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How is SW? How is Life?

So the second weekend of college begins and BlackBond once again will be heading out to have some fun and get into all kinds of shenanigans.

To be honest right now things have been going good. Hell not good but great. All the guys in BlackBond's living area are all great guys. Sure some of them can get wild but none of them are jerks or a-holes. Best yet is that a lot of them like to get their games on in one of BlackBond's favorite genre's the Fighting genre.

  1. Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded The Midnight Carnival
  2. Soul Calibur IV
  3. Virtua Fighter 5
  4. Virtua Fighter 4
  5. Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
  6. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
  7. DOA2 (DOAU Version)
  8. DOA4
  9. Marvel vs Capcom 2

What can BlackBond say. BlackBond is very excited and is definately going to bring his Dual Stick, the Xbox and Dreamcast up next time he gets home. Because nothing is better then playing Fighting games on the big screen with tons of the boys, Pizza, and drinks.

(Currently mass installs of CoD on PC for network play are in the works)


The girls. Oh man the girls. This year they kick all kinds of ass. They are nice, cute, love to have fun and are just straight up real with you. None of that be nice to a girl because society deems you're supposed to. These are girls that are so awesome and chill that you just want be nice to them. Damn dare BlackBond say that he's looking at about 10 that are wifey material. Yeah you heard it right Dreams.

(and for those of you who don't know wifey does not mean to put a ring on her finger)

But overall yeah BlackBond is having a lot of fun this year and for some reason there seems to be more focus on work and the goal of finishing up this 5 year engineering degree.

Don't know what to say about BlackBond Live right now. To be honest BlackBond doesn't even have the time to broadcast much anymore. Its either work or hanging out. Can't even get time to play basketball because the ladies are always pulling BlackBond away to hangout.

Maybe the laptop should be moved out to the area where we have fighting game tournaments and such so you guys can get a feel of whats going on.

As for SW goes. Hows it going in that catagory? There's the occasional browse through every now and then but to be honest there hasn't been an overwhelming urge to post in it. The place is going straight down to depths of boredom anyways.

GUFU IRC does it for me. That's mainly where BlackBond is at and that's where you can find BlackBond.

Oh be sure to catch Hannah Montana in Kingdom Hearts 3. You heard it here first.


Fun, Fun, Fun!!!




All I ask for is consistency


What you are looking at is a moderation. A moderation of a post made June 20, 2008 yet it wasn't Moderated until August 15, 2008.

Keep in mind that this Moderation came Two Months Later.

Now on to my next piece. Which is in the Ask the Mods Forum. Click this link.

Apparently the Poster was Moderated for Reporting something that is was old. You can see the moderator's comment.

I'll sum it up because remember you can't quote someone without permission.


First the Moderator says that the violation occurred because the post that was reported was made more then a month ago. Almost two monthes. The moderator then goes on to say that reporting old posts for moderation is a form of trolling. Thus a moderator can moderate it for "Abusive Reporting"



Hmm I guess that "Abusive Reporting" thing was kind of ignored in this situation.

2x BlackBond Face Palm. Where is the Consistancy of the System.


The PS1 JRPG Collection

  1. Breath of Fire III
  2. Persona
  3. Jade Cocoo
  4. Xenogears
  5. Arc The Lad Collection
  6. Parasite Eve 2
  7. Saga Frontier 2
  8. Saga Frontier
  9. Suikoden II
  10. Lunar Silver Eternal Blue
  11. Alundra 2
  12. Brave Fencer Musashi
  13. Vandal Hearts
  14. Guardian Crusade
  15. Final Fantasy Tactics
  16. Tales of Destiny
  17. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
  18. Legend of Dragoon
  19. Dragon Warrior VII
  20. Valkyria Profile
  21. Front Mission 3
  22. Vandal Hearts II
  23. Talkes of Destiny II
  24. Suikoden
  25. Grandia
  26. Legend of Legaid
  27. Parasite Eve
  28. Threads of Fate
  29. Tactics Ogre
  30. Star Ocean II
  31. Persona 1
  32. Final Fantasy VIII
  33. Thousand Arms
  34. Breath of Fire IV
  35. Kartia
  36. Wild Arms
  37. Alundra
  38. Vagrant Story
  39. Final Fantasy VII
  40. Chrono Cross (not shown)
  41. Final Fantasy IX (not shown)

Working on finishing up on the PS2 collection now.


