically there is a big chunk of the big named games that can't even reach 720P....Go figure. PC is considered irrelevant and too expensive. Yet these are the same people clinging to their "So Called" HD resolutions on the comfort of their couch. Absolutly mind boggling. Even funnier apparently you can't use headsets, controllers, HD TV's or your couch when you play on a PC. Must be incompatible with Windows software or something.

I have to watch Gears of War/Uncharted who has the best graphics threads since the release of Uncharted. Both sidees go on and on and on and on about who's the graphics King. Every multiplat release is painfully examined like judges looking at pictures for a modeling agency. But when Crysis is shown these same people get all upset then they whine and complain about how all PC gamers do is tout their graphics. Call me crazy but last I checked PC gamers don't put the Wii down for its graphics and unlike the 360/PS3 they don't constantly go back and forth like a Tennis match to the point where they actually need an offical thread for them.

Yeah and what also kills me is the argueing over games. Rather then let one's own individual opinion and tastes be taken into account we have the whole scores thing. Which really isn't a problem but I do find it laughable as when the PC comes into this all of a sudden its we don't care how many good scoring games there are. Wel um if you don't care then why spend all this time bragging about AA's, AAA's, a AAAA, a consoles lack of a AAAE and two platforms lack of a AAAA.

I've even been witness to the drunking hatorade that is PC installations. Yet on the flipside it doesn't seem to be a problem for people that own a console that could potentially have 20GB's of HDD space. Hell while I'm at it why not call people out for complaining about PC upgrading but they sure don't complain about suggestions of upgrading a HDD.

But this is what really gets me. The most absolute funniest thing I think there is. The thought that people feel Console gaming should be accepted as something thats not a toy. Now what reasons do people not want consoles to be referred to as toys? Ah yes so they can feel that their hobby is looked at more then something that is just another Man Toy and as a some sort of legitiment form of entertainment (whatever that means) But lets be serious. People really expect the general public to not view gaming as some kind of toy/game/play thing with the way the majority of us act? lol. I mean seriously there is a reason why most outside of gaming in society look at us like the lazy degenerates of the world and to be honest I'm glad that they do. Because quiet frankly I don't believe we deserve to be thought of anything better. Lets not even go to gaming as an art or a sport. Or hell even how PC gamers are apparently nerds with no lives yet that doesn't apply to those oh so cool console gamers.

This thought of Consoles not being toys is just a means of trying to bring justification about to ones hobby. Nobody says you have to like or dislike but the way its carried is just completly crazed at times.

Lastly I propose that their needs to be a faq about PC gaming or some sort of "Seeing Eye Hermit" program to help the people who continuosly walk into walls of PC gaming.

Typically a "Face" but this post is what it means to turn "Heel"

Now this topic isn't 100% factually based and there is tons of opinion in it. Likewise I expect a lot of you guys to be able to disect and disagree with it which should result in some interesting discussions. Bring your scalpals.


BlackBond steps back into the ring. Customizations 100% complete!

The X-Arcade Duals insides modifyed with two IL Euro Sticks and Happs Competition Push Buttons.

The new PCB's which I will be installing into the stick. They are Dual Shock 1 PCBs which means they are compatible with PS1/PS2/PS3.

Two of these for Dreamcast

Two of these for Xbox

The Conclusion:

Now I have a Arcade Stick that supports two players and can play on PS2, Dreamcast, and Xbox. What the hell else more could I want? Well 360 support would be nice I guess.

The Rock is taking a vacation

The Rock has been in use for a while now well to the point of kind of over use. So for the time being The Rock will be going on a litte vacation to make room for others in my pic/.gif images. But don't worry. He will still be showing up for, "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!"

Sorry Rocky :P

Stop hyping ****!


Reporter: Well T.O now that Haze has flopped what do you have to say?

T.O: Well what had happened was. Well you see. Well its not really that bad....

Reporter: You don't really seem confident in your words. We were told that this was going to be a good game and the start of where the 2008 campaign in which you said this was going to be your year.

T.O: Well um....yeah about that. Well its only 6 monthes into the year. I mean its a glass half empty or half full situation. See I see that the year isn't over and we still have 6 monthes to go. While you see that we haven't put out anything notable for the first half of the year. Well let me tell you. For the first 6 monthes the first half of this year we have dominated the competitions with such strong players as Hot Shots Golf, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and MLB The Show 2008. What has the competition got on their rosters that we don't have?

Reporter: Well um there is Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and No More Heroes. Not to mention people are buying up that Wii Fit thing pretty fast. Its a shame that Haze couldn't even outscore a game aimed so called at soccer moms....

T.O: .......

