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My Summary of Nintendo's E3

Well I said it in the middle of this year. This E3 was the most important for Nintendo compared to all the other companies. Why? Because it would signify if developers would jump on it or just treat it like crap like they pretty much are right now.

Now come last year okay I gave them a little wiggle room. I said to myself that hey Devs might think that the Wii is a fad and that PS3 will come to reclaim the throne. But another year later the Wii is still going strong and stronger then ever.

So I was like this is it. This is the year that Nintendo and the Wii get massive 3rd Party JPN support and good 3rd Party Support from the rest of the world as well.

But guess what? It didn't. Not only that but it barely got any In-House Support either.

  • Miyamoto
  • Retro
  • R&D1
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Camelot
  • Hal
  • Monolith Studios

Its like Nintendo just benched all of their best players

  • Where was the Miyamote game that resembles the genius of past games like Zelda and Mario?
  • Where was Retro at? What are they just not gonna make games anymore after Metroid Prime?
  • R&D1 and Intelligent Systems where are you...?
  • Camelot we've been waiting for a Golden Sun since the Gamecube dammit.
  • Hal well they showed a Kirby game. Their active so I guess I can't penalize them.
  • Whats the point in Nintendo buying Monolith if they don't make a compelling JRPG?


Its like Nintendo is just wasting talent. They have tons of it. Great people and wtf are they doing? Nothing really.


So here it comes. E3. BlackBond is excited. He's expecting a Kid Icarus, a Zelda, possibly F-Zero, Pikman, Animal Crossing, tons of Japanese support. Maybe some new games and definately something amazing Nintendo and Miyamoto are working on.

And do you want to know how I looked after I saw the end of this conference?

Well my first thought was this. "WTF ITS OVER!?


Dude must be faking lol.


But then reality set in :(


It just came out of F'N no where....

It was like watching a Nintendo Armagedon.....

I'm sitting here listening to this stupid mom talk about her broken wrist with Reggie and the first thing that comes to my mind is, "Tell me, she did not just say that...."

***** if your wrist is hurt then get someone else up there who is 100% I don't got time for this **** lol.

It then became one disappointment after another

Wii Music

Wii Sports Resort

More freaking sales talk.


The mocking of us with F-Zero Music

A controller add on that was demonstrated with a freaking frisbee game!?


More damn sales!?

No announcement of any amazing top tier 1st Party Nintendo game!?

I mean these mutha ******* can't be seroius? They started out with tons of in house games that were for the core Nintendo fan such as

  • Zelda TP
  • Metroid Prime 3
  • Mario Galaxy
  • Smash Brawl
  • Battallion Wars
  • Mario Strikers Charged
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
  • Battallion Wars 2
  • Wario Ware Smooth Moves


Well what in the **** happened? What the hell happened. If you're not understanding what happened this is what happened.


Yup that's Nintendo holding the Championship Gold waving bye bye to us. Cya, so long, GTFO.... :?

It seemed Nintendo was too concerend with showing us how much they sold and how much software they sold instead of showing us games. Well I got news for Nintendo.


Give us mutha F'N games. You realize that the 3rd Parties on a Nintendo system with games like Mad World and Tales of Symphonia 2 are looking better then your games right now. 3rd Party Nintendo games are looking better then your own supposive Legendary In house games.


Yeah what. Lets see you how you like your Limo without a passenger side mirror Reggie!








FFXIII on 360


:| :arrow: :lol:

Cows are gonna cry lol

Yup more crying lol


That Money, Money, Yeah Yeah. That Money Money Yeah yeah LOL

Cows got RKOwned

Don't even bother there is no way you can Damage Control or spin this. Lets just hope that Sony can one up this at their E3 or at least match it.

But man this is the biggest ownage of the entire year hell the entire generation :lol:


Ever wondered what Square-Enix is up to?

Have you ever wondered what Square Enix has been up to since the start of the new gen? Interestingly enough you full well I have 8)

So it got BlackBond thinking. What have these previous Legends now turned Jokers been up too lately....? Well the last game I bought of theirs was TWEWY you and I liked that a lot. But lets delve deeper....

*Not 100% Accurate as some games can fit into more then 1 catagory*


1. Final Fantasy II (Mobile)
2. Final Fantasy I (Mobile)
3. Final Fantasy VI (GBA)
4. Chrono Trigger (DS)
5. Dragon Quest II (Mobile)
6. Final Fantasy XI (360)
7. Final Fantasy XI Vana Diel Collection (360)
8. Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess (360)
9. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) PS1 Port
10. Front Mission (DS) SNES Port


  1. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire (DS)
  2. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
  3. Star Ocean 4 (360)
  4. Final Fantasy IV: After Tsuki no Kikan


1. Final Fantasy Tactics Lion Wars (PSP)
2. Dragon Quest IV (DS)
3. Draqon Quest V (DS)
4. Dragon Quest VI (DS)
5. Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition (PSP)
6. Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition (PSP)
7. Star Ocean First Departure (PSP)
8. Star Ocean Second Evolution (PSP)
9. Final Fantasy III (DS)


1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (DS)
2. Dragon Quest Swords (Wii)
3. Final Fantasy Crystal My life as a King (Wiiware)
4. Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings (DS)
5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronoicles The Crystal Bearers(DS)
6. Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo Dungeon (Wii)
7. Final Fantasy Crisis Core (PSP)
8. Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)
9. Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile)
10. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
11. Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road (arcade)
12. Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep (PSP)
13. Kingdom Hearts Coded (Mobile)
14. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)
15. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers(Wii)