*So hows SW without me? You guys already missing me lol?*

BlackBond Live College Edition

Yeah I know BlackBond Live has been on a bit of a hiatus but hey the good news is that the next installments will not just be BlackBond Live. But BlackBond Live College Edition.

Yeah that's right. Classes start up again on Monday so expect some insane hilarity and hopefully not so many drama queens on the broadcast.

I welcome all of you to check out my college life :lol:

As always all older episodes can be viewed here. Take the time to catch up.

Good Bye SW, BlackBond's impending Retirement

As many of you know I recently just came off a 10 Day Suspension. A Suspension that is marked by a FINAL WARNING. Which means should I be moderated one more time means that well yeah I'll probably end up being banned. So as to not give anyone the pleasure of seeing me banned I am walking away. On my terms not anyone elses.

*CLICK HERE For details*

I mean hell it was a great run guys and I enjoyed it. But sadly that run has come to an end. All greats have to walk away from the game at one point or another. So for me now is my time.

Man there were tons of awesome moments in SW and yeah it kinda sucks that during my free time I won't be able to take place in it anymore. Likewise I apologize to all the posters that enjoy my posting on SW, because it is soon to end.

Now before anyone brings up anything GiantBomb or whatever BlackBond isn't heading over there or to any other site. BlackBond will remain in the GUFU Union, GUFU IRC, and will continue to update my blog while creating more of everyone's favorite internet broadcast, BlackBond Live.

It is a sad day but your King is on his way to leaving his Kingdom. System Wars, Formerly known as BlackBond's Kingdom.

The Final Post of a Legend

*Breaking News* BlackBond on 10 Day Suspension. *FINAL WARNING*

Yeah this is a 10 day suspension and it is a *FINAL WARNING* suspension which common sense would lead me to believe that well yeah its probably the step right before a banning.




But be sure to check my latest blogs in the mean time and hey in all seriousness you might want to check them while you still can. I found a very amazing Video Game Store. By the time this suspension is over I will most likely be on my way back to the University of Pitt.

Expect big things from B^2 Live as the College Semester rolls in.






BlackBond's latest addition

So BlackBond has found the new hook up. Introduced to him by a friend. This place is straigh amazing. Sells all kinds of games and they can get you pretty much anything at very good prices. Its run by a 25 year old and he does great business. Reasons he does great business are as follows.

Daily Video Game tournments. Call and set one up a week in advance. $5 entry for each particpant. The house takes a cut. But the house also provides food for you to buy, wireless internet amongst other things.

MTG. Probably the main draw of the store. This store makes made cheddar off of Magic Cards. Tournaments, trading, hell its on the Essential Magic Website.

These guys are straight chill. This is how I wish all Gamstop employees are. I'll show you a bit around the store.

Oh and BlackBond bought a sexy new black Console today as well....

Look at all those Nintendo and Atari games :)

MORE NES GAMES! Oh man it was like being 4 years old all over again! :cry:

Oh yeah look at those systems. I bought one of them today!

Up close with the Sega Master System. Man I loved Double Dragon on that thing.

Right below it is a TG16. I loved Bloody Wolf and I here its on VC now.

Yeah they carry a lot of nice accessories.

And yes the moment you've all been waiting for. My newest addition to my console collection

Sorry about your damn luck!!!

Yes they don't care because they are trying to get all the games they can for their customers while the same cannot be said for Sony who doesn't buy Exclusives at all and so called earns them.

Kind of like how Sony bought there way into the industry throwing all kinds of money around with the PS1? Kind of like how they stole everything from Nintendo? (stolen is such a stupid word in business lol) Kinda like how PS1 was made with crappy breakable hardware? Kind of like how PS2 was billed as a Computer Entertainment system which was said to replace your computer use AOL ect ect ect?

Microsoft is trying to cripple the industry by emulating how Sony got into it? Nintendo played fair with monoplistic practices with the NES? Sony played fair pushing its money around during the PS1 era? Don't fool yourself.

Um the 360 was leading the industry and it was fine. Nothing detrimental happened. Sony and Nintendo are true gamers who want good for the industry? Force feeding us Blu-Ray, a $600 console, **** games for the 1st year, all the broken promises, a rumbleless controller cause they couldn't own up to the truth is good for the industry? Holy crap man....

I'm pretty sure Online gaming was done by Microsoft on the PC before Consoles had it man. And the NES had online capabilities as well.