Rosenhaus: Sorry to interupt but you see my client and I don't believe the Wii as competition. Quite frankly it is not competition as its not next gen. We are still dominating the 360 in Japan with our PS3. So I'd like to reiterate. The Wii is not competition as the Wii isn't...


The fact of the matter is this. The Rock sits here, listening to all the dozens.....and dozens.....and dozens....of the PS3 fans on these boards chanting.

"2008. The year of PS3. Microsoft sucks. Don't buy a 360."

Well the fact of the matter is this. 6 Monthes into the year The Rock still ain't playing any amazing Fighters, The Rock still ain't playing any JRPGS, The Rock doesn't like Golf, The Rock doesn't play spend $40 on car demo's and he sure isn't sold on a baseball game he could get on his PS2....So let The Rock ask you.

"Why is it the year of the PS3....?


Now The Rock ain't happy and when The Rock ain't happy, then The People....aren't Happy. But there is good news that came out of this today.

BlackBond is getting a PS3 20GB for $250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: :arrow: :D




nice! :lol::lol:

I think Blackbond just won this thread. dracula_16

thats hilarious man! although i disagree, ive been enjoying my ps3 very much. but thats a great post man!


BB wins this thread.


hahaha this is the greatest response I have ever read here on system wars.



Probably the best thing that will ever be posted on system wars.






Man, The Rock and the WWF.... those were the days!


(Haze flopped...?)


:lol: Someone is quite prepared for this occasion. :P

well alot of posters did see this coming.

Nah I'm just having some laughs tonight. Can't find the Canadian Destroyer .gif

But yeah I found this. Some guys beat up a Haze dev and took their $60 back

Happy guys ever to get their $60 back lol.


:lol: I can't stop :lol: what a kick :lol: $60 :lol:

Keep'em coming.




B^2 finally gets the RROD

Well its my first RROD. Pretty wierd because I had no problems at all until the RROD happened. Eh well. Send it off and get if fixed for free. In the mean time I'll get back on the DS with The World Is Not Enough and on the Wii back again with Smash Brawl.

This Wii/DS phenomena is starting to annoy B^2 Nintendo got it right Mass appeal

I'm sure you guys have all experienced it. Girls that dislike, hate, get agitated or just generally don't like video games. Truth is, well that is perfectly fine and I have no problem with that. When a chick comes over the games go off, the ESPN goes off ect. Time to put the "Man Toys" (lawls) away and play with the "Real" game.

But now "The Game" has changed. Now girls actually want to play the games. Chicks come over most see DS or see Wii then most wanna play. Most wanna try it. Okay fine you want to play go ahead. Heh, it will probably only be a one time deal anyways. But no, its not. Now most come over and most want to play.

BlackBond: Wanna go out to a movie?

Girl: Nah lets play some Wii.

BlackBond: Wanna go meet up with some people and hangout?

Girl: Nah I'd rather lay on your bed and play the DS.

So yes this is getting very annoying. Because most seem to actually embrace these things now and want to play. I guess now I know how some used to feel when I was younger and "More" immature (lol) and played too much instead of paying attention. But now that I'm older the reverse happens lol.

Even better is this. You can't play with them. It isn't gonna happen. I mean I'm sorry but if someone can recomend me some nice Co-op games or competitive games other then Mario Party please do.

I mean beacause I hate losing and so do girls. But I don't ease up on girls. I take no prisoners just ask Avant-Game Union and hell even when you let them win most aren't satisfied. Its gotta be a legit win.

Now it gets even better when some look around the room and see non-Wii related machines.

What's that?

A gameboy.

And that?

A Gameboy Advance.

What's the difference?

One is newer.

And that?

A dreamcast.

And that?

An N64.

And that?


And that?


You get the idea....

But here's where it gets to be the best part. When some see the grand daddy of them all. Oh oh is this thing one black sexy beast. It doesn't only have one black stick. It has two.....


Now this thing is well a huge problem. One most don't know how to play fighters and two 99% will bash and mash and fight the freaking thing right off your lap lol.

Basically what I'm getting at is this. Nintendo. I'm sorry we've had good times and bad times. But I freaking hate you now :|

There are three parts of my recreational life. Sports, Women, and Video Games. You have destroyed two out of three with your Wii/DS.

All video games from this point forward will be removed from my room or unplugged and well hidden. Its just too big of a distraction and to be quite honest I'm freaking selfish. I do not want to share my Female time with Nintendo :evil:

I mean I actually had a girl complain that we do to much "Other Stuff" and not enough gaming. I'm sorry. But I like the "Other stuff" better.

There is a reason that Nintendo is anniliating the competition in sales. Quiet frankly its because they hit so many other demographics and ones that don't even play or never really played video games.