Non FF/DQ/KH Games

  1. Infinite Discovery (360)
  2. The Last Remanant (360/PS3)
  3. Space Invaders Extreme (DS/PSP)
  4. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) PS1 Port
  5. Star Ocean First Departure (PSP)
  6. Star Ocean Second Evolution (PSP)
  7. Untitled Square Enix MMORPG
  8. The World Ends With You (DS)
  9. Heroes of Mana (DS)
  10. Araknoid (DS)
  11. Front Mission (DS) SNES Port
  12. Star Ocean 4 (360)
  13. Sigma Harmonics (DS)

The Run Down

  • Ports = 10/49 = 20%
  • Sequels = 4/49 = 7%
  • Remakes = 9/49 = 18%
  • Spinoffs = 15/49 = 30%
  • Non FF/DQ/KH Games = 13/49 = 25%

BlackBond finds this Data to be outrageous. This is just unbeliavable. How people can put up with this is beyond me. Because I don't agree with the way they are going at all.


Next Episode

Will be discussing

Gaming Related

  • Ports
  • Sequels
  • Remakes
  • Spinoffs

Non-Gaming Topic

  • AMV's

Oh you know I'm gonna have a lot to say 8)

*I'm looking at Thrusday to do this so stay tuned*


BlackBond Live turned out rather well

The voice and audio quality was surpisingly well. Definite props to Unforgiven for the Webcam recomendation. The Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 is indeed of very high quality. Not only the recomendation for the webcam but for influencing me with the idea to do this.

I was very pleased with the results. It was laid back, its not too professional. It wasn't corny and it was real. Defintiley the kinda thing I was shooting for

The first Broadcast had 9 from GS but hey lets get the crowd to expand. There's a chat window where all the viewers can interact, talk, and give direct feedback during the broadcast.

If you're interested in how the first one turned out. Here's the LINK.

Thank you to all those who watched. Hope you enjoyed it.

What BlackBond was cooking

Well so you guys were all wondering and here is the suprise. The suprise is.....

*Drum Roll*

BlackBond Live

Yes you heard me BlackBond Live. This will be a live Webcast of yours truely, BlackBond.

You'll get to see tons of things in my gaming life such as my collections, my setup, my room ect.

Not only that but I'll straight be going live speaking my mind about any topics anybody wants to have discussed.

Game recommendations, suggestions, whatever anybody deems intereting. Not only that but you will get to see the gaming environment that goes on here and how intense and hilarious it truley is.

But yeah I know what you are thinking. BlackBond where is the revolutionary part?

Well I'll let you know. With BlackBond Live yours truely will be able to dish out ownage in real time, live and in person to all those unsuspecting fanboys. All you have to do is click the link and tune in. I already did the pre-release and it was to great success.

If you thought BlackBond was a hilarious mess on the SW forums you haven't seen anything until you've seen BlackBond Live.

So be ready too tune into BlackBond Live. You shall not be disappointed. I shall be on the majority of time from my room even if I'm not on SW but check the Blog for specific events that are definately going down.

Tomorrow at 7:00pm I will be showcasing my room and all the various aspects of my gaming habit for those who are curious. Don't miss out.

I prefer Brunettes you might prefer blondes. So don't we all like women?

You know I'll never understand it. I often think of a lot of things and why people do them. How if I was in their position would I do the same thing, a different thing or nothing at all. But when it comes down to video game fanboyism it has never once registered to me in any form or logical way why the hell people participate in this Cult crap known as brand loyalty.

Now I'm not talking preference here. Because lets be serious. Some people prefer different things over others. Nothing wrong with that. I like Brunnettes and you may like Blondes. But hey in the end guess what we both still like women right 8)

So it begs to be answered. What in the hell posses a person to demonstrate absolute hate and stupidity towards a piece of metal and plastic? I mean **** what the hell did any video game ever do to you?

I guess I wasn't aware that when I buy a console, handheld or whatever that I have to pledge my alligance to said Companies Flag, join a Cult or sign some agreement. In reality gaming fanboyism is pretty much a Cult. People blindly following their company like it is their lord and master. Hating and bashing on all the opposition with no intentions actually intentions. Like seriously what motivates this? What makes one do this?

Sure there is fanboyism in tons of things. Music, Wrestling Promotions (which is the biggest similarity to Video games fanboyism ever) Movies ect.

But Video game fanboyism takes the damn cake imo. Especially when these said fans claim that they deserve more respect, they shouldn't be looked down as the modern day degernerates of the world, how games should be respected, and how games should be viewed as art ect.


Are people F'N serious? The way gaming's audience is right now the above concepts are such a laughable joke its not even funny. The primary audience that is viewed and plays video games is nothing but a joke. One trip to XBL or any other online gaming community will show you exactly what Adam Sessler said.

But I'd like to reiterate. There is nothing wrong with Preference. Its normal to have them, one, some whatever. But this blind hate or whatever you want to call it is ridiculous.

This statement of mines may sound even more stupid. But no matter how small the numbers are gamers should think to take more responsibility especially when they show so much arrogant pride in these matters. So much pride, but its going to all the negitive aspects and very little of the positives.

As I've said before. I prefer Brunettes and you might prefer blondes. So we all like women?

Do you smell what BlackBond is cooking?

Soon you will see something different, something revolutionary, something that BlackBond hasn't ever done before on SW. And you will all....ENJOY IT!

BlackBond is promising you big things in the coming week (maybe two at most) and no its not a Sony promise which more then likely doesn't deliver. So stay tuned and when it finally comes. Prepare for excitement like you've never seen!


Yeah you smell what I'm cookin Rock

(I gotta give credit to Unforgiven for giving me an idea that ultimate lead to this out of world concept)

Don't have a .gif for that Unforgiven sorry lol