You mean how like Sony tried to bill their PS2 as a Computer Entertainment System and tried to get AOL, monitors, the works for PS2? You mean how Sony said PS3 could replace your computer? You mean how Sony also uses on going cost with an emphasis on DLC? Hypocritical man.

MS was leading at the start of this gen for over a year and guess what this didn't happen so your point is irrelevant.

Yeah especially all the Fighters, the JRPGS, the racers, Kameo, PDO, Dead Rising, Saints Row ect. You realize the 360 on paper has the most quality exclusives of any console right?

I could care less what route Microsoft takes to get it done. When it has come down to games they have gotten it done and as a gamer thats all that matters. I don't care about the politics.

Yes you do hate MS. Don't make me bring up quotes and stuff of you saying this and displaying this. They are apart of my archieves so don't even bother lying to us.

This post is like someone took over your mind and made you post this.

I'm sorry but this was just one long, desperate, plea towards Microsoft and the 360 becaus of their go all out gameplan. Just because they want to give us gamers games and will go to know length to get its consumers games you don't need to hate. I bet you wish Sony was doing it for you again like they were with the PS1.

So all I have to say is this.





*No posts or quotes were made without the consent of the original poster*



Current Favorite Wrestlers


1) James Storm

Definately a wrestler at the top of his game in my opinion. A hilarious Heel that is just....literally a scumbag lol. He's just hilarious on the mic and is always seen drinking that beer. Above average wrestling ability and the best TNA Entrance Music helps this man get the #1 spot. For now.

2) Montel Vontavious Porter (M.V.P)

Another up and comer Heelish type who is going to do big things sooner rather then later. Well maybe probably later now that HHH is on Smackdown lol. But this guy has a great gimmick. Imagine if you rolled T.O and Deion Sanders into one character and threw him into a wrestling ring. Yeah that's the personality you get. An above average wrestler in his own right as well.

3) Eric Young

This guy just kills me. From his paranoia, to getting picked on by the other wrestlers. to his Super Hero Gimmick "Super Eric" this guy just kills me. This guy is definately a better draw on the mic then his actually in ring ability. But don't let this guy fool you he can wrestler and has some rather unique moves. But overall this guy gets his mention due to his humor.

4) Edge

What can I say? This guy has been carrying the Smackdown brand on his back for how long now? Edge is has probably been one of the top Heels in wrestling over the past five years. Which is good because prior to that he was dogging it pretty bad coming off of that neck fusion. But hey I don't blame him. First time I busted my knee I was hesistant and doubtful a lot as well. Happens any time an athlete gets injured but hey how many can say they had neck fusion? Anyways this guy is a genious on the mic with Heel tactics. He has been the top Heel in WWE for a while now.

5) Booker T

Now this guy kills me lol. I'm liking his Heelish attitude (as you can prolly tell by now I like Heels better) his King Booker persona is just hilarious. Watching this guy straight up from the streets acting and talking all sophisticated, wrapped in luxary ect is just hilarious. Booker T is also an amazing wrestler who probably also runs the greatest wrestling school in the United States atm. Yes I'm a fan of the spinarooni lol.

Tag Teams:

1) Murder City Machine Guns (Called Motor City in TNA)

Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin are just F'N amazing. Even better when they aren't baby faces in TNA but rather Heels in ROH. These guys have amazing combination moves that you have to see. Sabin is named after Sabin from FFVI. His ring name. If you've watched any of these guys matches or promo's you can easily see why they are my favorite tag team. I really wish they'd bring back their original TNA Theme though.

2) The Brisco Brothers

Jay and Mark (who are actually real brothers in life) are probably the two best wrestlers in a Tag Team on the planet. While the Murder City has amazing moves and double teams these guy not only are every bith their equals in the ring I'd say they are better singles wrestlers as well. These guys are the truth when it comes to wrestling. The Murder City may get a little spot heavy at times but these guys are pure wrestling but yeah they have been known to be spot heavy at times but then again I've only really seen TNA use The Motor City in huge spot feast type matches.

3) Beer money

Its James Storm! and uhh Robert Roode. But yeah who cares about Robert Rood this team gets on the list simply because of James Storm lol.

4) Team 3D

Whether you knew them as The Dudley Boys, The Dudley Boyz, or now Team 3D. Love them or hate them these guys are the most successful Tag Team ever to wrestle period.

5) Cryme Tyme

While not the greatest wrestlers out there you know I had to get my boys Cryme Tyme on the list lol