Hell its like the PS3 and 360 are trying to sell to 10 people while the Wii is trying to sell to 100 people. Who's gonna sell more? I firmly believe that even if PS3/360 was the price of the Wii the Wii would still crush the competition. It hits more demographics, plain and simple. It has more opportunity to sell.

This is a conversation with my friend. She is also a Gamestop employee.

Stealthsty1e08: are people coming in to pre-order Metal Gear Solid 4 yet?
dearanna: i have had one or two

Auto response from Stealthsty1e08: NBA Playoffs

: but when it gets closer people will come
Stealthsty1e08: what games are people buying the most right now
dearanna: gta is still going at a good rate
dearanna: and mario kart but we've been sold out of that
Stealthsty1e08: damn
Stealthsty1e08: mario kart can't be selling better then gta4.... can it?
dearanna: no we had only one shipment of mario kart and like a million of gta nintendo are just asses like that
Stealthsty1e08: well you gotta figure they have the game out in Japan/Europe/America
Stealthsty1e08: all at the same time
Stealthsty1e08: and its more popular in Europe then Japan or America
dearanna: we have FIVE count em FIVE wii fits to sell
Stealthsty1e08: I'm on mine right now
Stealthsty1e08: wiifit makes you buff
Stealthsty1e08: I'm convinced
dearanna: cool
Stealthsty1e08: it makes you mean as hell looking too check it out
dearanna: hah
dearanna: like the hulk
Stealthsty1e08: but black
Stealthsty1e08: soon as I got Wii fit I got all the ladies
Stealthsty1e08: and the soccer moms too
Stealthsty1e08: but no I don't have Wiifit I'm just playing with you. I would never spend $90 on it. its not my kind of game
dearanna: i thought that was kind of weird
Stealthsty1e08: my next game is Ninja Gaiden 2 and then Madden 09
Stealthsty1e08: what was kinda wierd?
dearanna: wii fit + you
Stealthsty1e08: why? I play all kinds of crazy ass games
dearanna: i mean you are pretty atheltic
Stealthsty1e08: which makes me think right now. all the time you spent in my room how come you never wanted to play anything?
dearanna: you never offered
Stealthsty1e08: I didn't?
dearanna: Plus you always said stuff like "why would you play video games with a girl around"
Stealthsty1e08: hmm that's not like me I always offer. well yeah lol. I mean come on. why would I want to play video games with a girl. especially you. you're not exactly the type of girl that screams to me LETS PLAY GAMES! lol

dearanna: you cant always have ***.....




This needs to be said because it really just needs to stop

Lately things have been a little bit crazy. About 10 minutes ago I was informed by another "User" that someone had called me out on SW by making a thread about yours truely B^2. Unfortunately is was locked and purged before I could view it.

Unfortunately this person who called me out could not control their actions. The person created a new account just for the sole reason of going after me personally.

i'm going to keep doing this. its jessie5788.

Blackbond is a dumb (explicit) punk (and soo is his mama). who's afraid of girls. he insulted me and i get suspended becuase he told. punk (explicit) if you can't take an (explicit) insult don't insult others. i hate this dumb (explicit) site and i can't stand the mods or lems. all you are just like black (explicit)...punk (explicit) no i take that back only black (explicit) is a (explicit)

This kind of crap has to stop. There is no reason for any of this. This isn't the first time things like this has happened and yes it has even gone well beyond this at times to high levels of hate and racism. I mean I look at what happened to Jacboy71 a couple days ago. That kind of attitude is completly unacceptable.

Nobody deserves to have themselves and their family called dergatory names. Nobody deserves to recieve hateful Priate Messages. As I've said before its unacceptable and just dispicable.

I don't understand why people are like this. I don't understand why people need to remind me and make Civil War and Colonial Times references or specify and point out to me my race, skin color, ect.

Has video game fanboyism really gone this far? To the point where a civil debate or disagreement cannot happen and instead people have to resort to flaming and hate?

Like I've said before. This isn't the first time this has happened and to me or infact have happened to others. I'm not saying this is becoming a huge issue or an epidemic here but no matter how small or confined this kind of thing is it still needs to stop.

I mean I have to deal with this kind of crap in real life I shouldn't have to be dealing or seeing this stuff here as well. But then again the Internet is populated by the same people that do in fact exist in real life.

But I will say this. Even though we have fanboys, manitcores, cows, lemmings, sheep, hermits, n-gage fanboys, people with different taste whatever. People come to disagreements and debates ensue. I hold no ill feellings for any of these people I have debated or crossed pathes with multiple times. So to all the people on these boards and even the people I have disagreements with. There is much love for keeping things in these forums civil and not personal/hateful in the spirit of debate.